Monster Integration - Chapter 1828 - Scorcese Valley II

Chapter 1828 - Scorcese Valley II

Chapter 1828 - Scorcese Valley II

"Are you Micheal Zaar in different skin?" Asked the woman in front of me, genuinely surprised me with her question.

"Lady Camphor, you must be jesting," I said to the old woman in front of me. Lady Camphor is a woman in her early fifties; she has one of those faces which always had a frown on them

She did not say anything, just arched her brow at me while staring at me intensely. "My lady, from what I know, the successor is still an Emperor while I am a Tyrant, not to forget I practice ice element while successor practice fire element," I explained further, but there is no change on her face.

"I am only asking this question because if you are Micheal Zaar, I could ȧssign a different ȧssignment to you."

"The condition here is more dangerous than what your intelligence may have told you, and if you are Micheal, I don't want you to throw into danger where you might lose your life, losing you will be a big loss for our world, the world will be needing you for what's coming," She said.

The struggle appeared on my face for a few seconds before my expression eased to that of calmness. "I really want to say I am successor after what you have told me, my lady, but unfortunately, I am not him, but I would be grateful if you show some leniency toward my missions," I said.

"You will receive ȧssignments based on the data your academy has provided," She stated, "Be ready; you could be called for duty any time," she added before focusing on the screens in front of her.

Knowing I am being excused, I quietly walked out of the office. This woman is smart, and I have to be very careful from now on; I could let detect even a hint of my real ident.i.ty, or I would be in real trouble.

"Do you want me to take to your quarters or lounge where we unranked Tyrants gathered during our breaks?" Thea asked.

I was about to say 'take me to my quarters,' but I stopped myself. I am wearing a completely different persona, and I should act like it. I am sure Lady Camphor will be able to find out most things about me seeing her level, and with her being supreme, I could let her have small tidbits of my personality to confirm my ident.i.ty.

"Let's go to the lounge; I had never met any Tyrants other than those of Academy," I said. Thea nodded with a smile, and we walked toward the lounge.

"Do you want to me shadow him, my lady?" A man asked as he came out from the left door. "There is no need; whether he is Micheal Zaarr did not matter; what matter is him killing maximum numbers of Grimm Monster," she said with a sigh.

"The Grimm Monsters are continuously reinforcing themselves, but we are not getting as much as reinforcements we should be getting from the Pyramid,"

"I hope the Pyramid understands our predicament and sends us more numbers. If we did not receive major reinforcements soon, all the unranked Tyrants might get slaughtered within a month," She said as she ma.s.saged her head.

"Don't worry, lady Camphor, the Pyramid will send the major reinforcements; it might take some time, but they will send it; Scorcese Valley is too important for them to lose," said the man. "I hope what you held true, Rey, or it will have huge effects on the Scorsese Valley," Lady Camphor said.

"Let me tell you, I was s.h.i.+t scared if that final move of mine did not hit it, I wouldn't be here to tell the tale," said the old man Ed as he gulped down another gla.s.s of vine. This old man had a brush with death in his last ȧssignment, and now he drinking himself to death to celebrate that fact as he might not live in the next ȧssignment.

It had been three hours since I came to the Tyrant lounge, and I planned to stay here for an hour, but I ended up staying more.

"In these past few weeks, the b.a.s.t.a.r.ds have appeared everywhere. Before, one has to be lucky or unlucky to encounter any Grimm Monster within a week, but now, I would come across one a day at least, and these b.a.s.t.a.r.ds are also quite powerful; every time I fight them, I would have to give my all to kill them or run away from them," said another middle man before his gaze focus on me.

"You are from the Riverfield Academy, right?" The middle-aged man asked. "Yes, I am from the academy," I replied with a smile.

"I heard that Micheal Zaar of yours could fight a Tyrant while still being Emperor. Is that true?" He asked. "I think its bullc.r.a.p; how can a person from a low-level academy have such strength," said the drunk old Ed before I could say such strength.

"Old Ed, don't forget their history," Reminded the middle-aged man. "Miracle does not happen twice Locke, they once produced the illuminating suns, that does not mean they will able to do that again," a drunk old Ed countered.

The argument begins between two drunk people while few other Tyrants and I watched with amus.e.m.e.nt, and some even begin mutter if fighting had been forbidden, that old man would have thrown in the punch already.

It turned out the old ed is quite a brawler, and if not for personally receiving a warning from the commander already, he would have done fighting tens of brawls here.


I was watching their arguments with comic interest when suddenly my holowatch buzzed with distinct noise. As it did, everything around me quite down, including the heated argument between the old man and middle-aged man.