Monster Integration - Chapter 176 Fortune I

Chapter 176 Fortune I

"Very Tasty!" ''Chew chew!" We both exclaimed after taking our first bite our food.

Really its reputation presides, it is very tasty, at first I was a little pained spending twenty thousand on just one meal but now I know this meal worth every penny.

I will sure treat my parents for this meal when I went back to my town.

Once we started eating, we didn't stop until we finished eating, I even praise myself for ordering extra portion for Ashlyn otherwise she would have definitely forcefully taken food from me, seeing how tasty it is.

She has no shame and boundaries when it comes to delicious food like this.

''Chew!" Half an hour later, Ashlyn laid on her stomach as she finished her meal, I also ate till my stomach full and now, I am laying on my stomach.

I am feeling little sleepy but before sleeping, I did the small thing for tomorrow.

''Tring Tring!" My phone rang as I was in a deep sleep, I want to curse at the one calling me but stopped myself seeing it is Jim.

Jim? I was a little confused about why he is calling me, I was going to call him tomorrow about the hundreds of herbs that Ashlyn had picked.

I hope they would sell for million or two, otherwise, I would feel very heartening for the things that I threw away to make s.p.a.ce for the herbs.

"Hey Jim," I said as I activated the call, his small projection came out my hole watch.

"Were you entered the s.p.a.ce realm in green hills, Micheal?" Jim asked the question without many greetings.

"Yes, I was an…" before I could say, I saw him so he cut me with the shout.

"I knew it was you! I saw you after you exit through the portal but Sarah has been arguing with saying, it was someone else," he said.

''I was right, wasn't I!" He said in a loud voice looking toward left, he probably looking toward his girlfriend.

"Sorry Michael for disturbing you for such petty thing! We will catch up in a few days!" he said and about to cut the call when I stopped him.

"Wait, Jim! " I said quickly before he could cut the call. ''I had found some herbs in secret realm which I can seem to identify, would you help me sell it?" I ask.

He is an alchemist, even if he has no need of herbs, he at least would help sell them.

''Ok no problem, you scan them send their picture to me, I will send my drone to pick them later and help you sell at a good price!" He said.

After talking some more, in said goodbye to him.

I was going to tell him about the mystical medicine but decided to tell him when I meet him personally after coming back from my town.

I feel like sleeping but I controlled myself, it will better to do now than tomorrow.

I started to remove the herbs from my backpack and storage and scanned them for him.

I scan each and every herb carefully and even before compiling all them in a folder and send them to Jim.

I even take o four pieces of the Treant heart, I planning to sell these four pieces of mystical to him if he came tomorrow otherwise I will have to sell after I came back from my hometown.

I cleaned my bed of all her and laid comfortably on my bed, it only took me a second to fall into the sleep.

I was having a very peaceful sleep when something buzzed against my sleep and I heard the singing voice.

"Tring tring!" "f.u.c.k! Let me just sleep." I said groggily as I looked at my holowatch.

It is Jim who calling me, I just wanted to hang up seeing it been only an hour since I slept.

To pick up or not? I am a diploma, on one hand, is my precious sleep while on Jim, who I will have to talk at least for a minute.

"Jim!" I said groggily as I picked up the call, my eyes are even burry as I see his projected face on my holowatch.

"Micheal! I am coming to your apartment in fifteen minutes," he said and cut the call before I could react, he cut the call.

It took me quite a while to notice what Jim said in my half sleeping mind but when I understood it, the first thing I did is get up and wash face with cold water.

I can't say to him don't come hearing his excited voice, he must have found something precious in herbs that Ashlyn had collected.

I just hope that these herbs would sell least for two million and selling mystical medicine I would at least able to get seven to eight million credit.

I have other things that will sell for more such Mana crystals which I got from helping those from the central continent and unrefined mana crystal which I found in Neil and Andrew stuff.

I have come to know from jill that their price more than I had expected, especially the refined ones.

''Knock knock!" A knock sounded on my door at the perfect 15th minute, he arrived right on time as he said.

''Where are the herbs?" First words came out if Jim's mouth as I opened the door.

"There!" I motioned toward the table by my bed, where I put the herbs neatly.

Jim nearly went mad seeing them and started to mutter unintelligible words that I can't seem to understand.

They are probably scientific names of the herbs, seeing his reaction all the bad mood I had vanished.

They must be really expensive for him to behave like this.

"How much they will sell for?" I asked bluntly, he didn't answer me but keep checking each and every herb carefully.

This should take some time! I said as I sat on the chair in the corner of my room.

"Hun!" Suddenly I noticed something which gave me a major shock when Jim had arrived, I didn't particularly observe his stage.

I thought he would be at mid or peak stage of the Specialist grade but I've never expected him to be at Initial level of Corporal stage.

I can sense the aura of Corporal grade clearly, I wonder how he did he advance one whole stage in one month.

I clearly knew that three weeks ago before leaving he was at Initial level of Specialist stage but now he is at Initial level of Corporal stage.

He must have a lucky encounter in this realm otherwise, it would be really hard to level up one stage directly.

I wanted to ask him how he did that but I hold myself back seeing him busy with the herb.

''Each and every herb is very rare Grade 2 herb, did you find them in the realm?" He asked.

"Yes," I replied, he was about to ask something but stopped himself, I can faintly guess wants he want to say.

"As for the price of all the, I'll pay you 12 million," he said

"Twe...Twelve million!" I stuttered the words of hearing it.

I've never expected to get this high price for the herbs that Ashlyn had casually picked up.