Monster Integration - Chapter 1784 - Running and Hiding

Chapter 1784 - Running and Hiding

Chapter 1784 - Running and Hiding

Ten minutes pa.s.sed, and five Tyrants have already arrived, and I had finally stopped and hid behind a rubbled wall and activated a formation, which cloaks me from the soul sense.

Ashlyn had just informed me that Grimm Monster is coming, and it is coming me directly, seeing that I had wisely decided to stop and hide.​​

I had not activated my armor yet, which, if Professor had been with me, would have called out a great mistake.

The energies of this Ruin acc.u.mulate one's body, and the more they acc.u.mulate, the more powerful they became; due to that, it is very important to have armor on to block the energies and stop them from acc.u.mulating in the body.

I do not have that problem; I had realized it the second I had entered this Ruin. As these energies entered my body, they are immediately being s.u.c.k.e.d by my runes, and surprisingly my runes are consuming these energies instead of converting these energies to raw energies.

My Inheritance ruins only do it when it found the energies beneficial to it, and these seemed to quite beneficial to it.

It is a good thing because not only it saves the need for me to summon my armor, but it also saved me from detection. Professor had that once enough ruin energies acc.u.mulate in the body, they make one's energies, and soul goes haywire, one became the lighthouse that could see anyone for miles.

The Tyrant came closer and close to me, and soon, it was just a few miles away from me when its soul sense covered me. I remained frozen in my place, not dared to move even an inch while continuously feeding the power to the formation.

The soul sense of Tyrant did not seem to discover me, as it remained uninformed.

I remained hidden in my spot as the Grimm Monster come closer and closer, and its soul sense became stronger. Though I did not expect it would discover me, I remained ready to fight; the moment it discovers me, I will summon my armor and attack it with all my strength.

Soon, it was just a few hundred meters away from me, and its soul sense is dense. I had never been such close to a Tyrant without getting discovered.

Through Ashlyn's eyes, I could see it is moving at its regular speed, looking around for any signs of humans through its huge while eyes, but it did not seem to notice me as it continued flying without any change of expression or pace.

Few more seconds pa.s.sed, and it pa.s.sed by me without discovering me. Though its soul sense is still covering the area I am in, it is much thinner than before, and it will disappear with Grimm Monster covering more distance away from me.

A few seconds later, the soul sense covering disappeared as the Grimm Monster flew toward the spot where I had first teleported.

I did not immediately move away; I waited for twenty seconds before I started to move again. Currently, Grimm Monsters are gathering toward the spot where I had first appeared, but it won't take long before they started tracking.

I am sure they have several trackers with them, and I hope that the words of Councilman Rufus would be held true.

Councilman Rufus is the best tracker we have, and I had practiced with him a few times in the past month. He had said with my techniques, even Elite Tyrant tracker would have a hard time tracking my path.

It is due to it that I had not summoned my armor; if I had, I would have been able to move much faster than I could right now, but using it would help Grimm Monsters tracking me.

I am just using a few formations which destroy any type of smell or energy signature that is released from my body.

I moved as fast as I could without leaving any signs, my speed is pretty good, and with Ashlyn's help, I had avoided nearly all the Grimm Monster that came toward my direction, including the two Elites.

It had been twenty minutes since I had come to this Ruin, and at least twelve Tyrants have already gathered; such numbers have shocked me. If they could gather such numbers within twenty minutes, then there are definitely lots of Tyrants here.

Professor had said there are twenty to twenty-five Tyrants in this Ruin, and I clearly disagree with her estimation. Seeing such numbers Tyrants could gather here at short notice, I am pressure there must be at least fifty Tyrants are in this place, which is more than double of Important place like Devil's Forest.

'What in the world is in this Ruin for them to have such numbers? if this Ruin has such importance, then why did they not sealed it?' I asked myself.

The ruins could be sealed in such a way that only those with a key could enter, but seeing they have sent such numbers of Grimm Monsters here, they could definitely afford to do it, but they are doing it.

The only reason I could see behind such action is that they don't want to attract unwarranted attention. With both sides preparing for war heavily, such actions would easily catch an eye.

Pyramid and various supremes keeping a tight eye on the ruins floating around our world, and if they spotted sealing of any Ruin at such period, they would definitely investigate it, and that would not be a good thing for the Grimm Monsters.

Twenty more minutes have pa.s.sed, and according to Ashlyn, four more Grimm monsters have come, bringing their numbers to sixteen with three elites with them.

They are searching high and low around it, attacking at the slightest movement. Many of the poor monsters around got slaughtered by dozen.

I am very lucky that these Grimm Monsters seemed to think they are a little late, and I had already moved far away. Most of them had gone way ahead in search for me, leaving only six Grimm Monsters, including one Elite in my close vicinity, who are searching for me like they are hounds hunting for blood.