Monster Integration - Chapter 1811 - Return

Chapter 1811 - Return

Chapter 1811 - Return

"You have done quite well human, you are only the 9th person in ten thousand years to solve the second layer of the first test." The spirit said encouragingly.

Hearing that, I did not feel good at all; from the data I had read about this ruin, it had been more than ten thousand years since the piece of ruin had broken up from its main world.

So, there would not have been many people who came to the library, but even then, only nine people solving the second layer of a puzzle seemed too low of the number.

"Is there a restriction on who could give the test?" I asked. "Of course there is; the first three tests are only for the Primary stage pract.i.tioner, who are less than fifty years," She said; hearing that, I couldn't help get shocked.

The tyrant stage and two stages above that are part of the Primary stages, and only those people at the Primary stages could give the test.

The thing that shocked me most is that the age limit, only the talented ones could reach the Tyrant stage before fifty and most people focus on their practice and not academics at that time.

Only people like the teacher and me, who are academic by nature or their Inheritance, require them to be academic have the knowledge to attempt the test, barely able to solve the second ring first test, not to mention one have to solve all three test within fifty years of age before one could become full-fledged Librarian of the library.

"Don't think too much, human, you have two chances, you should think about solving the first test. It will make you Librarian for hundred years, with access over the thousand sections of the library." The spirit said.

Her words were inspiring; it filled with motivation to try harder again next time. Though I know she is dangling a carrot in front of me, I know very well that I need that carrot.

I have nearly thirty years, and If I could somehow solve the first test within ten years, then I will have a chance against the next two tests with the resources of the library. So, in the next decade, I should focus on increasing my knowledge.

The library has the power to change the fates, not only mine but of my world's too; I will have to get it, no matter what.

"Will I send you out, or will using your second chance at test?" The library spirit asked. "Send me out please, I will be using the second chance when I am confident on pa.s.sing the test," I said. "I wish you good luck with it," The library spirit said with a smile before sending me out.

I faded out of the library and appeared above the river; I quickly have to stabilize myself to not fall into the river below.

"Have you tried the test? how far did you go?" Professor asked in her melodic voice. I turned and glared at her, and she again smiled mischievously at me. If not about the library, she would have at least warned me about the test; I would not be so shocked about it when it appeared.

"The test was very hard; I was only able to solve up to the second ring," I said with a disappointed sigh.

"What! You solved the second ring!" Professor shouted back, totally losing her seductive composure.

Now it is my time to give her a look; I may be sad; I am also pretty proud of myself for solving the second equation in such a short time, it was the hardest problem I had ever faced, and I had solved it in the record time.

"Marina was only able to solve the first ring, she said she will be to solve the second ring, but she needed more time than one allocated," Professor said. It is not surprising, a teacher is smart and knowledgeable that with enough time, she will even be able to solve the third ring equation and the one above that.

The only reason I could solve the second equation in time was because of the sudden inspiration I had.

Professor had talked about the result of her sister, but she did not talk about her own result. It is not hard to guess what her result would have been.

"This was a great opportunity; thank you, Professor," I said. I had got a lot from these ruins; the things I got from this ruin would help me greatly in designing my Inheritance.

"It's the least I could do for my future boss," Professor said, "I am just teasing; you don't go shy and all with a little tease," Professor said, seeing the expression on her.

"By the way, I have sent the signal to the academy; they will be calling your back soon," Professor informed. I nodded, but soon I caught the meaning behind her words.

"You are not coming back with me?" I asked. "No, the Grimm Monsters are doing something very fishy here; I want to find out what it is," she replied, hearing that my expression couldn't help but change.

"There is likely a Leader cla.s.s Tyrant here," I informed seriously. "Relax, I could protect myself from the Leader," She said.

I am not much surprised, seeing overflowing power out of her, I had already guessed her power reached above the Elite, even if she is not full fledge Leader cla.s.s Tyrant, she is very close to becoming one and would protect herself against the leader cla.s.s Tyrant with the strange abilities she had got from her bloodline.

Still, I wanted to pursue her out of this endeavor but seeing the look in her eyes, I closed my opened mouth.

"Take this, I hope you do not need to use it," I said, took the ring off my finger, and threw it at her. Professor caught the ring and looked at me.

"What is it?" She asked, "Something that will save you if you got in trouble," I said with a sigh, and the next moment, energy from the beacon covered me, and I disappeared from the ruin.