Monster Integration - Chapter 1823 - Catching Fishes I

Chapter 1823 - Catching Fishes I

Chapter 1823 - Catching Fishes I

"What an amazing attacking combination; it is powerful enough to crush a group of Tyrant Grimm Monsters without giving them a chance to run away," Headmistress said, looking at the combined attack of Joana and her daughter.

"Amazing attack indeed; a defensive method is far from enough to deal with such attack," Lord Jackson noted, seeing the attack.

The horde that girls have created had surrounded Micheal from all the sides, and now they are coming at him in a fury. More than half of the people sitting in the arena thinking that Micheal would not last long under such attack.

I looked at the horde coming at me and couldn't but feel a little intimidated by its scale, but I am also feeling quite excited. I had expected a challenge from them but did not expect a challenge of this degree; these two have really outdone themselves.

First Boost!

Though I could defend myself through the defensive net formed around me or just through my armor, I have no intention to do that.

It would be a waste of such a challenge if I did not fight the horde. So, I activated the first boost, and at the same time, the vine dome that had appeared in front of me had transformed back into my sword.

Roar! Cry!

I had just finished with my word when I was attacked by a mist and fire monster. A two-meter-long bird dived at me with a cry, and at the same time, a mist-horned Rhino attacked me with its extra longhorn.


I let them come closer to me, and when there is only a distance of half a meter between us, I disappeared from my spot and appeared directly above the firebird. I am so fast that I have created a clear afterimage that those who are not watching the fight with their soul sense would see that I am still standing on my spot.


As I appeared above the bird, my sword moved at an invisible speed and ripped through the bird. The bird is Elina's previous attack have exploding qualities, but this time I did not let it explode.

As my sword ripped through it, it had already absorbed all the exploding qualities that the firebird have turning it into a balloon without any pow


Just as I ripped through the firebird, I appeared above the misty horned Rhino and cut it into two pieces right from the middle. There was a nasty surprise hidden in it, but my vines dealt with it as they cut through it.

Roar Cry Roar Cry…

Seeing me finis.h.i.+ng off the two beasts, in an instant, the whole horde went mad like real beasts and came at me with a vengeance.


I roared back and disappeared from my spot, and this time my speed was much faster. My earlier speed was not my full speed, not even half.

I had made huge progress in the Ruin; the first boost now possesses immense power. So much that with it, I could kill all the Tyrant Grimm Monsters I had faced in Devil's Gate, including the ones I fought during the airs.h.i.+p attack with a single attack, not a single Grimm Monster would survive my attack enhanced by the first boost and so are the horde that is attacking me.

Rip Rip Rip…

I begin my attacks in earnest, diving one monster and after another into two. I would be completely blurred in killing them; no beast could see even a shadow of my real body, just after images as by the times they have noticed me, I would already disappear.


In less than a minute, I had finished more than half of the horde and planned to finish the rest before the minutes were up to when I finally sensed something which had lit up a smile on my face.

Two loud metallic clangs rang out, and a huge shockwave spread; the shockwave was so powerful that few monsters surround me directly blasted to pieces without getting a chance to explode or spring any nasty surprise.

Joana and Elina had finally attacked, they are fully invisible, and it is very hard to sense them. I was only able to sense their attacks when they reached very close to me and reacted.

A moment had pa.s.sed since their attack when they attacked again from a completely different direction. One came from above, and while the other came from down, not only are these attacks invisible, but they are also much faster than before.


They planned the attack well, and the speed is also great, but it is not going to hit me. My sword moved again, at a much faster speed than before, and soon, two deafening sounds rang out one after another.

My sword clashed against both of their attacks and warded them off; while I did not have any problem with these attacks, the shockwaves produced by it made a couple of more monsters around me disappear.

"Try harder; this much of attacks wouldn't be able to do anything to me," I said and as I had warded off another of their attacks.


The only response I had got from them is their snorts before their attacks became more intense. They started to come hard and fast, from every direction I could think of.

Time pa.s.sed, and I continued to ward off their attacks when suddenly a small change occurred on my face.

'The fish had finally entered my net,' I said in my mind happily. I wanted to laugh loudly at this accomplishment, but I had controlled my emotions and continue fighting. There is still quite much to do before announcing my victory; I should remember that I am dealing with the Empire of Mist.