Monster Integration - Chapter 1801 - Organising Treasures II

Chapter 1801 - Organising Treasures II

Chapter 1801 - Organising Treasures II

I took out the crystal box from the storage and put the fruit inside it and put it back into my storage before I moved toward the next treasure for which my runes are crazily hungering. The hunger of it is so great that it easily drowned their hunger for the Miracle Fruit.

The pearl is smaller than a fingernail and is blue-violet in color, which it faintly emitting. As I scanned it with my soul sense, I was not able to find anything about it, but it still shocked by the way my soul sense acted around it.​​

As my soul sense moved around it, it was somehow able to attract my soul sense toward it like how a huge ma.s.s of bodies like planets attracts nearby objects toward them through gravity.

I tested it with energy and even a faint bit of physical energy I could produce after concentrating, but the pearl did not do anything to them. It is very clear that it is a Soul Type of treasure, and it is shocking seeing how rare the soul type treasures are, especially as powerful as this one.

While I do not know what grade this treasure is, I know it is very high, and seeing the reaction from my runes, I am very lucky to have it.

Like the fruit, I am not going to use it and not even sure even I could use it, seeing I was barely able to find anything about it. I will do some research about it, and if it had elements I d.e.s.i.r.e, then I will use it during the creation of that thing, and I am sure it will act as one of the main resources in the creation of that thing.

I stored the pearl in a crystal box before putting it away in my storage before looking at the ring with hopeful eyes. I took the ring in my hands and insert my soul sense into it; as I did, a flash of disappointed expression appeared on my face.

Though I had known about it, finding it still couldn't help but make me quite disappointed. On the way, I couldn't help but Ashlyn whether this ring storage ring or not, and she said it is not.

Yes, it is not a storage ring, but it is a s.p.a.ce treasure of very high grade; it is quite damaged but still usable.

The treasure's name is 's.p.a.ce's Breath.' It had two functions, one is tearing the s.p.a.ce, and the other is leaving the s.p.a.ce markers.

Those two things could be done by any sufficiently powerful Tyrant; what makes this treasure especially useful is that it could tear through unstable s.p.a.ce and not let the user get swept in s.p.a.ce wave or lose the direction; one would be able to safely return to the place where a marker is placed.

This treasure is so amazing that if it got known outside, many people would go frenzies for it. As not only could it tear through the unstable s.p.a.ce, but also through the very stable s.p.a.ces or s.p.a.ces that are made stable through the artifacts.

This means it could help one get away from s.p.a.ce locks, for this ability people would go crazy for as it literary life-saving.

If it had been in its peak condition, a Tyrant could forget about using it; even the most powerful Tyrant would not use it no matter how much energy they pour in it.

With it being damaged, its functions had lessened, and so is the power required to use it, but the requirements for energy are still huge. So huge, I could forget using it; even Elite Tyrant would be s.u.c.k.e.d try by it without being able to activate the ring.

Only leader Cla.s.s Tyrant could activate it, and it would dry most of them after a single-use. The ring is clearly mentioning the energy it requires for its activation and it left my head spinning.

I wore the ring in my hand, it turned out it could not be stored in a storage ring like mine. Its level is too low to store this type of s.p.a.ce treasure; I will have to wear it in my hand till I find the storage treasure strong enough to store something like it.

I wish I had natural storage ability like Ashlyn; with it, I would not have to worry about storing such powerful things

Now, there are two things in front of me, the grey stones, which are soul eluding rocks. They elude the soul power, making one's soul sense believe they do not exist. When I scanned my soul sense into the rocks, I could not find them; they do not exist in my soul sense.

These stones are in very good condition, and many would pay a very high price for them if I were to sell them; such treasures are always in very high demand.

I put away the stones, and now, the only thing that remained in the room is a blue stone bed carved in dense runes. Seeing the runes and the stone, I know the bed is very special, and now I just have to find what it does.

An hour later, I unwillingly put the bed into my storage. I was barely able to scratch the surface of the bed's ability, but it was still made me very shocked. The bed was a very powerful medical Type artifact; it might be a similar grade as those beds that twins were Bloodsun.

Those beds were extremly amazing medical artifacts; the academy did not have something like it, and I know the teacher would be very happy she knows I got something like it. Teacher had wanted such artifacts for many years.