Monster Integration - Chapter 1782 - Preparations

Chapter 1782 - Preparations

Chapter 1782 - Preparations

A month pa.s.sed by since the Professor had returned; with my mind without worries, I was able to focus on my research even greatly.

Aside from my usual training and working on my Inheritance, I have taken the teaching job; I had officially become the Professor and took daily on healing. I nor had an interest in teaching nor time, but the teacher told me to do it, saying I should do it as part of my duties as successor, which had rapidly had increased this month.

I teach the novices who had taken their first step with healing Inheritance; with my expertise and knowledge, I could easily teach the experts, and the teacher wanted me to do that, but I choose to teach the novices with single weakly cla.s.s for the experts.

Teacher had asked me to take the experts cla.s.s only, but I declined that offer and started teaching the novices daily.

I believe in a stronger base, only those with a stronger base. I was lucky to have an expert like a teacher personally teaching me healing from the basics, and I wanted to do the same for these nascent healers, so each of them will have a strong base and be able to do better in the future.

The war is coming, and if we were able to produce some quality healers from low to high levels, it would be extremely helpful.

"So, explain to me in detail again why I would choose to the liver before kidney despite being more damage," I asked my new student, who I had been personally teaching for this past month.

Elina huffed as she glared at me before she started answering my question in great detail.

No, Elina did not develop a sudden interest in healing, but it remains for the fact that she had been trained as a healer. Teacher had been pouring information about the healing arts before she was even one and done that till she was fifteen when Elina finally told her mother she had no interest in becoming a healer like her.

Still, it is an undeniable fact, Elina had theoretical healing knowledge equal to that of an average expert healer, and it is a good thing; it will be extremely helpful when she starts the discussion with Lord Al, and I had been preparing for her for that.

I am not the only one who is teaching Elina; teacher had also resumed teaching her daughter.

A day after Professor returned, I had told her about the Sunlit Dome and explained it in a little detail that she started teaching Elina from that very day.

Ten minutes later, Elina stopped, "Wonderful, you know its not too late for you to became healer," I said, to that she looked at me angrily.

"It is my last lesson, right?" She asked. "Yes, you are ready for that place, as long you act respectful to that person, you will be able to receive great benefits from him," I replied without explaining further; she had asked me may time about Sunlit Dome, and I had only vaguely answered her question, never going into too many details.

"You are leaving tomorrow with aunty, right? How are your preparations?" She asked. "Ive made all the preparations; the only thing is remained to do is leave," I replied with a smile.

I am quite excited about the secrete ruin that that Professor is taking me. It is very dangerous; it had Grimm Monsters and strange, powerful Monsters who could kill even Elite Tyrants.

Still, my heart couldn't help but beat in excitement when I thought about the ruins, not only because I will finally be able to fight Tyrants again but also because of the knowledge, especially excited about the knowledge.

The idea is not new; it is an important part for one breakthrough into further levels above the Tyrant stage. Usually, it is inadvisable and dangerous to create that thing while in Tyrant Stage, but if one is able to create it during the Tyrant Stage, the benefits of it will be beyond amazing.

Still, to create that thing, I will not only require immense resources but also the knowledge I lack. The place that Professor is taking me giving me hope.

Professor is very vague about the ruin and knowledge it contains, but she is sure about one thing, she said it will be very helpful to me, she is strangely confident that it would be helpful, and I hope it does.

"Your current strength is enough to reach that place comfortably, but you should not be overconfident just because you have Tyrant's strength," I said, seeing her excited to leave for the Devil's Gate.

"There are many Tyrants who could easily kill you and not forget the Elites who could crush you with the casual wave of their hands," I cautioned.

"I know that; you have been telling me about all these dangers for the past month," She said in an exasperated fas.h.i.+on. She might act exasperated, but I know she is noting down everything I am telling her.

"Here, take it. It will save your life if you are in trouble," I said and handed her a small box. "What is it?" she asked, "Open it," I replied.


"Protection Amulet! You know I already them," She said as she moved to return the box. "It is not a normal Protection Amulet but the one that works in the highest suppression of Devils Gate without any problem," I said, hearing that she couldn't help but gasp loudly.

She understood how dangerous suppression is reading the intelligence on the devil's gate and how it suppressed the majority of amulets.

This amulet is a gift from Lord Al; it does not come with a wooden box that he gifted me but from me. He had modified my Protection Amulets so that they would be able to work in the suppression of Devil's Gate.