Monster Integration - Chapter 1785 - Distraction Strategy

Chapter 1785 - Distraction Strategy

Chapter 1785 - Distraction Strategy

Three hours pa.s.sed by, and Grimm Monsters are still searching for me like crazy, and in this past hour, their search had become crazier. They are searching through everything, attacking anything under which they think I am hiding.

Seeing the way they are searching for me again had made me question what this ruin has to make them act like it.​​

Chew Chew!

Ashlyn again chirped in a warning, and I quickly hid behind the wall. With the way they are searching for me, I had been hiding every few minutes and wasn't able to create much distance from them.

There is nothing I could do about my speed; it is the fastest I could go in this encirclement, and I would be continuing with my cautious pace. I don't want to be hasty and get caught; once that happens, I would be surely dead seeing a number of Grimm Monsters present in my vicinity.

Soon, the soul sense of Grimm Monster disappeared, but I waited for a minute before I continue with my journey. Some Grimm b.a.s.t.a.r.ds act like they left before suddenly expanding their soul sense, it had happened to me a couple of times, and I had nearly got caught.

So, I weighted for a minute at least before leaving my hiding spot.

Seeing my state, I wonder how Professor is doing; they must have swarmed at her spot too. Still, I don't think she is in as much trouble as me or in any trouble at all given her current power, but nothing could be said when Leader Cla.s.s Tyrant is being involved.

Another hour had pa.s.sed, and in the past hour, I only had to hide for only three times, which is much less than before. The more distance I create between my landing spot, the fewer Grimm Monsters I encounter.

Chew Chew!

Suddenly Ashlyn chirped again, and this time her chirped is even more hurried. Hearing what she meant, expressions on my face changed immediately, and I leaped at the best-hidden spot, a place between two huge twining trees.

The Elite is coming; since I started running, I always steered clear of the Elites, but even then, I was not able to avoid them fully. Two times, their soul sense had scanned over me, and fortunately, they were not able to discover me.

That does not mean they will not discover me. If some elite's soul sense is especially strong and using some special ability, they might able to discover me.

To give me a little edge over something like that, I had asked Ashlyn to guide me toward an energy-dense area; where this ruin's energies are densest. Those energies would disrupt the soul senses and give me an edge.

Though changing the direction would take me more time to reach my destination, I did not care about that. I will have to focus on staying alive first; only by being alive will I be able to reach the meeting point.

A few seconds later, the soul sense of Elite covered the area I am in. The soul sense of this Elite is much stronger and denser than the other two elites I had encountered before. In front of this soul sense, the soul sense of the average Tyrant is nothing.

If the soul sense of normal Tyrant felt dense like water then, the soul sense of Elite is like oil; there is a clear difference between the two.

Every second feels like an hour under this powerful soul sense. The only thing I could do is remain static and feed more rule-bending power into the formation, so it could help me invade the soul sense of Elite Tyrant.

The soul sense had remained on the area around me for more than a minute before moving away. It had remained one s.p.a.ce for quite a while as most soul sense remained one s.p.a.ce for ten to twenty seconds at most.

After the soul sense left, I remained on the spot without moving as if the soul sense is still covering me and soon nearly a minute pa.s.sed, and I was deliberating moving when thick, powerful soul sense covered me again, it remained on the place I am for a second before moving away.

I stayed on the spot for five minutes, in fear that soul sense might come back again before I started moving.

Another hour had pa.s.sed, and I came across even a few amount of Grimm Monster than before. Though I am still in danger, three Grimm Monsters are in the close vicinity of me, and the slightest mistake could get me caught.

Still, the three of them are average Grimm Monsters whom I could evade on my own, and with that thought, I decided to execute an idea that I had thought, the first hour of running.

'Ashlyn, you can kill,' I said. 'Chew, Chew!' Ashlyn chirped excitedly in my mind before she flew away at a very fast speed.

Seeing her flying away, I looked at the best-hidden spot I had found and waited. I do not want to take a risk when she was away after she finished her job; I am sure I will get a wide s.p.a.ce to run away.

Fifty minutes pa.s.sed by when suddenly, the scenery in front of my eyes had changed, and I saw a huge Crockmans body falling down from the sky into two pieces. Ashlyn somehow decapitated it cleanly from the neck.

I am not the only one who could kill the Tyrants. In the Devil's Gate, Ashlyn had killed the Tyrants, and she had killed them in much more ease than I have.