Monster Integration - Chapter 1813 - Healed

Chapter 1813 - Healed

Chapter 1813 - Healed

Professor is lying on the medical artifact; her body is bloodied, and marks of curse and poison could be seen all over her enchanting face and body; there is not a single place that hadn't been attacked.

She is not only attacked by curses and poison but also by the normal attacks, and the worse thing is, all three attacking energies are giving off the vibe of Leader cla.s.s.

When I walked toward the Professor, I had covered myself with my armor. These wounds are from Leader cla.s.s powerhouses; they are very dangerous to me who only have the power of above-average Tyrant; I better not touch her.

Only someone like a teacher could heal her, the Teacher might look weak, but she is a powerful Elite Cla.s.s Healer and just a step away from reaching Master Cla.s.s. When she would take that step, she will become select few healers in the world who could heal someone who is above that of the Leader cla.s.s.

"Teacher, place Professor on it," I said suddenly and took out the bed. The medical artifact she had placed the Professor on is too low a grade to get a perfect look at her vitals; the Riverbed is more than capable of doing that.

"This bed!" Councilman Rufus said in a shocked voice. The other two are also shocked, but they are busy moving the Professor into the new bed.


Soon, they placed the Professor on the bed, and I activated its multiple functions and next second, a very detailed metaphysical projection appeared over the bed. It is much detailed than I thought, and when I begin to study the metaphysical projection of Professor, I couldn't help but get surprised.

"It seemed like Josie is right," the Teacher muttered in shock, and I couldn't help but dumbly nod. It is clearly seen three powerful foreign energies are attacking the Professor, but she is fighting back. Her Bloodline energy is stopping the three Grimm Energies from doing any serious harm, and doing so, it is whittling them down slowly.

So, one could imagine how powerful her bloodline is; normal bloodlines could not contend against such energies even if they are on the same level, but here this bloodline is contending against not one, not but three leader cla.s.s energies.

Still, the Professor is healing very slowly, that it would take more than a week before her bloodline could gain the upper hand and destroy these energies. It would be better if she gets outside help, it would do the job quickly, and it's Professor's good luck that her elder sister is quite capable.

"Micheal, magnify on her heart," the Teacher asked; I nodded and operated the control; a second later, the heart of Professor magnified, and we all some surprising scene.

"Is that?" Teacher asked, looking specific color spot. "Yes, her Bloodline begins the process to form the core," I said in shock.

I had read about the formation of the cores, and most bloodlines form the core when they reached a peak of Primary Levels, but those stronger ones form the cores early.

With Professor forming a core this early means only one thing: her bloodline is out of the ordinary, and purity of it is also great to form the core, no wonder her bloodline energy can fight against the three Grimm Energies at the same time.

The process had just begun, and it would take quite long for the core to form, but it is clear that it would form when she is still a Tyrant.

After few minutes of studying heart, a gentle but powerful aura begin to radiate from a teacher, and the next moment, hundreds of tiny runes flew out of the Teacher's hand and into the Professors body, where these runes formed goblet-shaped formations and begin to burn the Grimm Energies.

That was just a beginning, and a few seconds later, another group of runes shot from her hands and then another and then another.

The Teacher's skills are beyond mine, and now they have seemed to have improved even more. Her healing arts seemed to have become more complex and powerful; her mastery also reached a completely different height than before.

It seemed like a trip to the library have helped her more than I had imagined, and this will not end; I will know how much she improved when she would finish digesting all the knowledge she had gained from the library.

Hours pa.s.sed by, and Teacher cleaned one body part after another of the Professor. When she had finally stopped a few hours later, nearly all the Grimm energies have disappeared, and those that have remained are now being hunted professors bloodline energy; it won't be long before every speck of her Grimm energy destroyed from her body.

With Grimm's energy disappearing, all the visible injuries have been healed, and radiant color returned to the Professor's skin. Not only that but her tattered magenta gown has also been completely repaired.

I had already suspected that Professor's clothing is a part of her ability but still couldn't help but be surprised. I could create the clothing out of energy but not this perfectly; her clothes may be conjured by the energy, but they act like real clothes; I could not do something like that.

"Now that you are healed, you will tell me everything that you did after you sent Micheal away; I don't want any detail left behind." Teacher said strictly.

She usually uses her tone on Elina usually, but she sometimes used it on Professor. There are more than ten years of difference between the two sisters, and after their parent's death, it was the Teacher who brought up Professor, so she could be said to be half-mother to her sister.