Monster Integration - Chapter 1826 - Leaving

Chapter 1826 - Leaving

Chapter 1826 - Leaving

"Waaa, I don't want to go!" My sister cried out loudly and trying to leap out of my mother's arms as she walked into the formation. "Darling, don't cry, your brother will come to visit us soon, and he will call daily," My mother pacified her.

"Brother will you call and come to visit rose soon?" she asked sobbingly as she toned down her crying. "I promise," I said, don't know whether I will be able to keep my promise to her not, as my parents are not the only ones who are leaving.

I am also leaving today, my parents had stayed with me for a month. This one month was one of the happiest days in my life, but good things did not last forever.

The Grimm Monsters have been upping their offensive, and many people of Academy had called by the Pyramid, including Professor. She had registered herself as Leader cla.s.s powerhouse, and it took a week for them to summon her.

I am also making steady progress in my Inheritance, but the progress of my strength had nearly stopped. I need to hunt the Grimm Monsters, not for the strength but also chances; sitting in the Academy would not be as good as fighting the battles.

Originally, I planned to stay for six month, but I changed my mind seeing how Grimm Monsters increasing their offensive, both covertly and visibly.

For my Inheritance, I need to fight and fill the Honeycomb as soon as possible. Only then will I have enough strength to go those runes for resources hunting.

For Tyrant level up and creation of my' Core, going to need a lot of rare and precious resources that Academy did not have. These resources I need could only be found in dangerous places like ruines.

"Buy, sweet girl, I will call you in the evening," I said as light covered them, and next second, all of them disappeared.

Sadness couldn't help but well up in my heart seeing them leaving. I am going to miss them very much.

A few minutes later, I begin to make the preparation for my leave. There are very few people who know I am leaving today; even my parents did not know I am leaving the same day as them; the lesser people know about it, the fewer chances of spreading it would be.

A few weeks ago, Ive received the missive from the Pyramid, telling me the Grimm Monsters had put a huge bounty on my head through the underground channels, and I should not reveal my ident.i.ty.

I had bounty before, but this time it is really shocking; the price is big enough that it would even tempt an Elite Tyrant to betray his race to kill me. The treasure they are offering would give an Elite a chance to become a Leader cla.s.s Tyrant in a short time.

My eyes had nearly popped out when I saw the bounty, and the teacher had instantly upped my security; then now, at least one council member is keeping an eye on me all the time, and the area around my lakehouse had became restricted.

There is not much to prepare; I had finished with preparation a few weeks ago and made changes to my Inheritance, so I could meld into my new ident.i.ty without a problem.

After I finished with the preparations, I went to my room and laid on my bed. For the next couple of hours, I worked on my Inheritance and made good progress before opening my eyes.

I freshened up and begin to cook an early dinner for Ashlyn and me. It took me forty-five minutes to cook the dinner and half an hour for us finished it, with the last dinner in my home finished.

After that, I called my sister, talked to her for nearly half an hour, and after that, I walked into the bas.e.m.e.nt and entered the red door.

I walked into the formation and selected the location before activating the formation. A second later, I disappeared and appeared in the small room; just as I did, a faint but very powerful feeling of danger came over me.

This formation is one of the oldest formations the Academy has, and since it is attached to the office of Headmistress, the security of it is very tight. Saying tight would be an understatement; from what little bit of information I was able to gain from my access, the room could kill even a Leader cla.s.s Tyrant in a second.

This room and formation in it created by her excellency Catherine herself, what defenses it had only known by Headmistress and senior council members.


I clicked opened the door and walked into the teacher's office; she is alone in the office working. Seeing me coming, she looked up from the file she is reading.

"Its not too late to change your decision," the teacher said, "No, I had made my mind," I said. Teacher wanted me to go to the leaders.h.i.+p program of Pyramid; very few get the honor to attend it, and almost all of them are from Supremes.

I had been invited to join the program, but I am joining it. This program is about leading the armies, and the ones taught are the old monsters; all the mentors are old monsters who had at least two centuries of experience.

So, one can imagine what a race opportunity is, and the teacher wanted to join it. She had been quite forceful about it.

This program is extremely good, and I would have joined it if I did not have a different set of priorities. My path is different, and if there weren't too many things I have to do which I won't be able to do in this program, I would have joined it.