Monster Integration - Chapter 1816 - 3rd Diamond Seal

Chapter 1816 - 3rd Diamond Seal

Chapter 1816 - 3rd Diamond Seal

Not wanting to let the momentum slow down, I took out another Wraith Core and placed it on the ashes of the previous core.

This core came from the stronger wraith than the last's core I used. The pain I will feel will be greater, but I hope it will help me build the momentum; I need to create the seals of Supreme Combat Exercise.

A second after I placed the core, it begins to s.h.i.+ne brightly, and a few seconds later, it turned to ashes like the previous core with a whiff of dark red mist coming out of it.


Soon, that whiff merged entered inside me, and I begin to burn from the inside again. This time, I held into my sanity, not wasting even a second before I channeled all the pain into circulating.

I begin to circulate faster again, much faster than before, getting closer and closer to the fourth amethyst seal, and a few minutes later, I finished the circulation. The creation of the fourth seal begins, and I, without stopping, started to circulate for the fifth.

While I am circulating, I had also spared some of my mind power to refine the mana. All these seals need mana, and it is a good thing I had reached the 8th floor of my refinement tower, which not only provides much pure mana but also increse my mana storage.

Time pa.s.sed, and I had created the fifth amethyst seal, and a few seconds later, I felt the pain lessening as my runes began to have such energy.

Seeing that, I took out another slightly powerful core, and a few seconds later, when its purified essence entered me, I felt the pain I had never felt before, but even in this pain, I remained conscious and circulated the energy.

I understand how big the opportunity is; it is not just pain that is helping me create the seals but also the chance that this day had created.

If I had only needed the pain to create the seals, I would have already created the ten Dimaond Seals and got that seal, but no. Pain is necessary but not the most important thing in creating seals rapidly; it is a chance when everything seems to fall into place at the right, and its the perfect moment to do that thing.

I am at the last stage where creating seals became much harder than I will have to use all the advantages I had to do it. While I am doing it, even if I became seriously injured, it will be worth it as long as I create the third Diamond seal.

Soon, the creation of the sixth seal begins, and I started to circulate for the seventh. The circulation has become harder; I had to give huge effort to move the energy forward; it is like every part of my body is trying hard to stop me.

I did not stop, and I will not stop till I reached my target. So, when I saw momentum lessening, I added another core, a stronger core. I am taking a quite risk in doing that, but I have no choice; only stronger ones would be able to help me.


Puh Puh Puh

I scremed out loud and puked the blood; the dark red energies are tearing my body apart. Till now, my body strength and healing abilities kept dark red mist from damaging my body too much, but the power of new core too much and dark red mist produced by it had torn through me.

The condition of my body has become quite serious; even then, I kept pus.h.i.+ng and created the seventh amethyst seal, and not long after, the creation of the eighth one had also begun.

For the ninth seal, the difficulty had increased immensely. Still, I kept pus.h.i.+ng and pus.h.i.+ng and was finally able to create it. Now last Amethyst seal remained to be created, and when I started to circulate for it, I knew it would not be easy.

So, I added another core; for the first time, I added before even the power of the previous core had lessened, and when its dark red energy merged with me, I felt like I am h.e.l.l.


I screamed out loudly and fell down from the sitting position. The pain was so great that it took my all, forget to maintain my balance, I did not form coherent thoughts. The only thing I held on to in such pain and near-death condition is the circulation of the Supreme Combat Exercise.

I circulated, even when I could not think, I do not know for how long I circulated, but I did and only stopped when cooling energy begins to spread through my body.

I immediately knew it is not the energy of the Amethyst Seal; the amethyst seal does not have such power. Ruby Seal has, and when I looked into my temple, I was right; Ruby seal had been created from the amethyst seals, and now it is releasing the energies.

When I looked at the condition of my body, I couldn't help but get shocked. It is a good thing; I have a strong body and soul, I would not be able to bear the power of the dark red energy. Even with a strong physique, the dark red energy had brought me to the brink of death.

Soon all the energy of Ruby seal had been absorbed, and it had only been able to heal only half of my injuries. It is not surprising seeing the extent of my injuries.

Ruby seal is far from capable of healing them; still, I am not worried, the best thing is coming, and it would be a problem for it to heal these bit injuries in second.

With ruby seals created, it went to be to other nine ruby seals and started and spin. Soon, they became a blur, and their color started to fade slowly; soon, the blur will be colorless before a diamond sheen would appear on it, and Diamond Seal will be created.

Seeing it will take some time before the diamond seal is created, I opened my eyes and got up before carefully storing ash of cores into the bottle.

This ash contains a colossal amount of energy; what I took from the cores is pure energy that is useful for me. h.e.l.l, If I dared to eat the core, even the weakest one, I would have exploded within seconds; the core of Tyrants is no joke.


Soon loud buzz rang out in the temple, and Diamond Seal revealed itself, s.h.i.+ning in its glory. Just one look at it, and I know all my efforts have gone into creating worth it.

A moment later, a flood of energy released from the seal, and every part of me begin to absorb it. My body, soul, Inheritance Runes, Honeycomb, even Nero took ae wonderful energy that the diamond seal had released, and as they absorbed the energy, the big changes begin to appear in them.