Monster Integration - Chapter 1800 - Organising Treasures I

Chapter 1800 - Organising Treasures I

Chapter 1800 - Organising Treasures I

'It felt good to be coming out of that d.a.m.n place!' I thought and looked back at the angry wraiths inside who are roaring at me crazily, but no one dared to come out.

I looked at them for a second before I started moving forward while deactivating all my moves and crazily refining more and more mana through my refining engine. In the last forty seconds, I was able to create the ninetieth amethysts seal, and since it happened, a small problem has been created.​​

The Amethyst seal is s.u.c.k.i.n.g the energy from me right now, but it is not a problem; I could easily provide the energies for it. The problem is that I now had ten amethyst seals in my temple, and from them, a Ruby Seal would be created.

I will have to control my energy expenditure as I moved, so I could provide enough energy for the coming Ruby Seal. I could drink the potions for the energy needs; I have stocked them heavily in my storage, but I did not plan to use them.

Those are for emergencies where I did not have time to refine my energy. I am closer to breaking into the eighth floor of my refining tower, even able to make cracks on the base of it; this will be good practice than the next time I tried to broke into the eighth floor, I might actually succeed.

Soon, the amethyst seal finished, and it gave me the boost that I did not even felt, but that's not the point. After it finished transmitting the boost, it took its place in my temple before it started spinning with the other nine amethyst seals.

As the formation of Ruby Seal begins, it begins to suck a huge amount of energy from my storage. It had happened to me hundreds of times, but I still could not believe the number of energies it took. The amount of the energies it takes depend upon my strength, and since it is increasing, the energies needed for the Ruby Seal had also increased.

It is a good thing that Diamond Seal did not take even a speck of energy from me. If it had taken the energies, it would have been huge, my refinement engine would have been enough, I would have drunk those hundreds of potions.

Time pa.s.sed by before finally, the seal stopped s.u.c.k.i.n.g energy and revealed itself a few seconds later. As it did, it released the energies and which spread into my body and soul, most of these energies have been absorbed by my body and soul, but some went to my runes and the Honeycomb.

Soon, all the energies had absorbed away, and Ruby seal took its place among the other eight Ruby Seals. The strength it gives is good, though nothing compared to the Bloodlines but still good; it is especially helpful in dealing with the loss of vital essence I had after I had burned my blood.

I now only have to create another Ruby Seal, and I will have my third diamond seal; just thinking about sent excited s.h.i.+vers in my body, the benefits of Diamond Seal are too great not to be excited about.

While its benefits are great, creating it is also equally harder. Creating these last ten amethyst seals will be very hard.

Chew Chew

Suddenly Ashlyn chirped in a warning, and it had brought me out of my thoughts, and I changed my direction. There is Grimm Monster patrolling a little ahead, and I don't want to be seen by it.

To be honest, I want to stop and look at the amazing treasures we had collected, but the commotion we have caused in the Mist City is huge and also killed one Grimm Monster. It might get noticed by the Grimm Monster, and when they begin crazy searching, I don't want to be in that area when that happens.

I am also a little tired about my blood burning; the ruby seal hadn't taken away that tiredness. When I finally stop, I want to take a good rest of few hours.

Seven hours pa.s.sed by, and I had covered the huge distance from the mist city, and in the seven hours, I had come across two Grimm Monsters; both of them were without a bloodline, I had easily avoided them with the help of Ashlyn.

Ashlyn chirped in my mind, telling me she had found a good spot for us to rest. I did not waste any time and moved toward her; a few minutes later, I had found myself inside a collapsed building that had huge s.p.a.ce inside and is hard to detect through soul sense.

I looked around for a while before taking out my s.p.a.ce abode and entering inside. Though I wanted to take a look at my treasures first, I took a quick showered and cook for us. Ashlyn wanted to eat the fresh food, and since she has the treasures with her, I will have to listen to her.

It took me half an hour to cook the food and another half an hour to finish eating it. "Take out the treasure, Ashlyn," I said to her as I took her to the training room.

Thud Thud Thud!

A loud sound rang out through the training room, a bunch of small and big rocks appeared and also a rock bed, but my focus was on the three things that appeared in the center, a fruit, a pearl, and the ring.

"Chew, Chew!"

After dropping the treasures, Ashlyn chirped at me before she left. I did not spare her even glance as all my eyes focused on the treasure in front of me; my eyes are literally s.h.i.+ning as I look at these amazing treasures.

The first thing I picked up is Miracle Fruit, a Bloodline Stregthning Fruit to be exact, and the efficacy it is emitting is so amazing that my runes started to hunger for it. They are hungering for it from the beginning; I did not notice it before due to their hunger for pearl being hundreds of times greater than the miracle fruit.

The Bloodline Strengthing Fruit is quite amazing; it strengthens one's bloodline, and if I did not have the intention to consume it at the right time to get the greatest benefits from it, I would have eaten it by now.