Monster Integration - Chapter 1789 - Fighting Tyrant Wraith

Chapter 1789 - Fighting Tyrant Wraith

Chapter 1789 - Fighting Tyrant Wraith

The Tyrant wraith is a little distance away from me, but I could still see its features. It is a fifteen meters long snake; it has red-grey ghostly scales all covering its body.

It is not that strong, barely entering the Tyrant stage, but that's not the question. The question is how to kill it. I had killed ghouls before thousands of them but never killed a wraith; though I read about tens of methods to kill them, I don't know which one to use on it.​​

Chew Chew

While I was thinking, Ashlyn chirped loudly, and metallic s.h.i.+n covered her body, and before I could say anything, her tiny body burst into silvery flame, and she moved like a superfast beam toward the tyrant wraith snake.


It let out a huge roar, but soon that roar cut off as Ashlyn directly went inside its huge head and came out the next second, holding a thumbnail size Red-Grey marble in her hand while the wraith Tyrant behind her turned into mist.

I noticed while most of the mist merged into the environment, a tiny percent of wholly red mist had gone to Ashlyn and merged with her. She did not seem to mind it as she did not fly away from her spot.

As for the marble in her little beak, she ate it. I could hear the faint crunching sound as she ate it, and from the look on her face, she is enjoying it very much. Like it is not a piece of Tyrant being's core but a candy she could easily digest.

If she dared to eat, I don't think she will have any problems eating digesting it.

'Well, at least she had shown me how to kill a wraith,' I said in my mind and again begins o head deeper into the city. Despite coming this deeper, even encountering a Tyrant wraith, I was not able to find the thing that my runes are taking me to.

Whatever the thing is, it much be very powerful to make my rules sense it away from such distance. Even the bone that Elina had given me could not be sensed by my runes after putting a three hundred meters distance between it and my runes.

Till now, I had crossed nearly fifty kilometers, but I could still not see a sign of it and felt like I would not see it for quite a while.

I stopped and thought hard for few minutes before continuing again. Whether I want to accept or not, I am becoming a little greedy for the treasure that could attract my runes from such a huge distance, but still, I would retreat without a doubt if things get very dangerous.

With that thought, I once again heading deeper into the city before stopping after about fifteen minutes as I had come across another Tyrant Wraith.

It is a Hog monster which is about fifteen meters long; it is made of Red-Grey which looked a little more solidified than the last Tyrant Wraith. Still, one could see it is a wraith, with the way it is floating on the ground.

'I will take this one, Ashlyn,' I said to Ashlyn. I don't want to waste time in useless fighting, but some aspects of the earlier battle had made me curious, and I want to experience myself.

Vines flew out of hand and soon morphed into a sword. A moment later, a silvery layer is beginning to appear on the sword; it only took a second to cover it the sword fully. The silver layer is no color, but my fire concentrated heavily.

As for why using the vines as my sword instead of my real sword, I have my reasons.

'First Boost!'

I directly activated 'First Boost' and moved toward the Tyrant Wraith. There is no time to dilly-dallying. The quicker I kill this wraith, the sooner I will find the answer and be able to move toward the place my runes are taking me.


Soon, there was only a meter distance between us, and it aimed its left tusk at me, is sure that it would be able to tear through me. It came closer and closer to me, and just when it inches away, tearing a giant size hole in my stomach, I disappeared from my spot.


I appeared over its head and pierce my sword into it and was quite surprised to find that despite looking misty, its defenses were equal to that of Grimm Tyrant of the same level, but despite that, my sword was able to pierce through it before coming out next instant.

When it came out, it did not hold the sword shape, at least not at the end. The end transformed back to vines, and it is holding a Red-Grey pearl of thumb size.

As I removed its ghostly core, the Tyrant below me turned into the mist, and like when Ashlyn did, most of it merged into an environment, but a tiny amount of pure red mist came at me. Seeing it coming at me, I did not move away.

I had asked Ashlyn about this mist; though she did not say much anything, she said it is very beneficial, and I should take it. So, I released some seals when red mist touched me and let it inside me.


The next second I cursed loudly; the mist turned into the boiling liquid and begin to boil my insides. I have experienced many pains and am quite used to it, but it still made me curse out loud.


The pain lasted for a few seconds before it started to lessen as the red mist begin to get absorbed in my runes. It is not only my runes but also the sh.e.l.l of Honeycomb is also absorbing it, not to fill the cells but strengthening itself; it couldn't help but surprised me greatly.