Monster Integration - Chapter 1802 - 8th Floor

Chapter 1802 - 8th Floor

Chapter 1802 - 8th Floor

Crack Crack Crack…Bang!

My energy broke through the base and entered the eighth floor. I had been trying for some time and had finally able to break through the eighth floor of my refining tower, gaining purer energy, greater storage, and the ability to merge eight types of energy. ​​

This ability might not seem useful, seeing I only have seven energies, but it is. I could copy one of my energy and tweak it a little with rule-bending power; it will bring a huge change in energy that I could use to merge with the rest of the energies.

With my energy reaching the 8th floor of the refining tower, I could not use that formula of Inheritance energy that I had perfected not long ago. This new formula gives 27% more power than the current seven energy formula I am using, and not to forget the increse I will gain from the purity of energy.

Reaching the 8th floor had increased my strength considerably; it will make dealing with the Grimm Monsters a little easier.

After making a breakthrough in my refinement tower, I applied the new formula and refined my inheritance energy through it before I left the abode.

Nearly three days had pa.s.sed since I had come to this ruin, but till now, I saw no sign of a mark on my wrist activating. Even when I am steadily gaining ground, Professor seemed to be really far away from me for the mark to sense it.

Still, some good things have come out from Professor not finding me sooner. If we had met sooner, I would not have gone to Mist City; with her strength, we would have chosen a different route altogether.

While this ruin may seem moderate, it is very dangerous. There are some places here that even elites would think twice before pa.s.sing through them.

I have no interest in going through them; I went to the mist city because it was saving me a day of travel, though I ended spending nearly a day there searching for the treasures.

Seven hours pa.s.sed by, and I had covered quite a lot of distance; on the way, I had come across the three Grimm Monsters.

The Grimm Monsters are still searching for me; ever since I had entered this realm, they had not stopped me. The only Grimm Monster that had not been searching for me is the one in the Mist City; it had no idea that humans have entered the city.

Chew Chew

'Really?' suddenly Ashlyn informed me of something, and I couldn't help but get excited about it. A Grimm Monster is not far away from us, and it is the one with Bloodline. I had to search for such Grimm Monsters, but they are rare.

'How is its strength?' I asked, and she replied. 'You know what to do,' I said to Ashlyn, and she nodded before she flew away, and I started to follow the Grimm Monsters with Bloodline.

There is no way I could kill it here; it is like telling the Grimm Monsters where I am. I will have to mislead the Grimm Monsters, which is why I had sent Ashlyn away to kill a couple of Grimm Monsters toward a certain way, make them believe that is our destination, not the one we are going.

My destination is not some important place in this ruin; it is one of the common lakes that Grimm Monsters would not think I would be going there. Still, it is always good to be careful; there are always some smart Grimm Monster sides.

Two hours pa.s.sed by I continue to chase after the Grimm Monster without Ashlyn. In these two hours, the Grimm Monster I am chasing had met with another Grimm Monster, talked with it for a few seconds before continuing on its path.

'Its time,'

I said about three half-hours later, as we have moved quite far away from my main path, and Ashlyn also killed a couple of Grimm Monsters successively and now returning at her top speed.


The Lionman was moving steadily while scanning everything around it when suddenly it noticed nine beutiful roses of human palm size roses coming out of the ground and surrounding it, creating a field of energy around it.

Seeing that it panicked, the humans have been killing them indiscriminately ever since they have come to this ruin.

It is even worse in the north than in the sound, where that b.l.o.o.d.y human ma.s.sacred everything in its path; even Elites were not spared. It had forced Lord Desn himself had to go deal with it, but whenever they clashed, the b.a.s.t.a.r.d human would always slip away before Lord Desn could do anything to it.

So, the first, it did after seeing the traces of human is activating its communication artifact to inform its superior; he had been ordered to that the first thing he noticed the signs of humans, it will only take a minute or two for its superiors to arrive at his place and that time, a human would not be alive leave alive.


The next moment his expressions changed when it saw while its communication artifact had activated, it was not able to send anything through it, whatever it is sending getting repelled back to the artifact.


It did not take him even a second to realize that field creating by roses stopping the communication. Seeing that, he did not waste any time and charge its first and about to attack when it found it could not move its body; it was bound by the invisible strings, seeing that fear couldn't help but appear on his face.

Seeing things have gotten worse, it did not hold back and begin to use everything it had to break these strings. It is aware that soon, the humans b.a.s.t.a.r.d in hiding would show up and kill it, so it had to break these strings as soon as possible.

But to his horror, these strings are unbreakable; no matter what he tries, they would not break. Instead, they would grow as they suck the energy he used on them, and in a matter of seconds, they had already covered more than half of its body.

"One hundred and twenty thousand cells," I said after the honeycombs finished absorbing all the energy my runes have released in my body. This Grimm Monster was slightly weaker than the Azure Bullman I had faced in the Mist City, but its bloodline essence was still able to fill around one hundred and twenty thousand cells, twenty thousand less than what Azure Bullman's bloodline essence did.

I look at my body for a second before collecting everything the Grimm Monster had, including the essence rose I had created from it before wiping the signs of battle and leaving at my greatest speed.

Even if I took all the precautions, it wouldn't take long Grimm Monsters to realize this b.a.s.t.a.r.d is dead, and they would swarm this place in huge numbers, and by that time, I want to be out of here.