Monster Integration - Chapter 1822 - Horde

Chapter 1822 - Horde

Chapter 1822 - Horde

"This attack is quite powerful; I wonder how your student is going to deal with it, headmistress," Lord Jackson said. The headmistress just smiles and looked ahead, seeing that Lord Jackson also smiled and looks ahead at the fight with great interest.

Sup Sup Sup

The feathers had reached the halfway, and more misty shackles had covered my body when suddenly, the sword in my hand loosened up and divided into the hundreds of small vines; these vines move toward the feathers, in all the directions they are coming from.

Bang Bang Bang…

Mini explosions begin to ring out as my vines strike against the super-fast speed. It had caught me quite hard, I not thought they would explode if they got touched by vines, and now hundreds of feathers are exploding every moment; it did not take long for a second for me to be completely enveloped in the explosion.

The explosion did not stop but became even greater in the next second, enveloping the whole arena as there are thousands of feathers; my vines are dealing with all of them.

"It is quite a powerful attack sister, do you think Micheal will be able to defend against it?" Sandra asked her sister. "You tell me, with your soul sense, you could see through every inch of the arena?" Anna asked back with a smile.

"I am not using my soul sense; it takes all fun to watch the battle," Sandra replied. While both sisters are smiling, watching the battle as if it is no big deal, Micheal's father is shaking. The only reason he did not say anything was due to ȧssuring a smile on his wife's face.

She is not as powerless as some people think her to be. She will not let anything harm her son while she is watching.

The explosions have stopped as the fathers have disappeared, but the power of the attack is still lingering in the arena; it is powerful enough to vaporize hundreds of Emperors with the touch.

"How's the attack? Do you want to admit defeat? We will let you if you are nice enough when asking," Elina's voice rang out in the arena.

"You want me to admit facing this bit of attack?" I asked back and push all the fiery energies around me, revealing myself still shackled in the misty chains.

Crack Crack thud…

"These shackles are good, but they are not enough to bind me," I said and moved forward; as I did, the misty shackles on my hands and feet started to crack before breaking apart.

"You will have to try something better if you want to accept the defeat," I said to my invisible opponents.

The biggest advantage of the Empire of Mist is that it makes the opponent pa.s.sive in the fight. Though I like to fight pa.s.sively, I do not like it when I am forced to fight it in such a way; it makes me quite frustrated.

It might seem like I am only taking their attack and not doing anything to find them, but I am doing everything. I had not just revealed what I am doing; it will only be revealed when I am successful in finding them.

"If you want better, then we will give you better!" Elina said, her voice coming from all over the arena.


Suddenly, my expression changed, and the next moment, the vines connecting to my sword begin to spread everywhere around me, and a second later, they have formed a small dome of the net around me.

Bang Bang Bang…

Suddenly powerful fiery lances appeared out of nowhere and clashed against the net. The power of these lances are far above that of the feather; each lance held power to kill the normal Tyrant, and there are tense of these lances that are coming at me.

The power of these lances is immense, and when they are used with the help of the Empire of Mist, they became extremly hard to avoid.

From what I read, the Empire of Mist is not just limited to its invisibility. It is just one aspect of it; there are many aspects of its. If it had been limited to a single aspect, it would not have been called a Grand Art.

"Horde of Mist!"

I had just thought that when suddenly, I felt a change in the mist and next moment, I saw huge beats of mist begin to appear around me.

There are more than fifty of them, each of them made of the mist, but they looked like the real monster carved out the solid mist. It took less than five seconds to form these beasts, and now they are standing in a neat formation, waiting for the command to attack me.

"Charge!" A voice of Joana rang out full of force in it. Hearing that, for a moment, I really believed she is a general, and it is her army.

Roar Roar Roar…

With her order, the steady beasts charged toward her while roaring in a fury like the real beasts, coming to enough force to wipe out the armies, and such force really could wipe out the army.

Seeing such a powerful and commanding attack, I couldn't help but think about my mother. She once upon a time could use this art, and from what I heard, she was good, capable of trapping even Leader cla.s.s Tyrant in her art while still being Elite.

"Call of Phoenix!"

This is no army; this is fuċkɨnġ Horde!