Monster Integration - Chapter 1790 - Sighting

Chapter 1790 - Sighting

Chapter 1790 - Sighting


My vine sword went inside the of Ape Tyrant Wraith and, a moment later came back with Red-Grey wraith core. This core is about 80% while 20% grey, the amount red increse with the power of the wraiths.​​

I did not get to observe the core for a long as the Ape wraith had turned to mist, and a small amount of red mist entered inside me, giving me intense pain, which increases with the power of the wraith.

I got quite used to this pain and did not scream; a few seconds later, my runes and sh.e.l.l of honeycomb begin to absorb its red mist, and with it, the pain begins to lessen, and a few seconds later, it disappeared as mist got completely absorbed.

With that finished, I did not waste a second and continued with my journey. The Ape wraith is the fourth Tyrant Wraith I had killed, with Ashlyn killing seven.

I had decided to kill them because of the red mist, which my runes and honeycomb seemed to like very much. The Red mist is strengthening them, which is a very good thing; I want my runes strong, so they could bear the pressure of that thing when I create it.

The honeycomb is s.u.c.k.i.n.g energy to strengthen itself is quite surprising. I would not have been surprised if the honeycomb used the energy to fill its cells, but no, it had used it to strengthen itself.

The benefits of its unclear, except for the sh.e.l.l becoming more stable and stronger. The sh.e.l.l had taken the energies to strengthen itself before, the cosmic energies. It was not surprising that time, as everything present in me had taken the bite off the cosmic energies.

While I did not receive any strengthening energy in return, I am not sad about it; the important thing is that my runes strengthen, it will help me very much in the long run.

As for the core, which Ashlyn's eating like cadies, I have no interest in doing that. She is Ashlyn, she is strange and could do anything she wants, but if I ate that core, there is a high chance that I might explode. That is core f.u.c.k.i.n.g Tyrant's core; people should not eat them like candies just because some strange bird does.

While I am not planning to eat cores-like candy, I am planning to consume it nonetheless. In a much safer way when I am in safety.

An hour pa.s.sed by, I killed another three wraiths and Ashlyn six. We have now come quite deeper into the city, it could be said we are at the near end of the middle part of it, and it won't take long for us to reach the central part of the city, which is going to be extremly dangerous.

I am now very sure that the thing my runes are sensing is in the central part. If it had been in the middle part of the city, I would have sensed it already, but I did not.

Half an hour later, I entered the central part, the city's heart, and immediately noticed the change. The buildings became a lot more luxurious, made of materials that even we could not afford. If these materials not have been damaged to the core, I would have filled them in all the storage I have.

Other than the change of architecture, the mist had also changed. It had becomes denser, and the amount of red color had increased by 10%; it will increse further the deeper I will go.

The biggest change I had felt was a change in reaction to my runes; it is becoming quite intense. I am sure the thing I am searching for is close, but getting it would not be easy. With mist becoming powerful, the wraiths will also become powerful harder to deal with.

Chew Chew

I had just thought that when Ashlyn chirped in warning, I followed her warning and moved slowly soon; my eyes saw a feline wraith whose whole body is covered in near solid scales. If one does not look carefully, one would not even notice; it is a wraith.

The thing that caught my eyes is its aura; it is that of the above-average Tyrant. It will not be easy to kill; I will have to use more than a first boost to kill it.

I was just thinking about it when Ashlyn burst into flames and moved at a monster; her speed is four times greater than she used to kill the wraiths before. She appeared in front of feline wrath in a moment, surprising it greatly, and before it opens its mouth and roar, Ashlyn burrowed into its head and came out holding its wraith core.

Such speed and efficiency surprised me; she killed it before it could make any sound. The whole kill barely made any sound; even I tried, I could not have been this silent.

Seeing the power of wraiths, I decided to take a small break from killing them as I will not be as efficient and silent as her. I do not want to create any noise before I find that thing which my runes are hungering for.

Chew Chew Chew

Suddenly, Ashlyn chirped in my mind; she sounded quite surprised and asked me to come in a certain direction to see what she is seeing.

I moved and reached the place she wanted me to and looked at the place she had motioned. First, I was not able to see anything, but soon, I saw, and my eyes couldn't help but constrict.

A Grimm Monster, there is f.u.c.k.i.n.g Grimm Monster in here. I had not thought they would post sentry in this place, but they did, and it seemed to be practicing, sitting crossed-legged without care for the world.