Monster Integration - Chapter 1807 - Restrictions

Chapter 1807 - Restrictions

Chapter 1807 - Restrictions

"This is a map of the 1st level of Library; the sections you are allowed to read are marked there," The spirit said as she handed me the paper map. "If you need help but, just say 'Overseer,' and I will appear to help you," she said before she disappeared.

I looked at the spot where she had disappeared before looking at the map. A few seconds later, shocked expressions couldn't help but appear on my face; in just the first level of the library, there are over three thousand sections, and I was only able to get access to a little over two hundred sections.​​

I am not disappointed; I have access to all the sections I wish to study. With little time, I would not be able to visit all the sections I want to study.

Looking at the way to the section, I begin to walk there while looking at the grandness of the library. If I have unlimited access to something like this, I would never have to search for knowledge again; I could spend years here, working to improve every part of my Inheritance.

Calling the collection of the library huge would be an understatement, it is grand, and the thing is, what I am seeing is the 1 st level of it. There are more levels in it and containing more precious book collections.

From what I could see from the map, level 1 is known as elementary level. It only contains the basic knowledge. It is so much that one person could not read through the 1st level in his whole lifetime. Even Tyrants will have a problem reading everything in the first level in their whole lifetime.

I would have to explore the whole library, but I do not have the time to do that. I only have a month, and I would get all the knowledge I need in that time.

Soon I reached section 143.' The second, also known as ' The Elementary Core Section.'

I want to create a core when I level up to Tyrant Stage, just like twins did during their Elemental Transformation, and we who practiced the Celestial Inheritance could create our core too.

Though most hosts of Celestial Inheritance create the core much later when they reached the Peak of Primary Levels.

In our world, I can not reach the peak of the Primary Levels; the peak of the Primary levels came after two whole stages above the Tyrant stage. Reaching it is impossible in our world due to the limit of the world. Thankfully, one could create the core before reaching a peak of Primary levels; it is just too dangerous and risky.

I would not have taken risks if there had not been an upcoming war; I need the strength to survive the war and protect those close to me.

The Elementary Core section is huge; there are tens of thousands of books in it. From Cosmic Core of the Elemental Bodies to monster core of Monster to the Specialized Core to Inheritance Core to Bloodline Core, information about all types of cores is here.

I quickly move toward the Inheritance Core section before moving at the Celestial Inheritance core before choosing the Clear Heart Inheritance Core Generation subsection.

All the books are neatly divided, and that one did not have a problem finding what one needs even if that thing is divided into tens of subsections.

In the Clear Hear Inheritance Core Generation subjection, there are over five thousand books; even with all my reading speed, I would not be able to read them in a month.

For that, I have a simple plan, and that is recording; I am going to record as many books as I could in my time here and studying them after I got out, but before I do that, I have to select the first book to read.

I looked at all the books before choosing the book names, 'Basic of Core Generation by Mealyn Geis'; the t.i.tle of the book is common, and there are hundreds of books is such t.i.tle; I choose it because it is first on the shelf and there must be the reason for that seeing the books are not arranged in the alphabetical shelf.

It had beautifully made the green cover and written in a violet script that will make die for, one could say it is a beautifully crafted book.


I sent the string of my soul power into my Inheritance s.p.a.ce when about to start recording when I saw I could not. My Inheritance s.p.a.ce is not opening; it seemed to be restricted by some sort of force.

I tried again and again, but it would not open in frustration. I closed my eyes and wanting to blast it open with the full force of my soul when it opened. I do not need to use it any force; it opened like it always opened, without any friction, smooth as always.

It did not take me even a moment to understand what was happening, but I tried it a couple of times and found myself right.

There is some sort of restriction that does not one record the books through Inheritance s.p.a.ce. Though I could go into my Inheritance s.p.a.ce when I close my eyes, just not when they are open. This means I will be able to take the notes but not record them.

I even tried using electronics and even recording artifacts, but nothing seemed to work. The restrictions of the library are too strong.

It is a little disappointing, but there is nothing I could do about it. So, I took out a couple of more books and took them to the reading table.

Now that I could not record them, I will have to do the work in an old-fas.h.i.+oned way. I will have to study the books and then took notes of the important parts. Though it is not the best outcome, it is still an outcome I am satisfied with.