Monster Integration - Chapter 1788 - Feeling

Chapter 1788 - Feeling

Chapter 1788 - Feeling




I hadn't walked a few hundred meters when I heard the ghostly roar, the roar felt like a normal roar, but it had the ghostly qualities in it.​​

I looked in the direction where the roar came from and saw a huge tiger about ten meters long. Its body is made of red and grey mist, and it is moving in Erie the way that ghosts do.

The thing that surprised me most is its eyes; those eyes are alive, and they have monster-like intelligence in them. There is not much data on the Mist City and even less than wraths living there.

I first thought these wraths would be lifeless beings, a construct made from powerful ghost-type attacks or any ghost treasure, the lifeless beings, but it looks like I was wrong. If the sentient I see in its eye is true, then it is very much alive.

It is looking at me, and I looked back at it while at the same time perfecting the aura I am emitting. Earlier, the aura I released is that of mist, but now I am releasing an aura similar to the wrath but much more powerful than it.

From the aura it is releasing, it is just an Emperor, a powerful Emperor but still an Emperor, but I am releasing the aura that of the Tyrant.




Sensing the powerful aura from me, it let out the subservient sound before running away. Seeing that smile couldn't help but appear on my face before I continue with my journey.

I am running through the boundary of the city; I have no interest in going any deeper where energy is much denser than before. I just was quickly cross the city and reach the meeting point to meet the professor, so she could take me to that place.

A few minutes after coming across the first wrath, I come across second. It looks like a dog monster; if it not for the ghostly body and vibe it is giving off, I would have said it is a very cute monster.

An hour pa.s.sed by, and I come across tens of monster wraths; all of them are at Emperor Stage, and when they sensed my aura, they have left me alone, which is good for me; I do not want to waste my time dealing with the wraths.

I am moving through the outskirt of the city, and I am surprised to find how complete these buildings in the city are.

Though they are damaged, their damage is nothing compared to what buildings outside the city suffered. From what I observed, the city seemed to be remained mostly unscathed in that horrible war; the damage it had is due to the age and mist of the city and not the attacks.

Still, the quality of a building is quite shocking; even the small one-story buildings in the outskirt are made of materials that we used to create our best buildings. Whatever this organization was, it was sure quite rich to have something like it.


Forty more minutes pa.s.sed when I suddenly stopped, and a great change occurred in my face. My Inheritance runes are giving off the feeling of hunger.

I was stumped on my place; one part of me wanted to ignore the feeling and reach the meeting spot and get that knowledge professor promised as soon as possible and while others wanted to go for the thing that is making my runes go crazy in hunger.

I had scoured more than half vaults of the Academy, and not a single thing from two vaults I had been into able to produce the slightest hunger from my runes.

Those two vaults may not contain the best things the Academy has but had many rare things that even Tyants would mad for them and even have many unexplained things that Academy had collected over its four thousand years of existence.

Still, my runes have not reacted to them, and so one could imagine how particular my runes are and how difficult it is to find the things which could aid them.

Not to forget the resources I would need for my Tyrant Breakthrough, I will need lots of resources that even Academy will not be able to provide all of them. It will be extremly helpful in creating that thing if I am able to get the things that my Inheritance Runes need.

I thought hard for minutes before I finally unclench the teeth I am clenching and walk toward the thing that is making my runes this hungry.

I need resources, and unless I am willing to join a Supreme, I will not get them. So, whether I want or not, I will have to take the risk for it.

I am moving carefully toward the general direction my runes are providing, and as my luck would have it, it is taking me deeper into the city. Till now, I had intentionally avoided the deeper part of the city, but now, I walk into it.

I wonder where that thing is; it should not be much deeper. It should not be at the center or close to it, or I would be in trouble; I don't think I have the power to deal with the wraths that live in the center part of the city.

Nearly an hour pa.s.sed by, and I still see no sign of that thing, my runes are taking me further and further into the city, and that is scaring the h.e.l.l of me.

I might be a little suicidal, but I have no intention to lose my life. If things are above the level of what I could handle, I will leave without sparing a single thought toward the treasure my runes are feeling hungry for.

Chew Chew!

Suddenly, I stopped as the warning of Ashlyn rang out; the moment had come, she had finally spotted the first Tyrant Wrath.