Monster Integration - Chapter 178 HomeTown I

Chapter 178 HomeTown I

When I woke up, it's nearly early afternoon, the bright sun could be seen s.h.i.+ning through the gla.s.s of my balcony.

Ashlyn is comfortable lying on the small chair of the balcony and beside her two black boxes could be seen and one of them is open.

Before sleeping the first time, I ordered food for today and left the balcony open, so the drone could drop them off.

I had to do that otherwise Ashlyn would have woken up from the sleep for lunch.

''Yawn!" I take a comfortable yawn as I sat in the bed and looked at my holowatch to see if there are any messages and calls.

There are a few messages from my friends replying to the messages to my messages of yesterday.

''Hahaha!" What caught my attention is two missed calls and messages, after reading them I couldn't help but laugh loudly.

It was from Jim, he was cursing me fir not waning him enough about the pain

I decided to call him myself and ask how he is faring up.

''Tring tri… You f.u.c.ker, you did that on purpose, right? I've never experienced such pain in my life. Thank G.o.d that I able to control myself otherwise, I would have woken up my whole household!" he screamed at me with loudly.

"Hahaha, I did warn you, don't you remember? It was you who became so macho on mentioning the pain!" I replied while laughing loudly.

My reply instantly made him silent, as I said I did tell him about pain but he thought I was teasing him and got annoyed, he arrogantly said he dissent fear pain.

I can imagine how he must have felt when that extreme pain suddenly shot through your body, it feels like living h.e.l.l.

"You circulated Supreme Combat Exercise right?" I asked, even if he is arrogant, he must have remembered to circulate the exercise.

''Yes I did and it helped me a lot!" He replied with his face full of smile.

''So, how much do you think, they will sell for?" I asked the real question, he said yesterday after experiencing himself.

"This medicine better than I expected, my mana purity had reached a whopping 90.8%. You will get 2.5 million for each piece." Jim said.

2.5 for one piece that means 10 million for all four pieces and I've got 12 million from selling those herbs.

Combine I will have 22 million credit in my account, that is a s.h.i.+t load of money and I still have some cores of monsters left for me to sell.

''I will transfer all the money ive owe you by evening but now I have given this mystical medicine to Sarah, she had been always acting tough, I will see how she react after eating it, hahaha!" He said and started to laugh loudly.

Is his screw got loose! I thought as I see him laughing madly, this guy must have suffered quite a loss by his girlfriend to act like this. I don't think he will tell her about pain.

''Ok, Michael, I'll call you later. I have to make some preparation before Sarah came!" He said and cut the call.

I just left in a stupor for a few seconds, what just happened, that guy definitely going to do some mischief on Sarah.

'Sigh!' i took a sigh and lay back in the bed.

22 million, this will make a lot of the things easier, with it financing my year of training won't be impossible.

I keep laying on the floor for a while before going to the bathroom for freshening up and bath.

Ashlyn was still comfortably lying on a chair, basking in the light of the sun.

I pick the black lunch box and started to eat on my bed while thinking about the things, I have to do today.

I have to do some shopping for my family.

I remember we were quite fine when we were in our old town but when the disaster truck in the form if monster horde we had lost everything.

After that disaster, we had moved to a new town, we didn't get any help from the government except for a quick loan for our new beginning.

My parents had spent 70% of their monthly salary to pay off the huge loan while we have to do with the remaining 30% of the salary.

It was very hard for us to live with this little money, we had lived very frugally and rarely brought anything for our enjoyment.

They had to put my needs before there, the only thing they did extra in five years is bright more monster food when Ashlyn is born.

She was glutton since she was born and will always demand monster meat at every meal.

I finished my lunch and thew the lunch boxes in the bin.

''Let's go, Ashlyn!" I said as I picked her in my palms and walk toward the door.

I've decided to do some shopping in the mall, I would have done it on my holowatch but this time, I am doing it for my parents and I am not sure what I want to buy.

My plan was to roam the mall and buy the things that I would need.

I will also need some things, a few good clothes, and a Backpack.

I have no need to change the Artifact as they are enough for till I reached the Corporal level.

It would be a completely different thing if I get the Knight grade artifact but it was very difficult to get them without connections.

I walk out of my apartment with Ashlyn in tow.

I decide to go to the mall in Mid- layer, it is a good mall, I've heard many things about and I it right.

Within an hour, I reached the steps of the magnificent mall, it is the shape of the tower which has green vines surrounding it.

When you enter inside it, you will think you were in the garden, it feels quite good inside as soft fresh breeze will always be touched by your body.

I've only a few hours to shop as I have a train at 7:00 in the evening and it is already an afternoon.

By the time I've finished, its already 4:30 pm but I felt quite good, I already brought everything.

''Chew chew!" Ashlyn chirp again, this her fourth time to ask for a snack.

Whatever she smells tasty, she will demand it and I didn't want to reject her seeing it was because of her that I got a s.h.i.+tload of money.

"This is the last time Ashlyn!" I said to Ashlyn as I have lots of bags in my hands.

"Tasty!" I have to say whatever Ashlyn chose is very tasty, like this iced drink that now we are drinking, it is very delicious.

Today is the first day Ashlyn is drinking ice drinking from straws, she is drinking quite expertly without spilling a drop and looked quite cute doing that.

"How cute!" a little girl of four came and states to pet Ashlyn suddenly, her mother who behind her smiled in apology.

I smiled back in understanding, many people had come to pet Ashlyn especially children.

Her s.h.i.+ny silver feathers and chubby form always look cute to children especially when she is eating.

Ashlyn didn't snap but also didn't respond to the petting and continued drinking without care.

We soon finished eating and left for an apartment, I have only two hours until my train time.