Monster Integration - Chapter 1825 - Advice

Chapter 1825 - Advice

Chapter 1825 - Advice

"Well, the result is quite unexpected," Lord Jackson said, seeing both of them cras.h.i.+ng on the floor. "The question is, how did he find their location? It is not easy to find her when Joana is melded into her mist," He asked.

It would not have been hard to find the answer if he had used his soul sense, but that would have been a breach of the etiquette, especially when Headmistress is sitting beside him. He does not want to do anything that will irk her, especially now.

He is going to contact the higher-ups; the offer they have prepared is not enough. They will have up it.

It would have been great if Anna could help, it would have made this task extremly easy, but she is not going to help. She had said that in clear terms, I will have to depend on my If I want to make Micheal join the Mistson.

"Its was a great fight," I said as I landed beside them. Both of them had already got up, and except for a few scratches, there were no injuries on their body.

"Yes, it was. Looks like I will have to work harder to match up to you," Elina said. Though there was sadness in her eyes due to the defeat, there is also the fire of conviction that is burning brighter; such small defeats are not enough to bring her morale down.

On the other hand, Joana looked quite demoralized; she looked quite dazed, like she had received quite a huge shock.

"I did not think you will be able to break through my art, and you did not take even an hour to do that; even Tyrants I had fought in Devil's Gate were not able to do that," She said softly. "I wanted to say some encouraging words, but seeing her expressions, I closed my mouth.

"The difference between our strengths is great, and you have bȧrėly started to comprehend the essence of the Art. Not to forget, Ive designed many methods against the powerful arts like yours," I said truthfully; it seemed to brighten her mood a little as a soft smile appeared on her face.

"Thanks, Micheal." "This battle is helped me learn quite many things; ive grown a little overconfident in my trip to Devil's Gate; this battle had forced me to see the reality," Joana said, "We all go through that stage," I said with a smile.

I could understand why she would get a little overconfident; her Art makes her nearly invincible, even those above her power. Even if she could not kill them, retreating with the help of her Art is not a problem for her.

Soon the three of us flew out of the arena toward the Headmistress and others. "Wonderful, what a battle it was, with all of you showing such strength, there will be no problem for you to become a Leader cla.s.s Tyrant in a decade or two," Lord Jackson.

"Your praise us too much, Lord Jackson, we are still Emperors, reaching Tyrant stage is already hard, and reaching Leader cla.s.s in it even more difficult," Joana replied.

"I think reaching the Tyrant Stage is the least of your worries; it will take you people, two to three years max, to acc.u.mulate everything you needed to reach the Tyrant stage," He said with a smile; we also nodded in affirmation.

He is right; even I, who had yet to complete my Tyrant upgrade, have confidence in reaching the Tyrant stage within three years. My journey will be a lot difficult than theirs, but I would still reach it within three or before; the 'curse' in my mother and me would not give us three years; it will act much before.

"Micheal, I would speak to you in private. Would an hour in the evening be possible for you?" Sir Jackson, sure. "It would be my honor Lord Jackson," I said respectfully.

After few minutes, we walked out of the arena, and I flew with my parents toward my home. "It was quite a battle, and you able to find her in such short time is quite amazing," Mother praised.

"It was not easy," I said. It may seem easy, but it was not. During my whole fight, more than half of my concentration focused on laying the net. When they entered that net, I had to capture them without them knowing; fortunately, I was able to do that.

"I did not say it was easy. If dealing with Empire of Mist had been so easy, it wouldn't have been so feared in the world," Mother said.

There are very few Grand Arts in the world, and among them, the Empire of Mist is ranked top. It is weakest in raw offensive power, but its non-offensive abilities are what makes it very hard to deal with.

Four centuries ago, a predecessor of a mother had helped the most powerful army of humans retreat under the force of Grimm Monster. That army was of Emperors with over a thousand Tyrants but still had to make a retreat in the force of the Grimm Monsters.

That army would have been slaughtered by the Grimm Monsters if not predecessor of the mother who burned his lifeforce to forcefully enhance the power of Empire of Mist; not only he helped make a retreat, but he also helped to kill a large portion of Grimm Monsters force.

"Still, what Joana displayed today was a scratch of what Empire of Mist could do; her comprehension will deepen over time, and so is the power of the Art; you will also need to continue improving for not to fall behind," she advised.

"I'll remember it, mom," I said.

Soon we reached my home, and my parents resumed interrogating my sister about who taught her to speak like that. They used both carrots and threats on her, but her answer was always the same, which is irking my parents a lot.