Monster Integration - Chapter 1814 - Blood Crystals

Chapter 1814 - Blood Crystals

Chapter 1814 - Blood Crystals

"After Micheal left, I directly went to their main base in the Ruin, hoping to find out what they are doing in the ruin to bring such high numbers," Professor begin.

"I was able to infiltrate inside quite easily and even able to went near the core area before getting discovered and attacked," "There were three Leader-cla.s.s Grimm Monsters, aside from the one I had fought before, there was also a Curse Master and a Poison Master," the Professor said.

"Did you able to find out what they are doing?" Councilwoman Marla asked. "Yes, I did. If not for that, I would not have been this injured," the Professor said, confident laugh, and a palm-size blood-red crystal appeared in her hand.

I was shocked seeing the crystal as I know what it is, and not only that, my runes begin to react, wanting that thing. If they could, they would have leaped out of my body and consumed the Blood Crystal in the Professor's hand.

The crystal Professor is holding is called Blood Crystal; it is made when the blood of the powerhouse crystalizes, and that needs certain conditions to happen.

"They have found a Blood Crystal cache, which is protected under powerful runic formations. They were trying to open that formation and get the cache of the blood crystals," Professor said, and when she said it, there was quite a smile on her face.

"You destroyed that formation?" Teacher asked. "Not only I had destroyed it but was I also able to get a huge share of these sweet Blood Crystal," Professor said.

From what she said, it is quite easy to deduce what happened. When she discovered it, she went for cache, and Grimm Monsters tried to stop her and injuring her heavily in the process. Still, it seemed surreal that she was able to contend against the attacks of three Leader-cla.s.s Tyrants.

It seemed like I had way much underestimated the Professor's strength. It is not easy to survive under the attacks of three Leader-cla.s.s Tyrants, even if you are a Leader cla.s.s Tyrant yourself.

"It would have been impossible to get those Blood Crystals and escape under the attacks of three Leader-cla.s.s Tyrants if not for this precious thing," Professor said as she removed the ring off her finger. "Micheal, thank you, your this ring had really saved my life," She added as she gave a ring to me.

"Keep it, its no use to me in my current strength; return it to me when I get the strength to use it," I said, pus.h.i.+ng the ring back to her.

To use the ring, one has to be a Leader cla.s.s Tyrant at the least. I am far from reaching that stage; it is safe in the Professor's hands till I reach that stage. "Well, thank you. I will take care of it till you become capable of using it," Professor said as she happily put the ring back on her finger.

Others were curious about the ring, but they did not ask about it, and the Professor did not tell. It is not an artifact you should tell others about.

"By the way, I was able to kill the one Leader cla.s.s Tyrant before escaping," Professor said suddenly, shocking us all out of our mind.

We all looked at her, not daring to believe what she said. It is much harder to kill a single Tyrant when it is a group and than alone Tyrant, and she had a killing Leader cla.s.s Tyrant and not a regular Tyrant. It is quite unbelievable.

"You are mostly healed; you can go to your home and rest there," the Teacher said to Professor after she calmed her emotions down. "Thanks, sis," Professor said as she jumped out of bed and walked toward the door.

"Micheal, take these. I am sure these will be very useful to you one day," Professor said and threw a storage pouch at me before disappearing.

I looked inside the storage and couldn't help but get shocked; I had barely stopped myself from gasping. In the storage, there is nearly twenty Blood Crystal which is a lot, though I had expected there would be Blood Crystals inside the storage but did not expect them to be this many.

I will have to thank her personally for it. I need such treasures; creating the core and leveling into the Tyrant stage will require a huge amount of resources. More than I had initially expected, I would have to scour the multiple realms for them when I merged with the whole Honeycomb.

Soon, both councilwomen left after saying few words, and only the Teacher and I remained in the hall. "I had been researching for the Med Bed artifact of this grade but never able to find one." Teacher said as she looked at the blue bed.

"It was my luck; it was was in quite a tricky place," I said. "I should be finished researching it in few days; after that, I will leave it in the infirmary," I said to the Teacher.

"You don't have to do that. This artifact is every healer's dream; it will increse your healing efficiency by 20%." Teacher said. "Don't worry about a teacher; I do not need this bed as much as you think," I said and took the bed back in my storage.

In a week or two, I should finish collecting all the data I need, and at that time. I will give this bed to a teacher. While this bed is amazing, I am confident that I would be able to copy its desirable functions and incorporate them into my healing arts.

It will be difficult, but with some hard work and the help of Rule Bending power, I will be able to do that without a problem.

I discussed the healing arts with the Teacher for a few hours. She is not the only one who read through the healing section, though she had spent five more times there than me and was able to study much more; the discussion with her was extremly helpful.