Monster Integration - Chapter 1812 - Wretched

Chapter 1812 - Wretched

Chapter 1812 - Wretched

"Where is Josephine? Why had she not come back with you?" A familiar voice asked as I came out of the teleportation.

To be honest, I very much wanted to avoid the questions of this woman, but I know that is not a choice I have. Even teacher and professor do not dare to mess with this old thing.

"Professor decided to stay and look for what Grimm Monsters doing secretly," I answered truthfully.

"What is that girl thinking? There is likely a Leader cla.s.s Tyrant there." Old woman, marla muttered under her breath angrily, and even in her frustration, she was careful enough to cloak our conversation.

"That girl has become even more reckless since the change in a bloodline," she said before she turned to me.

"Why didn't you stop her?" she asked, "You are going to take the reigns of the academy in the future; you should have taken more responsibility and stopped her." The old woman continued without giving me a chance to explain.

"I tried, but you know how Professor got when she decided to do something," I explained when I finally got the chance. "Not to forget, she is much stronger than me; I could not stop her even if I want to," I added.

"That girl has really become reckless," The old woman said with a sigh. I talked to her for a few minutes and slipped away at the first chance I got. This woman really scare the h.e.l.l out of me; the more I stayed away from her, the better it will be.

On the way, I had contacted a teacher who turned out to be taking a break from her duties to focus on her research and left the charge of the academy at the hands of the old women Marla. It's not surprising, a teacher takes breaks for her research now and then.

Soon, I reached my house, and the first thing I did was shower; I had not showered in a month. Though I had cleared myself with energy and the library have a very powerful cleaning enchantment, I still could never feel refreshed without a good shower.

Ten minutes later, I was out of the shower and directly laid on the bed to sleep. For the past month, I had been on the two-hour/day sleep. Though this amount of sleep keeps me at my peak, it is not satisfying; the magic of good long sleep is something else.

I had slept for nearly sixteen hours, when I woke up, I felt completely refreshed. I stayed on the bed for a couple of minutes before I walked out and freshened up myself before walking into the kitchen.

An hour later, I was in the kitchen eating breakfast with Ashlyn. It feels good to eat freshly cooked food. If I had not cooked the breakfast for her, who known Ashlyn might have eaten me alive in her anger.

With breakfast over, I walked to the training room. I wanted to quickly go to my Inheritance s.p.a.ce and sort out everything I have got from the library, but before I do that, there is one last thing I want to do.

Inside the training room, I finally took out the green bed. This type of green bed is called Riverbed, due to the first bed of this design called Riverbed. It uses a special type of Blue Stone, Renwyth stone.

Thousands of powerful organizations and Houses manufacture the Riverbed in higher worlds, and most of them work the similar way.


'If what I read in the library book is right, then I should start with this,' I said and added a small amount of energy in circular runic sigil. Just as I did, the bed shone faintly and buzzed as it activated.

Seeing that, a smile couldn't help but appear on my face, and I begin to check its function one by one. If this bed could be all the things that the books had mentioned, then it would be an amazing healing resource and the best research material.

Since I had read about the things healing beds could do, I wanted to create something like it. I want to incorporate the functions of the healing beds into my coffin; it would be amazing if I am able to do that.

Two hours pa.s.sed by, and I still checking its functions; there are too many of them. This is making me excited; this is a great a.s.set for healers. If every powerful healer in the academy has something like it, their healing efficiency will skyrocket.

Humm Humm!

I was looking into many functions of the bed when suddenly my holowatch vibrated heavily from important mail. The mail is from Councilwoman Marla, who is calling me to the infirmary as soon as possible; what made my heart skip a beat was that the Professor is injured and needed care.


Reading that, I did not waste any moment. I took the bed in my storage, and a second later, I shot out of my house at great speed; it took me less than a minute to flew to the top floor of the infirmary and walked into it with my special access.

"What were you thinking? Just because you got a little bit of power, you think you could just fight the Leader cla.s.s Tyrants!" A screaming voice reaches my ears as I entered the hall. It is not an old woman, marla, who usually likes to scream, but a teacher, whom I had never before seen scream like that.

"Calm down, Marina, my condition may look bad, but it is a lot better than it looked," Professor said strugglingly, even at such a state, her voice had that strange allure.

In the hall, there are only four people, other than the teacher, who looked visibly vexed and worried. There is also councilwomen Marla and councilman Rufus. All of them are looking at Professor, whose state is quite wretched; even from a distance, I could see how bad her condition is.