Monster Integration - Chapter 1820 - Challenge I

Chapter 1820 - Challenge I

Chapter 1820 - Challenge I

"The soup is delicious, brother," Rose said; she took a sip from a big bowl of soul. She looks quite funny, seeing she is using an a_d_u_l_t soup spoon for drinking it. I had given her a child-size spoon, but she refused to use it.

While she is using the big spoon, the little lady is very meticulous in using it. She had not dropped even a single drop of it while using the spoon that is bigger than her mouth.

"The dinner is amazing; I had not thought my son could cook the soul meal this good," She said, and there were some tears in her eyes. "Did I tell you that your grandmother was also a soul cook, and whenever she had free time, she would cook them for us,"

From the beginning, mother is always silent on her family, only telling small tidbits now and then. From what I know, my maternal grandmother died when my mother was smile. She was killed by the Grimm Monsters.

The silence appeared on the dinner table for few minutes before we started to talk again. Soon, the dinner is over, and we all went to the porch.

The weather is good; there is soft, gentle wind and a sky full of glowing stars and moon. Rose played with Ashlyn for a while before falling into sleep in my mother's lap. We kept talking, telling each other stories, it was quite late, when we slept.


I had just finished breakfast with my family, and I was discussing something with my father when a familiar voice shouted from the porch.

"Elina, you don't have to shout loudly; come inside and talk like a civilized person," I said. Second, later, Elina walked in, and when she was my parents looking at her, her cheeks have turned little red in shame.

"I had just come to tell you that I had booked arena for our rematch, and we will fight in the evening," she said and released a faint amount to the aura. Which is, by the way, is quite powerful than the last time; her progress is not surprising; if I could make huge progress in Devil's Gate, then so could she.

"Sure, we will fight in the evening but let me tell you, the result of the fight will be the same as last time," I said with a smile.

"I hope you will have the same smile on her face when I crush you in the evening," she fired back before she turned to my parents. "Its good seeing you, Mr. Zaar, Madam Zaar," Elina said before she flew with a blast of fire.

"This girl is really powerful; only Tyrants should have such strength, not Emperors." My father said in shock. He seemed to have got quite shaken by the aura Elina had released. "When I was at her level, I would not be able to touch her without using my art," Mother added; though she is not shocked, she seemed quite surprised.

"Yes, she had become quite powerful," I said with a smile. I am quite impressed with her progress; Lord Al seemed to have helped her greatly. The volatile fluctuations her bloodline aura used to have had also disappeared.

"You will have to give your all to defeat that monster," My father said, seeing me taking Elina's challenge too lightly.

"Don't worry, father, I will not lose to Elina," I said with a smile. He wanted to say something to me, seeing the casual smile is still hanging by my face but had stopped for some reason.

"How is Joanas progress?" I asked my mother suddenly. My mother had been teaching her; I am sure Joana would have shown her progress to my mother after she came back from that place.

"Good, very good. That person in the Devil's Gate had helped her immensely in the understanding of her Art; those with the same level are no match for her if she uses her Art," Mother said. She seemed quite proud of Joana's progress.

Time pa.s.sed by, and evening approached, and all of us flew toward the arena. Rose is very excited about seeing me fighting that she couldn't stop about it, even asking me to beat the rude sister till she faints. Hearing her speak like that, the eyes of my parents popped up, and now they are busy interrogating her about her the person who taught her to talk like that.

Unfortunately, all their actions were futile, whether true or she is lying, but rose is saying she heard from tv.

Soon we reached the arena, and they stopped interrogating Rose, threatening her they will continue with their question after they went back home later.

Seeing me, she smiled before directly flying into the arena, seeing that I separated from the parents and walked into the arena.

"Ready to face your defeat?" she asked as I appeared before her, "You stone the words from my mouth; I was going to the same question, with 'again' in the end," I said back, to which she glared.

"We will see if you have the same smirk at the end of the battle," she said, and purple fire had covered her whole body before transforming into beautiful purple-violet armor with Phoenix design which is sending out a terrifying aura.

Her Bloodline Armor had become even more elaborate since I had seen it last time; like I had expected, meeting with Lord Al had increased the power of her bloodline again.

"I have one small request before we start?" I asked, "What is it? Do you want me to take a handicap? I will do it if you request me nicely," she asked back.

"Nothing of that sort." "For a while, I hadn't received some challenge; it would be great if your friend Joana could join us in this spar," I said, shocking her so much that it made her opened her mouth wide.