Monster Integration - Chapter 1821 - Challenge II

Chapter 1821 - Challenge II

Chapter 1821 - Challenge II

Eyes of all those sitting twitched hearing what Micheal said, especially Joana; slight anger could be seen in her eyes.

"Headmistress, you student seemed to have too much confidence in himself to think he dared to challenge both girls at the same time," Lord Jackson said smile. "It is not an overconfidence Lord Jackson," Headmistress said simply with a smile.

Hearing that, lord, Jackson couldn't help but surprise. "Looks like we are a little behind the intelligence; I would love to see how he will fight against the two girls," Lord Jackson said while looking at Joana.

His intentions are very clear; he wanted her to fight Micheal with Elina. "Joana come to the arena; let us teach this b.a.s.t.a.r.d a lesson for his overconfidence," Elina shouted from the arena. Hearing that Joana went up from her spot and flew toward the arena.

"Joana, don't hold back; use your art from the beginning," the voice of Lord Jackson rang out as she flew toward the arena. She nodded her head slightly in the acknowledgment before landing on the arean a second later.

"Now Joana had come. Do you have any more requests I could fulfill?" Elina asked. "No, we could start the battle," I said, and I activated my armor. Elina would not hold back; it is in my best interest; I summon my armor from the beginning.

As I summoned the armor, Joana also did. She is misty white in color, with elaborate designs of misty clouds all over it.

"Let's begin!" Elina said and came at me like a meteor; her speed is so great that some weak Tyrants would only be able to see the blurry form of her. I do not have any problem; I could see her movements clearly.

"Empire of Mist," Joana said gently, and faint mist appeared in the arena within a moment. Unlike the champions.h.i.+p, where it was a thick mist that one could not see thought, this time there is bȧrėly any.

Seeing the mist, my eyes couldn't help but sharpen; Joana had finally begun to comprehend the real essence of the Empire of Mist, and I couldn't help but be excited.

Grand Arts are also known as Peak Primary Grade Art; they are the most powerful methods used in the Primary levels. This means not only they are used in the Tyrant Stage but also two stages above it where they show their real powers.

"Take this!" Elina said and attacked me with her flaming sword. Last time when we had fought, her most powerful attack is half weaker than it, so one could imagine the progress she had made in the Devil's Gate.

Seeing her sword coming, my vine came out of my hand transformed into a delicate sword. I swung my sword at Elina.


Our sword clashed with the deafening noise, and the next moment Elina disappeared into the mist. She had disappeared without leaving a single sign, seeing that smile couldn't help but appear on my face.

This fight is going to be interesting, very interesting. The combination of Joana's Empire of Mist and Elina's fiery power would be very challenging.

A moment had pa.s.sed when suddenly, I felt two powerful attacks is coming toward me. They are are coming from my left and right; Joana and Elina appeared beside me without me sensing them and attacked; the strange thing is, I could see Joana in the distance smiling at me.

Just like the Joana besides me, this Joana also seem real and felt real; I could see no difference among them.

Clang Clang

"Amazing," I said and swing my sword.

It seemed slow, but it appeared beside Joana's sword in an instant before clas.h.i.+ng with Elina's sword, and the next moment both of them had disappeared one after another, but before disappearing, there was a clear shock on their faces.

They are not the only ones with the tricks; I have some of mine too. They will be able to know if they are able to fight me for long enough.

"You guys will have to be better than that," I said, not in any particular direction. Both of them have disappeared; there is not a single sign of then could be seen, other than light mist, there is only me could be seen in the arena.

"If you want better, we will give you better," Joana's voice rang out. "Feather Storm!" she said, and thousands of small fiery feathers begin to appear around me from all the corners, each feather giving off a dangerous fee.

Against such attack, hundreds of Emperors would vaporize in an instant; even a weak Tyrant would not last more than a second before it burned into ashes.

Sup Sup Sup

"Let's see how you survive thing to attack, Micheal," Joana said, and thousands of feathers came at me from all directions.

This is really one scary attack, normal Tyrants have no way to defend against such, and even those above-average would need to use their defensive method to defend against such an attack; if they dared to take such attack, head on them, there is a high chance they will die.

Looking at the attack, I thought about the way to defend against it. It might seem overconfident, but I have too many ways, and simplest of all, using no method, defend it without using any method, I am very sure my armor would be able to defend against it.

I soon shook my head at that thought; there is something even better. A thing I had learned during my recent trip to the ruin.