Monster Integration - Chapter 177 Fortune II

Chapter 177 Fortune II

"This will be the best price you will get in the city if you are lucky!" Jim explained thinking, I am unsatisfied by the price.

''No! I am just too shocked to hear that all these her are this expensive, all I've hoped for million or two for them." I've explained.

"That's good then, currently I have only ten million on me, I'll transfer rest of the two million tomorrow!" He said.

I nodded, I have no problem. Ten million is enough to get me specialized training in the moderate training center and help me get by for at least six months.

''Ting!" A notification rang out on my holowatch, it was a message of reading I had ten million trasfered in my account.

I never had this much money and never thought it would be possible to have now I have it in my account, it took me a while to come back to myself after seeing this much money.

Suddenly Jim smiled and messages his hands craftily, ''You must have quite a few Treant hearts right?" He asked.

''I am not interested in selling them!" I said straight away. They are very precious akin to second life, I would be a fool to sell them and I have only twenty-nine of it.

"I am not asking you to sell me, I am giving you a proposition," he said, that piqued my interest and I asked him to continue.

''The Treant hearts have a big flaw, they spoiled. The specialist one will start to spoil after three months and will become useless in six while Corporal level one became useless in 9 months if you don't believe me, you can check on the web, you will find it if you search little hard!" He said.

"What do you propose?" I asked directly before he started to omit details, he had a habit of when it comes to potions.

"It's simple, you give me all the treant heart you have, I'll give you living water potion in exchange, for each treant heart I will give you fifteen Grade 1 water potions in exchange and if you have Corporal level treant heart, I will give the same amount of Grade 1 potions, just these ones going be high grade! And these potions going to last you for Five years easily." He said.

Life Potion is what Jill had given me when I was seriously injured by the monster, it works the same as mana heart, the only difference between them that one is potion while other is the heart of the Treant.

It is a sound deal, normally I get 20 portions of each treant heart and it is 580 from the twenty-nine treant hearts I have, I will never going to finish them in nine.

The deal that Jim offer is very good as I will get four hundred and thirty-five potions which have an expiry date of five years.

"Good!" I said and started to take out treant hearts from my storage, earlier when I was taking out herbs from my backpack, I have transferred all the mana heart into my storage.

I can see from corner my eyes that Jim had a slight reaction seeing I have but I saw no hint of greed or any other emotions in his eyes.

Now that I am thinking of it, he himself has at least two storages, one as a backpack while others in pocket shape like mine.

"Do you have any life potions on you?" I said as I am taking out the mana hearts.

''Yes, yes do you need any?" He asked.

"Yes, give them as much as you have, I will give you all my treant hearts!" I said as taken out all twenty-nine treants hearts I have, leaving only a few pieces that I had in my sleeves.

Jim looked quite surprised seeing the quant.i.ty of mana hearts I have.

I am confident to say that, in the Socialist stage adventurers, I am one few who harvested most mana heart.

Half of the Treant heart I have were harvested during the battle while the other half was after the battle.

It's all became possible due to the knight grade skill I have, otherwise, it would be really hard for me to kill treant in one move and harvest their heart after.

"I will only able to give you fifty life water potion every month, I have twenty with me right now and will give you other 30 in two weeks, ok? " he said.

"It's fine with me!" I replied, he nodded and started to fill everything in his storage.

''Jim, you make a quite progress in three weeks, from initial Level of Specialist stage to Initial level Corporal stage!" I said.

He smiled happily hearing my praise, "Its just lucky encounter." he said modestly.

"Do tell?" I asked I am very interested in knowing how he managed advance whole stage in just three weeks.

"It nothing that amazing, it's just Monster Miracle!" he said.

Monster Miracle? I have never heard of this term before, "What is Monster Miracle?" I asked.

''It is one of the mysteries of monsters when I leveling from Initial level of Specialist stage, instead of leveling up to Mid-level of Specialist stage, I directly leveled up to Corporal stage, Sarah was so jealous you know?" He said laughing evilly.

