Monster Integration - Chapter 1794 - Great Treasure

Chapter 1794 - Great Treasure

Chapter 1794 - Great Treasure

Thousands of hexagonal cells of Honeycomb stored the energy in them before merging with my body and soul. Every second my strength would reach higher and higher; this energy is particularly thick that the increase it is giving is amazing.

It took barely a minute for hexagonal cells to fill all the energy and merged with. There is total, One hundred and forty thousand hexagonal cells got filled this time, and the advancement I made through them is beyond amazing.​​

Others might get confused seeing this Bloodline was able to fill only one and hundred and forty thousand cells, but the Bloodline before had been able to fill little over three hundred thousand hexagonal cells of th Honeycomb.

The thing is, after strengthening themselves by the cosmic energies, they did not only strengthen but also the s.p.a.ce inside them had also expanded, and now, they could store three times more energy than before, and it is a huge thing for me.

I have little less than four million hexagonal cells remained to fill in the Honeycomb, and if I filled them all, then what kind of strength will I have? Even I wasn't able to imagine, but it will be earthshattering, I will say.

It will break the boundaries of people's conception of how much strength the Emperor could possess.

When I had designed the Honeycomb, I had designed it with the intention that it will able to strengthen itself. The Honeycomb will not ceaselessly expand its storage by strengthening themselves; it will expand in keep balance with my body and soul, the energy they stored will be able to merge with my body and soul without any complications.

The treats that Sir Al has given me had helped me stabilized the Honeycomb. Cosmic Energy, on the other hand, strengthened it to an incredible degree and upgraded from within. It was not a simple strengthening that I got from the cosmic energy.

It was my great luck that I was able to get my hands on something like Cosmic Energies. Gaining something like that again would need a bit of great luck.

The soul power is very important to me, not only a powerful soul but also to make my moves more powerful and their execution precise; with this increase, I will have a little easier time dealing with the Grimm Monsters in this ruin.


After taking a look at my strength, I unfurled my vines, and a husk of Azure Bullman appeared in front of me, which collapsed with a single touch of my finger, revealing the Grey essence rose. While it is grey in color, it had barely any ghostly qualities; ghost power was its Bloodline, not its, its no surprise there is barely any on it.

"Yes, its yours," I said with a sigh and took a rose in my hand; just as I did, the grey energies of the rose had covered me before they started to get s.u.c.k.e.d inside me.

It is not me that is s.u.c.k.i.n.g up the energy, but Nero, this is the first Tyrant rose I had given him. He had been asking for it quite a while, but I resisted; I wanted to those Tyrant essence rose to myself.

Now, I don't have any intention to deny Nero the essence rose, so I gave him and also watched him carefully. He had been inside that egg for far too long; despite s.u.c.k.i.n.g bloodline energies, essences roses, even cosmic energy, it had not come out of that egg.

I wonder if the Essence Rose would be enough to make him come out, I thought as I saw it s.u.c.k.i.n.g up the energies. Within four minutes, the essence rose had disappeared, and the egg returned to its normal size without making any additional movement.

Seeing that, I couldn't help but sigh, looks like even a Tyrant Rose would not be enough for him to break out of his little egg.

I shook my head and collected the stuff of Azure Bullman from the husk before vaporizing that husk to erase all the signs of the battle. I put all the stuff into my storage; a few seconds later, the seal on the storage opened by my ring and took out the formation mat, for which I had attacked the Grimm Monster.

"F.u.c.k!" I curse in amazement a second later.

I sent my soul sense into it to know the details about this treasure, which I know is uncommon from the beginning, but only after spreading my soul sense inside it, I realized that uncommon words would be too low for this treasure.

This mat is named as 'Mat of Thousand Formations' as its name suggested, it had a thousand formations inside it, and the one Grimm Monster using is one of the formations of the mad.

When I looked at few runic formations in the mat, I couldn't help but get shocked. Each and every formation is amazing. The one that Grimm Monster using was the simplest one that mat; there are some formations here that could make my head spin with a just glance.

Studying these formations would be a great help to me; it will expand my runic knowledge exponentially.

There is one more amazing thing about this mat that is not limited to the formations stored inside it; I could also store the formations I had designed inside it.

With this mat, I would now not have to spend hours drawing the formation on the ground, I could use soul power to do it on the mat, and it would take a minute barely to do that.

After some time, I stored the mat inside my storage, I want to study it more, but I don't have time; I have a target that I want to accomplish.

I am happy with my trip to Mist City; I had got more than I had imagined. Now, even if I did not get my hands on the resource that my runes are taking me to, I would not be disappointed, but I would still try my all to get that thing.