Monster Integration - Chapter 1806 - Acess and Time

Chapter 1806 - Acess and Time

Chapter 1806 - Acess and Time

After glaring at the Professor, I looked at the Library spirit. "So, the knowledge I submit to the library will give me access and time in the library. The quality of it will decide the access and time, right?" I asked.

There is another question I have in my mind, but I decided to ask it later when I finished with my business; who knows, she might get angry by it and throw me out.​​

"Yes, that's what I had said." She said. Hearing her confirmation, I begin to think. I have many things, but not all of them would be useful. Looking at the scale of the library, and since it is an artifact that is powerful enough to produce the library spirit, it might have already had everything I want to provide.

Still, I have a few things that might even impress this Grand Library.

"Please see these," I said, and six books appeared in front of me. These six books have an amalgamation of all the knowledge I had comprehended from the seven books the hidden being have provided; I only did not bring out my comprehension of rule-bending power, that is my secret, and I don't want anyone to know about it.

If I could, I would have given her copies of the six of seven books that hidden being have provided me, but I could not. They could not be taken out of Inheritance s.p.a.ce, and knowledge inside them couldn't be transmitted unless I comprehended it and written it down.

She took the six books I have given her and flipped through them. "I am quite impressed, seeing the world you are from and your level, your elemental knowledge is even better than those of higher worlds." She praised, but I could see the hidden 'but' in her tone.

"But it is not enough; your comprehension may be deep, but there is nothing new about it, and it is still at the middle elementary level; it is not enough to buy you even an hour in the library," She said and returned the books back to me.

"How about this?" I asked and sent a couple of more books on her way. All of them contain the Inheritance designs I had acquired, from complete to broken.

"These below average designs of inheritance, with no new insight, keeping them in the library with tarnish its great collection," she said and threw the books at me; she looked quite angry like I had literally given her the s.h.i.+t.

"I am giving you last chance, little human, give me something good, or I will throw you out of the library," She said. The gentle smile on her face had vanished, and now she looked very impatient. It looks those books have offended her quite much.

I started to think, there are still a couple of things I have. The books provided by Sir Al would be no use, they are quite old, and Sir Al said they are popular and spread across the wide world, there is a good chance that these books are already present in the library.

The other thing I have is my and her excellent Inheritance. Both of them are good, especially her Excellencies Inheritance designs; good is not a word that one would use to describe it, but still, the library there is a chance that library will have something like it in its collection.

That leaves one unique thing with me, and that is scrolls of twins. They record the whole process of elementalization of two opposite elements in the twins, and this process is recorded from within. The seeds of rule-bending power which used to make the core had recorded the whole process.

This information is complete and unique; even if the library has something like it, it will still be unique.

Though I should be not sharing my friends' information, and if it had been a complete live being, I would not have done that, but I am giving it a library without a single living being which is present in the ruin, where humans rare comes.

I thought about the reasons to fool my guilt before taking out the red and snow-white scrolls. "How about these ones?" I asked her and give her the scrolls.

She took the scrolls from me with an impatient expression but soon, her expression changed, and the gentle smile returned to her face.

"A complete and detailed recording of first and second elementalization process together, and top that they are of the two opposite elements on the blood twins." She said with a big smile. "Though the level of knowledge is low and library have many things similar to it, we do not have something this unique, seeing it is of opposite elements and of blood twins," She added before she turned to me.

"Thank you for your patronage; the library will love to add it to its collection and will give you one month time to study in the two hundred and seventy-four sections of 1st level of the library." She said before she turned to Professor.

"For bringing such patron, the library will offer you one week of study in eight two sections of the library." She said to Professor. This has surprised both and her and me greatly, especially her.

"Thank you so much for such an opportunity," Professor said before her expressions turned even more respectful. "My lady, I have a request to make. Would you listen?" she asked. Hearing that, an expression of spirits face tightened a little.

"What is it?" The spirit asked with a hint of impatience. "I would like to give to gift this precious opportunity to someone else; that person is more worthy of it than me," Professor said, impressing even me with her eloquent words.

"Sure, its not a problem," The library spirit said, "But that person had to come in the library till he is in it and spend that time before his month is over," The library spirit added.

"Thank You for listening to my request, my lady; it would not be a problem," Professor said before she turned to me. "Micheal, you stay here; I will bring your teacher here as soon as possible," She said. I nodded at her happily.

I know how much the teacher would love the opportunity; I have to commend Professor for her quick thinking.

"My lady, please send me out of the library." Professor requested. The spirit of the library waved her hand without a word, and Professor disappeared.