Monster Integration - Chapter 1804 - The Valley

Chapter 1804 - The Valley

Chapter 1804 - The Valley

"What was that?" I asked, clearly shocked by what she did. "One of my abilities," "It is a complete environmental melding, it can fool the regular Grimm Monsters, Elites are little harder to do that, for them I will have to stay still on my spot, and they will not be able to notice me even if I am in front of them," Professor replied in her alluring voice, shocking me even more.

What she said is no simple thing; it is a greater illusion with the power of s.p.a.ce and other things. It is a very complex and advanced thing; It will work very challenging if I want to create something like it.​​

'I hate Bloodlines!' I muttered inside me. They get all the cool powers without much hard work, while I had to work my a.s.s off to design and improve each and everything.

"Can you explain to me how it worked?" I asked. If it had been anyone else, I would not have dared to ask this question, but since it is Professor, then even if it is her moves, she will give me some details.

I need to understand this move of hers; it is quite similar to my move, which I used to hide from the Grimm Monsters' senses.

If I am able to perfect it, then I might not only be able to hide from their soul sense at an even better degree but also from their visual sense; I might also be able to walk in front of them without them noticing me.

"It is as you have guessed, it involves the illusion, both physical and soul, and top of that, it uses s.p.a.c…." Professor begins explaining.

She did not hold back on anything as she begins explaining everything in great detail. The more I hear about it, the more amazed Ive became; it is such a complex move, but when she explained it, it became so simple.

Though, I am under no illusion that creating something like it would be as simple as she explained. It will be hard, extremly hard, but I am up for the challenge.

It took a little more than an hour for her to explained it all. After that, we talked about other things.

"Why do you think there are so many Grimm Monsters here? When I had arrived here, more than twenty Grimm Monsters had to come to the entry point within an hour; it was a quite scary experience for me," I said shudderingly. It was quite hard for to leave that place, the slightest mistake on my part would have killed me on the spot.

"That many, I thought the little ruckus I had created would have attracted most of the Grimm Monsters of this ruin, but it seemed like that was not the case," Professor said.

"As for what they are doing with such great numbers, I have no freaking idea. I tried to find out about it, all my attempts that been unsuccessful," She said a little angrily, hearing that I couldn't help but get surprised.

"You know there is a high chance that a Leader cla.s.s Tyrant here to see things," I said, "I know," She replied with a sigh.

The way she said it made me feel like there is something more, and I wanted to ask for more details, but I did not see the way she had replied to my question. She will tell me about it when she thinks it is sensible to tell.

Time pa.s.sed by, and six hours pa.s.sed; in the six hours, we had covered so much distance that I would need more than two days to cover it.

In that time, we have come across many Grimm Monsters, and Professor pa.s.sed right by them. The only time she was careful was when she saw elite. She told me she wanted to kill it, but she stayed her hand, and we continued.

The thing that shocked me is while we move at such speed, Ashlyn is able to follow us. She is very high in the sky, right behind us. Such speed is quite shocking; it is the speed of the elite.

Though I know, Ashlyn had quite a speed with her strength and being a bird and all, still, this speed is quite shocking. I wonder if she will be able to follow us if Professor had increased her speed further.

"That little bird of yours is not normal to be able to follow us at such speed," Professor commented. I am not surprised she noticed it; Ashlyn is not trying to hide, or she could even hide given the power difference.

"Ashlyn always had been capable," I replied vaguely without saying anything else; Professor looked at me and gave me a look before she looked ahead.

"Looking at the ring in your finger and heaviness around you, you seemed to have gained quite something on the way," Professor said. "Yes, I had been quite lucky; I had found some cool things," I replied, to that she arched her brow.

Seeing that, I took out a piece of rock and threw it at her, "It is one of the things I have got," I replied. "This rock is very rare; lots of people will pay a high price for something like it," Professor said as she threw a rock back at me.

Few more hours pa.s.sed by, and Professor soon reduced her speed, and we stopped in what seemed to be like a small beautiful valley that had a clear river flowing through it.

"The entrance of that place will open in three hours," Professor said before she walked by a river and sat on its edge, dipping her beautiful feet inside the water, sighing in contain at the small joy it gives.

I averted my eyes from the view and looked around the valley. It is a natural valley with no hint of any building or anything.

"So, now, can you tell me where is that place is?" I asked while looking at the small hills, "Why so hurry? You will go that place in three hours and see its mysteries with your own eyes," Professor replied.

Hearing that, I couldn't help but sigh; it looks like I will have to wait for whatever thing Professor had said will emerge in three hours.