Monster Integration - Chapter 1792 - Ghost Calling

Chapter 1792 - Ghost Calling

Chapter 1792 - Ghost Calling

"Zhi Zhi Zhi…"

Strange sounds began to come out of it and a grey aura released from him; that grey aura had formed a huge grey figure behind it. ​​

It is a figure of the Bullman, but this Bullman is strange; it held a crooked ghostly smile instead of the regal smile the bloodline phantoms of Grimm Monsters possess. Also, its body seemed to be moving in a ghostly rhythm which is extremly distracting that after looking at it for a moment, I avoided directly looking at it.

My guess was right; this Bullman had a ghost-type Bloodline. The database I had read on Bloodlines did not mention the Azure Bullman tribe having a ghost-type Bloodline. All the Bloodline they have is pretty straight physical type ones.

"Human, you are very unlucky to have met me here. If you were outside, you would have had a tiny bit chance to run away, but this city is my domain; you will die and become a ghost." It said with a crazy laugh with a hint of ghostliness, just like the faint irritating ghostly sound that phantom behind him releasing.

"I long wanted to exorcise the powerful ghost, you fit the criteria perfectly," I said back, and silvery fire lit across my sword and 'First Boost' and 'Second Boost.' Along with all of my soul defenses.

I have no interest in fighting a long battle with this b.a.s.t.a.r.d. I will kill this b.a.s.t.a.r.d as soon as possible and get that treasure from its storage before moving toward the real treasure.

"You have quite a mouth, human; I will see if you still have it when I transform your soul into a ghostly spirit; it is quite a painful process, I tell you," It said with a nasty smile on its face before disappeared from its spot and appeared behind me lole a ghost.

"Cry of Ghost Lord!"

"Zhi Zhi Zhi Zhi Zhi Zhi…"

It shouted and attacked me at extremly fast speed; its attack is extremly powerful, and like me, it did not want to hold back here. The physical power of the attack is not the most dangerous thing about it; the most dangerous thing about it is the ghostly cries.

The ghostly cries are soul attacks and a very powerful one. If I did not have the powerful soul which had been purified by the likes of the Cosmic Energy and powerful soul defenses carved into my armor, these cries would have immobilized me, and that would have been enough to finish me off.

Even those above-average Tyrants would have been stumped by the ghostly cries and died by its ax. No wonder it had such confidence, with such strange Bloodline, those with the same power are no match for it, even those who are powerful than it are no match for it.

I let the ax came closer to me; I could feel its smile behind my back, seeing me being stumped on the spot, thinking, I will die in a single attack like most of its prey had been. Well, that's not going to happen.

When its ax had crossed half the distance, I moved, and my movements were so fast that it was a complete blur to it.

Our weapons clashed, and a look of shock appeared on its face as its body shook before it begins to take steps back rapidly.

The Azure Bullman are famous for their physical strength, and this one has immense physical strength despite having a ghost bloodline which is part of the soul domain.

I did not give it any chance and appeared behind it and attacked its neck, its seemed to have sensed the dangerous and even more powerful aura burst of it, and hundreds of ghosts of all types appeared, most of them were humans, but monsters faces would be seen on its body.

"Force of the Ghost Lord!"

"Zhi Zhi Zhi Zhi Zhi Zhi…"

It shouted and sent hundreds of wailing ghosts at me; these ghosts look very solid with painful expressions on each of their faces. Their wails are painful and soul-piercing that even with a pure soul and powerful soul defenses, their wails couldn't help but affect me.

First Boost + Second Boost + Everwings

Though it affected me, their wails did not stop my offensive but increased it even further, and I activated Everwings.

I am angry; through these ghosts, I could feel the human soul power. The b.a.s.t.a.r.d had done something to the souls of humans, and that is a crime it could not be forgiven for. The soul of humans are sacred to us, a way for them to reach the afterlife and be reborn again, and those who mess with it will incur the fury of all of us.


A slicing sound rang out, and one of his ax art cut cleanly by my sword; the ghosts have brought it enough time for it to move and bring it sword to defend, but it was not enough for it to defend against me, I was able to cut its hand cleanly.


Expression of intense fear appeared in his eyes before it was replaced with fury and madness. "Human, you have forced me to this!" The Grimm Monster said.

"Call of the Ghost Lord!"

It shouted, and this time, there was no explosive aura came out of it; instead, it begins to s.h.i.+ne like a beacon, and weird fluctuation released from it.

"Human, I had released the call. Within a few seconds, tyrant ghosts will swarm here; even with your power, you will not be able to run away from these ghosts," It said, laughing madly.

"Some of the b.a.s.t.a.r.ds are even stronger than me, hahaha…" it said and continued laughing madly, but a few seconds later, it suddenly stopped when it looked at me.

There was no fear on my face hearing its words; there is even a visible mocking smile as I looked at the b.a.s.t.a.r.d. Soon, it will know the release why I do not have fear for the ghosts it is calling.