Monster Integration - Chapter 1829 - Assignment

Chapter 1829 - Assignment

Chapter 1829 - a.s.signment

"Looks like you have received your ȧssignment," Old man Ed said with a sigh; I nodded. It is an order from the Commander's office containing the details of my ȧssignment.

"You should be very careful, only engage with the Grimm Monsters when you have confidence in killing them or running away from them," Thea advised; I nodded and walked out of the lounge after hearing few words of advice.

n.o.body had asked where my ȧssignment is; it is secreted information that should not be spread. If Grimm Monsters came to know about it, it wouldn't take them long to set up a trap and kill. Even killing a leader cla.s.s Tyrant is no problem for them, as long as they have ample time to set up a trap.

They have the resources to kill any person on the human side, including the old monsters, which is why the stronger the one is, the more careful one has to be of the Grimm Monsters; throughout the years, they have killed thousands of super powerhouses by traps.

I have to leave within three hours, which is quite a short time considering I have to study all the details of my mission. I first went to my quarters, which are quite big, suiting to that of the Tyrant; I did not see much; instead, I took place on the sofa before started to read the objectives of my mission.

There are several objectives in this four-day-long ȧssignment, but most important of all is killing Grimm Monsters in my ȧssigned area. The more I kill, the better my reward would be, and I have seen the rewards, and I want some of them.

Killing the Grimm Monsters is a reward itself for me; they give me those precious essence roses.

The academy had found good uses for those essence roses, and the teacher asked me to provide some to the academy as soon as possible; the supremes have also pressured the teacher for the essence roses, so I had to provide her with a good quant.i.ty in coming months.

The biggest benefits I get from the Grimm Monsters are their bloodline; it is one of the biggest reasons I have come to this dangerous, Grimm Monster-infested area. There is danger here, but there are also huge rewards.

It took me two hours to read through all the details and study the map they have provided. Seeing, I have one more hour, I cooked something good for me and Ashlyn, which we ate in my s.p.a.ce above to be more careful.

Though I was not able to detect any artifacts, still you can never tell about them. They are called spying artifacts because they are hard to detect, and even me comprehensively searching my quartered for them using different methods, there might be some I had missed.

As I looked at the fortress, I couldn't help but get impressed by it. The Pyramid had spent a huge amount of resources on it, made every part of it impregnable. While Scorcese Valley is not directly a strategic location, having access to it leads to multiple strategic locations, which made it quite important.

The Commander said that the situation is bad, and hearing the people in the lounge, I know she is not lying to me. I have to be very careful, not to be too overconfident of the little strength I have; there are many Tyrants present here who could kill me within a minute; h.e.l.l, some could kill me in a single move.

It took me few seconds to reach the city gates, and after scanning my ident.i.ty, I flew over it. There are powerful cannons placed on the walls of a fortress that are even a threat to the Tyrants. One had to conform to one's ident.i.ty before pa.s.sing through or flying above the city gates.

As I pa.s.sed the wall, a vast forest appeared in front of me; it is huge even for Tyrant. There are a couple of different ecosystems that are present in this forest. There are even some strange places, which are quite dangerous but only to those below Tyrants.

Grimm Monsters are the only threatening thing this forest has, but I will hunt them with my reliable partner Ashlyn.

The area I am ȧssigned is Lawrence Hills; a few months ago, this area was one of the safest places here. One could not see the shadow of the Grimm Monsters in that area for years, but since the past month, the Grimm Monsters have been sighted there many times.

My mission is to patrol that area and kill the Grimm Monsters. Not only that, but I also had to watch for the unusual activities of the Grimm Monsters, and if I noticed something strange, then I am to report it immediately in the secrete reporting stations placed in the forest.

The mission seems simple enough, but it is not; there is a chance that I might die if I turn unlucky and come across an Elite or other powerful Grimm Monsters. Hopefully, something like that should not happen to me.


I flew a few miles into the forest before landing on the ground; flying through the forest filled with Tyrant Grimm Monsters is akin to painting a target on one's back. Even Elites became very careful when they flew above the forest.

As I landed on the ground, I became a blur as I moved through the forest, and soon, I begin to come across King and Emperor level Grimm Monsters; I did not touch them, the lower levels humans are enough to deal with with with them.

Fighting them will make them strong; if Tyrants do their job, how will they grow? The Grimm Monsters also think the same way, which is why Tyrants of both sides rarely kill those of the lower levels.