Now I understood, it was one of the odd monster cases, like mutation, gigantification, I now understood why he called it a monster miracle.

I wish something like this happen to me but it is near impossible for something like that to happen to me.

It is common sense, to happen sudden level up, the monster has to have the potential to reach that level and Michael's monster has it.

Compare to his monster, Ashlyn's limit is in Specialist grade. it is very hard, near impossible for something like that happens to Ashlyn.

''Ok, it's getting late, I should go!" He said as packed everything and about to leave when I remember the most important thing that I have to sell it to Jim.

I am such an idiot!

"Are you interested in Mystical medicine?" I asked Micheal, I knew he would definitely be interested in.

''Mystical medicine?" He said startingly.

"Yes, the one which helps in purifying the mana?" I ask with a smile. He had an intense reaction when I said it helps in purifying mana.

"Do you really have one, show me?" he said impatiently, look like he really needs it. It may be related to his sudden level up.

He may have leveled up but his mana is still at the same purity as before when he is at Specialist stage.

I took out four pieces of mana heart from my pocket and before I could give it to him, he s.n.a.t.c.hed it from my hand.

He took out the thumb size black box from his pocket and place the small piece of mystical medicine on top of it.

The runes started to appear on the box and it coved the piece with, only after few seconds did the runes recede and the black box turned completely green.

''It is really is mystical medicine!" He said astonished as he looked at the four pieces it had.

I am also astonished, not by mystical medicine but the small box in Jim's hand, I was really right, the things that involve runes are not simple.

I will have to research that box I have with me very carefully, it may be not a simple storage box.

''How much percent did it purify your mana?" Jim asked.

"I had 86.3% mana purity before eating it and after eating it turned 90.7%," I replied.

He looked shocked hearing this but he quickly calmed himself down and started to laugh in happiness.

"Hahaha, My luck is really good, the thing I desperately needed presented itself," he said laughing.

''How much time it takes to purify the mana, are there any side effects?" He asked after calming down enough.

"There are no side effects except for pain you will fill, the whole process will over in an hour and one more thing don't eat the second one, it's useless!" I said but then I thought, I may have downplayed the pain.

''Careful of the pain, it's heart-wrenching, circulate the supreme combat exercise, it will help to elevate the pain and you will able to make few seals if you tried hard!" I said.

''I can manage little pain, Micheal!" Said Jim arrogantly, he probably thought I am teasing him.

Let him suffer! He should pay price for his arrogance and disturbing my sleep twice.

"So, how much I will get?" I got straight to the point.

"If what you said is right then you will get neal two million for each piece at least, I will know for sure after I will eat it tonight," he said, I nodded in affirmation.

''You will not stay in this apartment now that you have much money right?" Ask Jim.

''Yes, I am thinking of moving out to better place after I returned from my hometown a week later!" I replied I am thinking of moving the middle ring but there is some problem with that.

"let me know when you return to westblood, I have a friend who runs a real estate company, he will give a discount and I will even sign guaranteer for form for you." He said.

This one of the problems that had been bugging me about moving but now that Jim offered so kindly, whom I am to refuse.

"I'll be grateful!" I said, thanking Jim for his offer.

"I'll transfer the remaining money to your accountomorrowow!" he said as he is leaving but he stopped before closing the door.

"Jim if you come across any precious herbs like this, don't forget to call me!" he said and closed the door from behind.

I am thankful that he didn't ask any question about how I got such rare herbs, it would be normal if 20% or 30% of them are rare but hear all of them are rare herbs.

I look at the fat Ashlyn who liked to eat till her stomach full and cut no corners when it related to food would have such ability.

She is my precious treasure seeker, I have to keep her ability secret especially one about her smelling Miracle Fruits and Mystic medicine.

If it were known to others with nefarious intent, both of our life will become h.e.l.l.

I clear my mind of these heavy thoughts and splash cold water on my face to feel fresh before sleeping.

I laid on the bed to sleep after making my holowatch silent, whoever to call me have to wait for till tomorrow, I thought as fell into sleep next second.