Monster Integration - Chapter 1783 - Ruin XR037

Chapter 1783 - Ruin XR037

Chapter 1783 - Ruin XR037

"You have memorized the map of XR037, right?" Professor asked as she stood in front of the ruin-breaking teleportation gate. The Ruin we are going in is called XR037, and in it, electronics and magitech do not work.

Though I had a paper copy in storage, there are some places in the Ruin where even mana and soul energy is restricted, so it is very important that I memorized the map.

The technicians are doing last-minute check-ups; as soon as they finished, we will enter the formation to enter this secrete Ruin.

To be honest, I am a little annoyed with the Professor. If she had not shown her face this early, the technicians wouldn't have been so much distracted, and we would have left by now.

In one month, she had able to control her powers enough that those with Tyrant strength can remain unaffected, but those below would be quite affected, and not to forget these dresses she had started wearing, they are really distracting when the aura she released makes one attracted to her.

In the past month, I had met Professor a couple of times, and all those times, Professor was wearing these long seductive dresses, not once I had seen her wearing the usual suits she used to wear before.

Now, she is wearing a long red dress which is slit on one side showing off her smooth, toned leg, and it is also backless and has a deep neck.

I am very confused seeing her were this dress, as one would wear such dress for the parties, not to fights which we surely will at the Ruin.

"We are finished, headmistress," Said the chief technician Joel, "Finally," she muttered. Due to the Professor, she seemed to have lost her patience too.

"Joel, start the formation," the Teacher ordered. He nodded and begin the process of starting the ruin-breaking formation.

"If the mark I gave you did not work then, we would meet on the decided spot," Professor said, and I nodded. We had already hashed out the strategy for the Ruin a few days ago and act according to it.

The Ruin is in the control of the Grimm Monsters, and our entry would likely be discovered by their sensors as soon as we enter the Ruin. If I got separated from Professor, then the first few hours would be most dangerous for me; the Grimm Monsters would come at me in doves.

A loud buzz rang out, and a watery screen appeared on the surface of the circular gate of the Ruin Breaking formation.

"Best of luck to both of you," the Teacher said. Professor and I nodded before we stepped into the circular gate.

Next second, I found myself in a s.p.a.ce tunnel, moving at extremely fast speed, so fast that even I couldn't keep track of it.

I could feel the Professor around me, but she is getting further and further away, till I could not sense her. I wanted to move toward her, but I stopped myself from doing that; it is very dangerous to make a movement in the s.p.a.ce tunnels; they are very fragile, especially when people like Professor traveling through them.


Suddenly, a grey light flashed in front of me, and the next moment, I crashed into something hard. It is a good thing I have Physique of Tyrant which had saved me, if I had been Emperor, even a powerful one, I would have broken quite a lot of my bones.

The first thing I did was sit up and looked around; it is a dark night that not even a single star could be seen in the sky.

The place I had crashed into seemed like a collapsed wall of some very old building, as it had turned to dust the moment I crashed on it.


Even powerful Emperors would not be able to survive this place for long; the energies are too powerful, they will start attacking internal organs the moment entered inside you, and the killing intent they produce will distract you from concentrating.

After few hours, one internal organ would turn to paste, and one will become mad due to the terrifying killing intent attacking the mind.

From what Professor had said, this Ruin is a piece of the battlefield; the energies and killing intent are remanent of powerful attacks that had been used in this piece of land.

After spending few seconds checking my condition, I looked at the back of my right hand. There is a red mark with the design of the compa.s.s. It is the mark that Professor left me, and seeing it is not reacting means it is not working in this Ruin or Professor is too far away for it to work.

That means I will have to follow plan B and moved toward the destination we have decided to meet, which really s.u.c.k.e.d. Now the first few hours would be extremely dangerous for me, so dangerous that I could very die due to it.

It would have been great if Professor were close by, she would have been found me in no time, and I would have been completely safe with her protection.

I did not know what kind of advancement she made other than having a huge change in her bloodline, but one thing is very clear, she is very powerful now, much more powerful than before.

'Ashlyn come out,' I said, and Ashlyn flew out of me; she did not chirp as always do; instead flew up high with a speed that I was barely able to follow.

Chew Chew

A few seconds later, she chirped, hearing that a bright smile couldn't help but appear on my face, and I begin to move silently toward the direction she had mentioned. I am not the only one who had memorized the map; I had made Ashlyn memorized it, which she took a minute barely to do, to my great surprise.

Now, she barely needed few seconds to find where we are before we started to move toward our destination; I am really lucky that I have a partner like Ashlyn; she makes so many things easy.

It had not been a minute since I had arrived in the Ruin, but I am sure sensors the Grimm Monsters placed across the Ruin had discovered us and would have already started to move in our direction.

Chew Chew

I had just thought that when Ashlyn informed me of the coming Grimm Monster and it is not a normal Grimm Monster but a Tyrant.


Seeing that, I couldn't help but curse and continued moving even faster; this place would soon be swarmed by Tyrants, and I want to create as much distance from it as possible.

It is a good thing; the energies of this Ruin suppressed the soul power and killing intent in those energies infect the soul sense as soon as it came out.

So, the range, power, and ability of soul sense are quite limited in this Ruin; still, the Tyrants soul sense is no joke; I have to be very careful of it, lest I got caught.