Monster Integration - Chapter 1791 - Azure Bullman

Chapter 1791 - Azure Bullman

Chapter 1791 - Azure Bullman

Seeing it practicing in such a dangerous environment, I became even more careful about it and did not take action hastily.

n.o.body in their right mind would do something like that in such a dangerous environment unless they have full a.s.surance of their safety and seeing how calmly it is sitting without a tens muscle, I am sure there is something else than it seemed.​​

'Ashlyn flew closer to him, be careful of any traps,' I said to Ashlyn, and as I hid behind any further. Ashlyn is small, really small right now, the size of her finger, she could easily hide, and no one will be able to find it unless she wants to be found, but it is a completely different case for me.

Even with the help of rule-bending power, if I am in direct line sight, I will be discovered. I am working on total sensory invisibility, but it is still in the development phase.

Soon, Ashly appeared close to it, not too close but close enough that she could observe it carefully without being noticed by the b.a.s.t.a.r.d.

'Ah!' 'No wonder it is sitting here like a care for the world,' I said in my mind. It took me a mere second. It had employed an artifact; there are six small red spherical crystals floating around it. They seemed to hide it from the wraiths.

This treasure seemed to be hiding it from the wraiths only, as Ashlyn and I could see it without any problem.

This set of artifacts seemed to be forged for this special purpose; I could see these six spherical crystals have a lot of similarities with the core of the Tyrant Wraiths, except that the core is much smaller than the crystals, and on these crystals, dense Grimm runes could be seen.

'What is that?' Suddenly, I had noticed something else; I first thought the circular mat that Grimm Monster was sitting is nothing off to the important, but now it seemed like this mat is the most important treasure here.

Sensing my intention, Ashlyn concentrated on the mat, and soon, I got a clear view of it and could help but get surprised by what I saw.

It is a mat with dense runic formation painted on it, and above it, tiny red-red grey marbles are seen; these marbles are clearly the cores of Tyrant Wraith, and it is s.u.c.k.i.n.g energy from them. The mat is seemed to be purifying the energies of the core and sending it to the Grimm Monster hair-thin crimson like which Grimm Monster seemed to be breathing it.

I was planning on doing something like that with the core when I am safe, consuming the core in a way, not crunching it up like Ashlyn.

'I want that mat!' I said to myself as I looked at the mat greedily. The degree it is purifying the energy from the core before letting the batard take is not something I will be able to do with the formation I would design; I will fall short compare to it.

I am going to attack b.a.s.t.a.r.d; even though it is very dangerous to do it here, I will do it. Ashlyn said it is an above-average strength Grimm Monster which I would be able to handle. Her definition is sketchy when she said something like it, but I am willing to believe her.

Still, I did not attack immediately; I want to observe for a few minutes before I attack. This Grimm Monster is quite weird; most Grimm Monsters stayed away from the mist city, but not it had not stayed away, but it is even using energies of wraith cores to practice.

Either it is practicing some ghostly art that needs ghostly energies, or it had a Bloodline that helps it absorb the energy, I will soon find out about it.

A minute later, I walked out of my hiding spot and took out a dagger. It is not a common dagger but an Emperor Grade one.


I charged it with energy and throw it at the Grimm Monster, aiming for its next. The dagger released from my hand and became a blur before appearing in front of the six spherical crystals which are floating around the Grimm Monster.


A bell-like sound rang out when an invisible energy s.h.i.+eld sprang out from the crystal and stopped the dagger before repelling the dagger back at me with twice force.


"It is a nice surprise to see a human here; I wonder why they did not catch you yet?" It asked as it got up. Its blue bull body filled with steel-like muscles is one of the most muscular Grimm Monsters Ive seen, and it is also one of the taller ones, reaching the height of eight and a half meters.

"It is likely because you appeared in the Mist City; the city's energy makes it hard to sense the intruders that appeared in the city," It mumbled, answering its own question. It is wrong, of course; I had appeared quite far from the city, its just that the force of the Grimm Monsters wasn't able to catch me.

Of course, I would not be telling it, and on the good side, this b.a.s.t.a.r.d had let me know a very important intel; their censors won't work here, which means killing it would not alert anyone.

The Grimm Monster in front of me is Azure Bullman; they are strong physical type Grimm Monsters. They are known for their powerful physical strength and body. There might not be not single scale on its body like much high defense Grimm Monsters have, but its defense is strong as theirs, even stronger.

After it got up, it took the map back to its storage and stored the spherical crystals too before a powerful aura burst out of it and armor appeared. Seeing that my eyes shone blinding like a sun, the b.a.s.t.a.r.d has Bloodline; finally, I had found someone with Bloodline.

"Human, you shoul not have to this ruin; allow me to send you on your way," It said before a strange grey aura released from its body.