Monster Integration - Chapter 1793 - The Harvest

Chapter 1793 - The Harvest

Chapter 1793 - The Harvest

"Roar Cry Roar…"

A second after its laugh stopped, a ghostly roar rang out, and a huge Ape Wraith came out; its roar had just rung when a ghostly cry rang out from the sky, and a huge ghost bird with ghostly fire on its tail had also made the appearance, and that was just a beginning, five more Tyrant Wraiths made an appearance one after another.​​

"Look at them, Human, I had said before this is my domain, you will have to kill every ghost here to kill me," The Bullman said laughing madly; it even dared to pick up its fallen hand and attached it in front of me.

I did not stop it; the more complete it is, the better it will be for me.

"I thought hundreds of wraiths would come to your call and had even felt scared about that a little, but you are scaring me with these measly numbers?" I asked with mock. The rage appeared in its eyes, and it had just opened its mouth to answer back at me when it suddenly closed and looked in horror.

It saw a tiny silver beam which is smaller than its thumb came out of nowhere and pierced through the head of Ape and turned into mist before piercing another wraith into the head and then third, it happened so fast that wraiths did get a chance to even scream.

By the time wraith noticed something is killing them, four are already dead. They panicked and begin to the runway without care for the call, but how can Ashlyn let her candies run away? They deserve a place in her mouth and would not let them get away till she crunched their sweet core in her mouth.

I usually don't use Ashlyn in battle; she is my final card, and I don't want anyone to know about her abilities, but this place is special, and as long as I killed the b.a.s.t.a.r.d, which I am sure, Ashlyn abilities will remain secret.

It took a while for Azure Bullman to come out of its horror, and when it did, it was s.h.i.+t scared but soon, its expressions eased.

"You may have won human you will never be able to kill me, soon I will return bring forces of Grimm to hunt you down," It threatened, and grey lines begin to cover its body.

"Ghost Escape!"

It shouted, and the ghostly grey lines appeared on its body dissolved and spread, making it completely grey before started to make it incorporeal.


Seeing the way it had talked and fight, and especially weird ghost-type Bloodline, I had guessed it had some escape method that will be even more powerful in this environment and had made plans to stop it.

It is the sole reason why I had put up with its bull s.h.i.+t and even let it use the last move, so I could prepare the full-proof trap to stop it. I used my invisible; not only that, but I had also used my soul power and rule-bending power.

"Human, what is it?" The Azure Bullman asked as it tried to break the vines with everything it has. From using immense physical strength to ghostly power, not only vines break under that, but they have grown exponentially, covering half of its body in a matter of seconds.


"Your death!" I said and made my vines pierce through its body. They pierced its body without making the slightest sound.

They did not let it make a sound after its initial scream, which cut off as its mouth was sewn shut; now it is only capable of making m.u.f.fling sounds, and they are very faint, only I could hear them.

The strings begin to grow again after being pierced inside it; their speed is slow due to the resistance of the Bloodline, which to my surprise, is putting up quite a surprise which is a good thing, means the Bloodline is powerful, and I will have the great harvest.

Time pa.s.sed, and soon, my vines have covered the Grimm Monster whole that not a single part of its body could be seen outside.


Just as its while body got covered in my vines, Green and Silver's runes came out of my body and spread through the vines. It did not take long for them to spread through the vines and harvest process, which I had been waiting for begin.

Thick bloodline energy came at me; it is very thick with tiny silver crystalline granules in it. The Bloodline is not only the most powerful Bloodline I had ever harvested but also the one with huge soul power; of all the Bloodline I had consumed before, I never had ever felt such amount of soul power.

It would be a ghost-type power that the runes were able to purify into the soul power. Such amount of soul power immediately started to bring the change in my Bloodline; it begins to emit the light which seemed more clear, pure.


The harvest process had lasted for about two minutes before it finished, and second, my runes buzzed and opened the floodgate of energy.

Seeing that, a smile couldn't help but appear on my face; for some while, my runes were only taking the energy and not giving it back to me; for a moment, I feared my runes will not give me back some energy.

Seeing the huge amount of energy coming at me, its not seemed to be the case.

The cells of the Honeycomb had lit up, and they s.u.c.k.e.d the floodlike energy in wild abandon, and like the runes, they are working as they are supposed to. They are storing the energies into the hexagonal cells before the cells merged into my body and soul, strengthening them.


Suddenly, I noticed something in cells that shocked the h.e.l.l out of me before a bright smile couldn't help but appear on my face as I understood what it means. I had expected something like this might happen but not to this degree; it looks like the advancements I had made from the cosmic energies were greater than I had imagined.