Monster Integration - Chapter 1827 - Scorcese Valley I

Chapter 1827 - Scorcese Valley I

Chapter 1827 - Scorcese Valley I

"Its your decision and your life; I will accept them." Teacher said with a sigh. "Thank you, teacher," I said; her acceptance means so much to me.

"Scorcese Valley is a calm place, bȧrėly suffering any conflict, but in the past few weeks, a huge change had occurred in it. In just last week, we lost six more Tyrants," the Teacher said with a sigh. "The Pyramid had ordered our Academy to send at least one Tyrant," She added.

I am quite surprised hearing it; the war is picking up momentum faster than I had thought. The conflict even started at a place like Scorcese Valley, which is a normal place; the only different thing it has is that this place is quite vast.

Now, the Grimm Monsters are upping their offensive, and we have to respond. We can't let the Scorcese valley fall into their hands, as having access to it will lead the Grimm Monsters to a number of strategic places, which is totally unexpected.

We walked back into the room with formation, and the Teacher begins to fiddle with coordinates which did that. I tapped on my forehead, and changes begin to appear all over my body. My height, my body, even the color of my skin begin to change, and soon a completely different person appeared in my place.

This new ident.i.ty is called Jordan Sanders, a medium height thin brown skin person with a handsome face. I am emitting a Tyrant aura which is ice cold in nature; I am an ice elemental pract.i.tioner.

This ident.i.ty is real; there used to be a Jorden Sanders, who was part of the Academies secret force; he died during his training in the secrete ruines a few years ago. Since he was part of the secrete force, everything about him has been kept secret, including his death.

"The formation is ready; you can go in," I nodded and went inside the s.h.i.+ning formation. "Good luck, and don't take too many of the risks," the Teacher said, and I opened my mouth to say something when the Teacher disappeared from my view.

A second later, I appeared in a huge formation. The formation is in the white hall, which is completely covered by the runes. There was no one here, but I am feeling sharp danger here; the defenses of this place are quite strong.

"Please state your name and show your order," The monotonous voice asked. "Jordan Sanders," I stated in a rough voice and showed my deployment order.

This is not a Scorcese valley, but a relay station, the teleportation formation here would take me to the Scorcese valley.

"Order and ident.i.ty had been confirmed; please stay on place; you will be transported to Scorcese Valley in a few seconds." The monotonous voice said, and three seconds later, the formation I am standing is shone up, and I disappeared from my place.

Tyrants have a lot of perks, like using these teleportation formations. These formations used a huge amount of energy, so most of the time only Tyrants could use them. Only during some important business, an Emperor or below powerhouses get to use them.

A second later, I appeared in the bluestone room, which is covered in s.h.i.+ning orange runes. The color of runes depends upon the material used to draw them; for this room, they seem to have used some novel material in runic ink to turn them orange.

"Jordan Sanders, welcome to fort Scorcese Valley," Said a woman in a dark black battlesuit. The woman looked to be in her late thirties, has dark skin, and has a lithe figure of the fencer, and seeing the rapier hanging by her waist, she is a fencer.

"Thank You, and you are?" I asked politely, "I am Thea Lawrence, sent here to welcome you," she said she said before she motioned me toward the door.

"Can you tell me about the condition of the Scorcese Valley?" I asked. Hearing that, the smile on her face had vanished, and her expressions turned quite serious.

"The condition could be said to be bad; we are losing a Tyrant nearly every day. The Grimm Monsters have more than three times the numbers than us," "While Emperors and Kings are doing fine, we Tyrants are at the losing end," she explained with grim expressions.

Looks like the condition is worse than I had throught, in one way, it is also good. The more Grimm Monsters means the more prey for me to hunt, but there is also an immense danger, and I have to be extremely careful about it.

I have no illusion that a little bit of power I have could help me if I have come across a very powerful Tyrant.

"How many people do we have here?" I asked as we walked through the hallway. "There are half a million kings and around twenty thousand Emperors," she said,

"As for the Tyrants, there are around fifty unranked Tyrants, four Elites and one Leader cla.s.s Tyrant, that is a lady Camphor who is a commander of the valley," she replied, and soon we come across the huge window which is showing the whole view of the fortress.

Outside of the fortress is the vast forest with huge trees; there is nothing special about the forest except for it covering a huge area.

The other end of the forest has Grimm Monsters fortress; from some reports provided to my Teacher, they seemed to be advancing and building the outposts.

In the normal times, they would not dare to do something like this in a territory like Scorcese Valley, but it is not normal times, and as the days pa.s.sed, their offensive will become even more intense, and we will have to be ready for it.

"Let's go; Commander Camphor is waiting for you in her office," Thea said, and we walked toward Commander Camphors office.