Monster Integration - Chapter 1786 - Free

Chapter 1786 - Free

Chapter 1786 - Free

Chapter 1787

The h.e.l.l had broken loose; within a half-hour of Ashlyn killing the Crockman, more than ten people gathered on that spot. ​​

There was no proof on that aside from hastily burned blood marks, but that is enough for them to know that one of them is killed there.

I would have loved to leave the body to make the effects even more dramatic, but what kind of runway I would be if I did not keep the body and removed all the proofs. It is like I am intentionally trying to tell them where I am, and n.o.body is that fool.

Soon, Ashlyn stored the body and burned the proof of battle in such a way that it would seem like a hastily done job.

These Grimm Monsters seemed to be in communication with each other, at least in short-range otherwise, they would not have been able to come to that spot such quickly. These monsters have gathered by a spot and using a different method to track down the killer.

It is useless, they might be able to track me, but there is no way in h.e.l.l they will be able to track Ashlyn.

She is directly above them in the clouds, watching everything, and the two Elites in the group of Tyrants could not even sense her. She watched them for a minute more before she flapped her wings and came flying toward me.

It took her twenty minutes to reach me despite flying at high speed. She had killed the Grimm Monster far away from us, so even if the Grimm Monsters spread in search of the killers, they will have a hard time coming across me, who is moving in the opposite direction.

Chew Chew

Ashlyn appeared in the clouds above me and chirped; hearing her, I moved out of my hiding spot in which I had been hiding for an hour, and started to move.

This time, I did not hold back and summoned my armor finally. Ashlyn said there are no Grimm Monsters in the vicinity, which means it is the perfect time to summon my armor and use speed to cover as much distance as possible.

I moved at great speed, and I did not hold back on the Rule Bending power to erase my energy signature and other things.

Grimm Monsters are very frustrated with their inability to catch me and losing their people. I saw the Elite Grimm Monster losing it and attacking everything around it; it had created quite a destruction.

It is a good thing I was nowhere near it, or I would have vaporized under its attacks without even having a chance to scream.

The strength of Elites is no joke; regular Tyrants are cats and dogs to them whom they could easily slaughter at their p.l.e.a.s.u.r.e.

I am moving at a fast speed, creating more and more distance between me and the Grimm Monster. Though I still come across the Grimm Monster, even had come across Elite but I was able to avoid it because of Ashlyn.

Twenty-one hours had pa.s.sed, and since past three hours, I had not come across any Tyrant Grimm Monster.

Though I had come across especially powerful monsters, some of which I had no match of. One was even able to detect me and chased me for a few minutes. If not for Ashlyn's interference, that b.a.s.t.a.r.d would sure chase me as it had chased Ashlyn before she was able to unload that problem into the Grimm Monster she had found.

While I had come across any Grimm Monster in the past three hours, I have no plan on stopping. I continued moving toward my destination, which by the way, is quite far and would need me a week or more to reach there.

It would be great if I am able to find the Professor on the way, it can make a lot of things easy, first and most, I could finish my adventure in this ruin fast and return back to Academy, only I know how much work I have to do on my Inheritance, each day I spent here, each day is added to my work.

Not to forget that b.a.s.t.a.r.d curse hiding inside me and growing stronger. Only reaching the Tyrant Stage will I be able to deal with it. If it acted before that, then I would be in great trouble, only I know how powerful the b.a.s.t.a.r.d had grown.

I want to recharge it before I continued my journey; in that time, I might as well cook some food for Ashlyn and me and get some sleep. Now that I am sufficiently away from Grimm Monsters that are hunting me, I plan to hunt some Grimm Monsters that I found on the way to my destination.

Though, only Grimm Monsters with Bloodline.

I would not have taken such risks before I met Professor but seeing the sheer numbers of Grimm Monter's present in this ruin, I want to increse my strength, so I could deal with any challenges that came my way.

It did not take to find a suitable spot to set up my abode; it is inside the mostly collapsed palace. This ruin is strangely have lost of building, almost all of them are collapsed but still the sheer number of them more than I had seen in any ruin.

The data Professor had provided me had said that it is a place of the huge organization, the organization which is much bigger and powerful than any Supreme. From the signs of it, the Grimm Monsters seemed to attack the organization with such force that a piece of land broken off of its world.

The Grimm Monsters are not special to our world; these b.a.s.t.a.r.ds are spread everywhere, and everywhere they go, they bring destruction with them.