Monster Integration - Chapter 1824 - Catching Fishes II

Chapter 1824 - Catching Fishes II

Chapter 1824 - Catching Fishes II

"This boy really has the ability to be confident, such skills and strength rarely seen in Emperor," Lord Jackson said, clearly sounding impressed.

"The question is how he is detecting their attacks; normal soul sense is totally useless in the Empire of Mist," Lord Jackson muttered before he turned to Anna. "Have you taught some tricks to your son anna?" He asked.

"I have never Micheal about practice," she said simply. Hearing that expressions of Lord Jackson and Sandra changed for a moment, they know how deeply the Mistson had hurt her, and it had already become very late to win her trust.


Small infernos of flames and mist produced whenever our weapons clash; the terrifying horde had been completely vaporized under the shockwaves of our attacks.

It had been ten minutes since they had started attacking me intensely, and since then, they are attacking me at every second, not giving out a single second of break. Their attacks are powerful and merciless, each one aiming at my weakness.

If it not for my abundant experience and obvious strength advantage, I would not have remained unarmed as it is now.

While I am doing good, it is far from enough to win the battle with the strength I am using. The Empire of Mist is a big hurdle; it not only makes them invisible but also makes it hard to find them; even after so long, I am only able to track their general direction.

Though I am closing on them fast, if my plan worked, then in few minutes, I will have their exact locations, and no matter where they move, I will know where they are, and that will be the end of the battle.

Till then, I will enjoy the battle and force them to attack me even more intensely; this way, I will be able to find them faster.

"You girls should attack me with even stronger attacks to defeat me," I said, "While its true that both of you are invisible and I could not find you, but it won't be the case long," I added with a hint of warning.

"You think too highly of yourself, Micheal," Elina said, and the next second, I felt tens of powerful attacks coming at me; these attacks are much powerful than her previous attack, a moment after, I felt a fiery attack, I felt a misty attack.

I don't know what type of attack they are, but I know they are powerful, and I should deal with them without letting a single one hit me.

Bang Bang Clang Clang Clang …

The metallic sounds of clas.h.i.+ng begin to ring out within the loud explosions that begin to cover the arena again. This time, Elina had made her attacks more volatile that just as my sword touched them, they exploded into a powerful explosion.

My vine sword did not get a chance to suck the energy of attacks as they begin to explode the moment my sword had touched them, and all their explosive power concentrated on me.

If that was not all, then Joana is attacking me with its very sharp attacks that are big but also are piercing as needles; they are too coming at me from all the sides. My sword is moving at a very fast speed to defend against their attacks.

"My G.o.d, what is he?" Sandra said, her face is a picture of shock and horror. "He is defending against their attacks without breaking a slights sweat. Those powerful explosions are powerful enough to vaporize a Tyrant, and they are not anything to his armor; he is not even using a defensive method," she whispered.

Anna's face is neutral; n.o.body knows what she is thinking watching her son display such exemplary powers.

"You should read more Sandra than focusing on the other things; while Micheal's strength may seem great, it is not shocking or even surprising when you compare him to his predecessors," she said.

"Unlike the regular Inheritance, the hosts of Celestial Inheritance are different, they design their own Inheritance, and that is very suitable for them as it is made by them for themselves, through it they could project power far greater and more efficiently than our Inheritances,"

"You are right sister, we can't judge the Celestial Inheritance with common sense. Still, the power that is Micheal is showing is amazing; with the records I read, even the higher world, people who could design their Inheritance to project such power are extremely rare," Sandra said.

Anna nodded, and first time, a hint of a smile appeared in her eyes which disappeared, making Sandra think whether she had imagined it.


Another group of the powerful attack came, and I defended them again, and this time, there was a smile on my face; after forty-five minutes of fighting, the fishes have finally been caught in the net.

"It is time to end the battle, don't you guys think?" I asked with a smile; for a few seconds, I did not receive an answer at all and was about to act when Joana spoke for the first time.

"You will have to find to end the battle, and it is not easy," Joana replied; she had put a special focus on the last word. Her voice is fully confident as she really believes that I would not be able to find them at all.

"Is that so?" I asked back and disappeared from my spot, the first time dodging the attack.

I appeared exactly seventy-three meters on my left and punched fast, there was nothing in front of me, but there is.

Bam Bam!

"Ahhh" "Ahhh!"

My punch hit something hard, and the cry of pain rang out. I did not remain on my spot to see the result and appeared nineteen meters away before punching empty air again, and this time too, my hand touched something hard, and a cry of pain rang out as Joana revealed herself as she begins to crash down.

Boom Boom

Two figures became visible one after another as they crashed hard on the area floor between a fraction of seconds, under the shocked gazes of everyone.