Monster Integration - Chapter 1815 - Dark Red

Chapter 1815 - Dark Red

Chapter 1815 - Dark Red

Seventeen days had pa.s.sed since I had returned to the academy, and except for the daily lectures I do, I had not left my home for anything.

I have been studying, working on my Inheritance, and I am making such fast progress I had never made before.

The trip to the library could be said to be beyond helpful; it had filled me with tons of inspiration that even after working for days, I have not slowed down even a bit; it could be said my speed has become even faster.

If there are two turning points in the creation of my Tyrant stage upgrade, the most important part of my Inheritance, then it would be my meeting with Sir Al and my trip to the library; both are defining moments that changed the direction of my Inheritance for the better.

If I am able to create the Inheritance the way I want, it will be amazing. Beyond amazing, I have been working hard to realize the idea I had about my Inheritance, and I will succeed.

Currently, I am not working in my Inheritance s.p.a.ce but studying the formation on the mat, another great treasure I had found in the ruin. Till now, I had been so busy working with my Inheritance that I had not been able to focus on anything else.

Today, I am going to use those core of wraiths of mist city. I had dallied this long enough, but today, I am going to use them, and for that, I am studying the formation.

The formation I am studying is not the formation the Grimm Monster used to purify and absorb the wraith cores. This one is a grade higher than it and able to give energy much purer than it.

The higher purity is always not good; it depends on one's need and suitability. If Grimm Monster wanted, it would choose that formation instead of this one, that one suited its need, and this one did not. For the same reason, I am choosing this one.

Such high purity will be dangerous and painful, but this is what I want. Strengthening my rune's higher purity energy is not my only purpose; there is one other reason behind it.

An hour later, I finished studying the formation and sat on the center of it, and placed one small Grey-Red core in front of me. This is the core of the first monster wraith I had killed; I am starting from the weakest core; who knows how much powerful purified energy, and I don't want to be killed by using the strong core, in case it is strong.


I activated the formation, and as I did, the core started to lit up, and that s.h.i.+ne became brighter and brighter. It became sort of blinding that one moment; I even thought of getting the h.e.l.l out of the training room before it explodes.

Of course, I did not do that; the formation is very elaborate. There are many fail-safes placed on it. It is capable of handling even more powerful, extremly volatile cores, and this wraith core is very stable.

As I looked at a tiny dark red whiff, I shuddered and wanted to avoid it, but I steeled my heart and remained in my place.

'It is going to be painful,' I said in my mind. I am very sure about that fact.

A second later, the whiff entered inside me, and for a second, nothing had happened as particles of whiff spread across my body; they even gave me a slightly warm feeling.


Suddenly, I screamed loudly in pain. The particles of the whif spread across me liquefied, filling my body with ghostly scarlet liquid which wants to tear my body and soul apart. I had expected it to be painful, but not this painful; it is much beyond what I had expected.

It had made me unconcious for a moment, and when I came back to myself, the first thing I did was to circulate the Supreme Combat Exercise.

I have become some sort of m.a.s.o.c.h.i.s.t; I could not circulate the supreme combat exercise unless I am feeling some kind of pain. Normal circulation barely helps; if I practice normally, it would take me years to create a diamond seal.

There is the reason why only Tyrants were able to create the Diamond Seal. Even among them, a very small minority of them were able to create more than five seals. It is d.a.m.n difficult to create one, and if one had not found a certain way, then one stops progressing in it.

I channeled all the inhuman pain I am feeling into the Supreme Combat Exercise and circulate it. I circulate faster and faster with a single one-track mind, and before I know it, I was able to complete the long circulation, and an amethyst seal started to form.

On the way toward circulation for the third seal, I noticed my runes have finally reacted and started s.u.c.k.i.n.g energy. Not only my runes but honeycomb and Nero also started taking the energy; Nero's actions surprised me as he had not taken the energy when I was in mist city.

If it had been any time other time, I would have thought about it for longer, but now I have no time. With them s.u.c.k.i.n.g energy, the pain is lessening rapidly, and circulation is slowing down; I could not let that happen.

I finally had the momentum to create the seals and just eight amethyst seals away from having my third diamond seal. I want the diamond seal, and for it, I would do anything and take even greater risks.