Monster Integration - Chapter 1809 - Test

Chapter 1809 - Test

Chapter 1809 - Test

Twelve more days pa.s.sed, and in these twelve days, I looked through the different sections of the library. Looking for the knowledge I need, and I have to say, I have got a quite great harvest, better than I had expected.

I looked through everything, from healing sections to the celestial Inheritance section, and I even got to know what that pearl I found in the mist city is; thanks to the overseer who pointed me in the right direction in the herbal section, it was a not marine treasure as I had expected but an herbal treasure.

Not only that, but I have also found quite a lot about the bed I had found in the few hours I had spent in the artificer sections and also found out about my pseudo bloodline. I had also visited the 'core' section back and spent a day looking at other types of the 'core; they helped me a lot in understanding many things.

There are still few things I was not able to find out though, it would have been nice if I got some information about them.

Currently, I am 'Curse' section, reading the information about the curses and ways to destroy them. There is huge information about, including the information about the curses that became sentient; those are real terrors.

I have been in this section for a while, and I planned to stay here till my time is over. In time, I was already able to find a couple of methods to destroy and restrict the curses, and I am searching for more.

The old curses are very tricky to deal with; the more I know about them, the better I would be able to deal with them. I am not the only one who is afflicted with the curse; my mother is also afflicted with the curse.

Her curse is not sentient, but it is getting powerful, and if I did not do anything to destroy it, it would kill my mother. Teacher had said it had already become quite powerful, and if not for my mother being suppressing it with her strength, it would have finished her by now.

Teacher is quite curious about the method mother is using to suppress the curse seeing the curse had already sealed her power, and when she told me about it, I have also become quite curious about it; I will also ask her when I heal her curse.

Hours pa.s.sed, and I continued reading and before finally closing the book. It is a good thing; I had finished it before the time is over.

After placing the book in its place, I closed my eyes and started to write the notes. The book is quite great; I immediately wrote down its essence and also some interesting parts, which I have to do the research later.

"Nine minutes," I said as I opened my eyes and looked at my watch. Nine minutes have remained till the one month is over, and I have no interest in reading further books; I rather enjoy the majesty of the library in the remaining time.

I walked out of section 134 while looking around each beautiful bookshelf filled with books. Also, admiring murals on the columns depicting different legends, only a few I am able to recognize.

The artist who had drawn the murals is truly amazing. If one stares at the murals long enough, one will find the paintings moving, playing the scene depicted in the mural.

Seeing the beauty of this grand library, I wish I could stay here forever and read each and every book this library had, but unfortunately, I could not do that. Time is slipping fast; it won't be long before I walk out of this library.

Speaking of elementalization, now I do not feel as much guilt as before sharing my friends secret. I had not only saved them but also made their cores go through the 1st and 2nd elementalization process together.

It takes decades, even centuries, for elemental bodies to go through 2nd elementalization from 1st mentalization, but both of them went through two elementalization same times.

In the cosmic elemental bodies, 1st elementalization is core formation or induction of cosmic elemetalization where bodies transformed into cosmic elementalization bodies from the regular bodies.

The 2nd elemetalization is Phantom Realization, where phantoms of their core materialized. Those two grand cherry blossom trees were part of the second elementalization; I had done both processes together unknowingly, and it was a very dangerous process, and it was due to their willpower both of them were able to survive, and they will enjoy the fruit of that.

I had way underestimated their progress; it will be much faster than I had imagined. I will have to keep working hard to maintain my edge over them.

"Times up!" The library spirit said as I appeared in the lobby. "Thank you for this great opportunity, my lady; I have benefitted a lot from it.

"The time in the library is earned by you; the benefits you got are also due to your efforts," she said. Though she said it, I could tell she is quite happy about the praise.

"Before leaving, I wanted to ask about something. Can I ask it?" I asked her. It is a question I wanted to ask since I had heard the rules of the library but did not ask it in fear of getting kicked out angrily.

"Sure, ask away," she said.

"I wanted to ask since the library did not have a librarian, does it mean one can chance to become one," I asked. I had expected her to fly into a rage, but instead, I have got a beautiful smile in return.

"According to the rules laid down by the creator of the library. If the library is without a master, then it will be the artifact spirit's job to find a new master," The tool spirit said, quickening my breath, making my heart beak excitedly.

If there is the slightest chance that I could become a master of this library, I will try my hard to do it. Though, I know it will be a near-impossible task, I still couldn't help but get excited about it, and I wish library spirit tell me conditions as soon as possible instead of keeping me waiting in suspense.

"To become a master, one have to ace nine tests set up by the creator, the first three tests will give you access of Librarian and let you take the library with you, the next three tests will make you overseer, and after completing the last three tests, you will become the master of the library." The library spirit explained with a bright smile.

"Every person who entered the library gets three chances against each test; that fox had used her two chances, healer also used one chance, both of them failed spectacularly," she said before looking directly into my eyes.

"So, are you willing to give the first test a try?" The library spirit asked with a mysterious smile on her face.