Monster Integration - Chapter 1803 - Reaching Destination

Chapter 1803 - Reaching Destination

Chapter 1803 - Reaching Destination

Seven days had been pa.s.sed since I had entered the ruin, and I have covered most of the distance. I am now barely a day away from my destination.

In the past few days, I have been steadily gaining ground, and even with my extracurricular activities, I was not able to lose much time. As those activities increse my strength and that transformed into increased speed.​​

Chew Chew!

Ashlyn chirped again, informing the Grimm Monster ahead and not a normal Grimm Monster but the one with Bloodline. I just looked direction of the Grimm Monster with regret before changing my directions.

If it had been yesterday or even six hours ago, I had gone for that monster without hesitation, but now, I let it go despite wanting to harvest it badly.

I had reached near the destination, and I don't do anything that would jeopardize it. I might make some mistakes, and they might hound this place in huge numbers, which will be quite troublesome to deal with.

And its not like that I haven't had any harvest in the past few days; it was better than I had thought it would be. In the seven days I had been in ruin, I had killed seven Grimm Monsters with Bloodline.

These seven Grimm Monsters had transformed my strength; before I came here, I had filled little over a million hexagonal cells, and now I am around a hundred and fifty thousand cells away from reaching two million, these new eight hundred thousand cells I had filled were strengthened cells, storing three times more energy than earlier million cells.

I have become quite powerful now, but I am in no illusion that I could make an impact in the Tyrant Stage.

The Tyrant Stage is vast, and unless one at least an Elite, one could forget about making an impact, and I don't think even with strengthening honeycomb, I will get the power to become Elite. Though there is a chance, if I could somehow strengthen the honeycomb further and increse its s.p.a.ce, there might be a chance that I will have a strength of Elite by the time I fused the whole honeycomb.

But it is easier said than done; it is only due to powerful and precious Cosmic Energies I was able to strengthen the honeycomb to this degree. So, unless I find a treasure equal to that, I could forget about giving a greater strengthening to the honeycomb and getting a power of Elite while still an Emperor.

Shaking my head of those thoughts, I continued, and soon four more hours had pa.s.sed and when I suddenly stopped.

"Finally," I said as the compa.s.sed-shaped mark on my wrist had finally lit up. It had taken more than seven days to lit up, and looking direction it is showing, it is clear that Professor had already reached the destination.

This is not surprising; given her strength, it wouldn't take her more than five days or less to cross whole ruin from end to end.

Seeing the compa.s.s had lit up, I started to move with an even greater speed; the excitement for the knowledge had begun to build in my heart again. While Professor had not explained what kind of knowledge it is, she is very sure it will be useful to me, and since she dared to make the statement, I am sure it will be very useful to me.

In the past seven days, I had not worked much on my Inheritance, though I could spit part of my soul and entered my Inheritance s.p.a.ce. I could still not do much work; firstly, it takes a lot of concentration to maintain the parallel thoughts, and second, the power of small soul string is not enough to work on Inheritance.

Twelve hours pa.s.sed by when I finally stopped by a small lake; I had reached the destination, and mark is showing me the Professor is close to me, but I could not see her.

"What took you long? I had been waiting for you for days," Professor's hypnotic voice rang out as she appeared in front of me wearing a seductive magenta gown.

Her entrance was so silent that I wasn't able to sense her coming. If she had a sword in her hand, she would be able to kill me without me noticing.

"I had appeared quite far, near the Asessium Cliff," I answered without getting surprised by her smooth appearance. I had gotten used to it; after months in the academy, her Bloodline had not only brought a change in her dressing sense but also in her personality.

Though the change is not huge, for those who know her, it is very noticeable.

"That far! I did not expect the teleportation gate would throw you that far," Professor said in surprise.

"When did you arrive here?" I asked, quite curious about when she had arrived here. "I had appeared quite close to this place; it took me only a few hours to reach here," Professor said with a smile.

I avoided directly seeing her smile; while she is able to control most of her powers, there is still some that leaks, especially when she shows the emotions.

"Now that you have arrived, we should leave as soon as possible. The door for that place will open tomorrow, and if we are late, we will be able to wait for five days," Professor said, and magenta mist released from her magenta gown and enveloped me, and soon, we are flying at the speed that is blurring to me.

I would not be able to gain such speed, even if I am able to burn my blood to the highest degree, and the strangest thing is, not a single thing was affected when we moved through such speed. It is like we are moving in a vacuum.

What I had seen is not as shocking as what the Professor had done half an hour later when we come across the Grimm Monster. We flew a meter barely away from it, but it did notice us; there was not even a small change when we pa.s.sed through it.