Monster Integration - Chapter 1808 - The Vast Knowledge

Chapter 1808 - The Vast Knowledge

Chapter 1808 - The Vast Knowledge

Four days pa.s.sed by since I had entered the Library of Hermes, and in the four days, I had only taken eight hours of sleep. I am at Emperor Stage. If I took a sleep of two hours daily, I would be able to study it with my maximum efficiency.

'It's a good thing, Professor had brought me to this wonderful library; otherwise, I would have made quite a huge mistake if I had gone with that method,' I said to myself as I closed up another book.

Before, I had planned to create a core with a method derived from the twins' core formation and tidbits I had gathered from the books I read. If I had done that, I would have done myself great harm; there were huge chances I would have died by an explosion of energy.

There is a huge difference between the Cosmic Core and the Core of the Celestial Inheritance. One form naturally while the other needed to follow a specific method.

In these four days, I had read over twenty books and got a clear idea about the creation of core, and now I planned to go deeper into it. As I had said, it is a complex process; the more I understand it, the better I will be able to design my core.

I had already chosen the books I am going to study for next few days. They will give me a clear idea of the complexity of the core formations.

Hours pa.s.sed by, and I continued studying when suddenly, I stopped and looked away from the books at the spirit who had appeared beside me silently.

"My lady, do you need anything?" I asked, "No, I do not need anything; I had only come to inform you that Josephine and the healer had arrived, and they are currently at the lobby," She informed and disappeared before I could say anything.

'Teacher had come this quickly?' I asked myself. I had needed nearly eight days to reach the destination and another half a day to reach the library, but Professor went back to the academy and brought the Teacher here in five days without missing an opening.

I got from my spot and moved toward the lobby. This time, I did not walk but run at a speed, and a few seconds later, I saw the Teacher and Professor side by side, with the Teacher having the map in her hand and studying it intently.

"Micheal, why have you come out? You do know how precious the time in the library is, right?" Teacher asked as she saw me appearing in front of her.

"Yes, I know. I had only come to inform you that focus on what you need, don't care about the other things," I said. I know the habit of the Teacher; she will think about others before she thinks about herself. This is a very rare opportunity; she has to think about herself.

"Don't worry, I know how important this opportunity is, and I will be focusing these days on the knowledge that will help me advance my healing arts." Teacher said; I nodded when suddenly I had caught something.

"Ten days?" I asked, wasn't the library spirit said seven days. "I had something that lady overseer found an interesting and extended limit of my time to ten days." Teacher explained, seeing my confusion.

"Good, extra three days will be very beneficial to you," I said with a smile before disappearing back to my 'core' section.

There I did not waste any time and begins studying, days pa.s.sed by, and I continued to read one book after another while constantly making notes in my Inheritance. All the important points have been written in my notes; I am leaving nothing important behind as I study.

It had been eleven days since I had come to the library, and now, I had finished with two main parts of creating the core, and only the last part had remained. Once, I finished studying it, I will have all the knowledge I need to create the core.

I took out the books about it and begin to study them, these books are really great. They have written by authors who had made even complex things easy, not to mention my base is also strong, and due to it, I was able to understand many concepts easily.

As for those concepts I did not understand, I would go over them in my Inheritance s.p.a.ce, where time is faster. Whenever I have to think, I close my eyes and go to my Inheritance s.p.a.ce; it saves a huge amount of time; I had saved days of the time by thinking in the Inheritance s.p.a.ce.

Four more days pa.s.sed and I am still not finished with the last part; it is quite complex, and I would need one to two days more before I get sufficient knowledge about it.

I was studying when I stopped and looked to my left. " You are leaving?" I asked a teacher who had come to my section. "Yes, in two minutes, my ten days will be over," she replied. There is little unwillingness on her face, but it had been dawned by the pure joy.

"It looks like you have found what you needed, teacher," I said, looking at the joy on her face. "Yes, that and much more," she said with a smile; hearing that smile couldn't help but appear on my face, its good thing she benefited; it will surely advance her healing arts.

"Study hard; I will meet you in Academy," the Teacher said and left. A few seconds later, I resumed studying.

I had studied the last part of the core generation for another two days and now studying the aspects of its.

I could now design the core without getting it wrong, though the process will be dangerous, and I might also die, but now, I will be doing it by the book and would lot less dangerous than the idiotic method I was going to use before.

It took me seventeen days to study the generation of the core to my satisfaction, and now I have thirteen days. In these thirteen days, I will study the other things related to my Inheritance.