Monster Integration - Chapter 1781 - Shock

Chapter 1781 - Shock

Chapter 1781 - Shock

"Professor, you have returned!" I said as I opened the door of the Teacher's office but soon stopped in my tracks when I looked at the woman sitting in the spot where Professor usually sits; the seat is occupied by a person who has many similarities with the Professor.

"Professor?" I asked in question as I started at a woman sitting on a chair and begin to look at her carefully, as what I am seeing and sensing my mind is telling me it is not the Professor, but my heart is telling me, it is the Professor I know.


"Aunty, you have returned; I feared that something bad must have happened to you, seei" Elina came behind me, and like me, she also got stumped on the spot seeing her.

"Aunty, is that really you?" She asked a moment later. The woman stood up from her spot and faced us with a smile on her face.

"I am really feeling hurt by the reaction of you too; it is not good to greet someone who has returned from jaws of death!" Professor said her voice is the same, but there is strange magnetism to it.

This magnetism is definitely not natural; it is definitely an ability that could affect the physical and soul senses. It was distracted me for a moment while Elina took a whole second to come to herself.

"She is Josie, its just that her bloodline had brought a great change in her when it had advanced," the Teacher said with a sigh.

I looked at the Professor carefully, activating all my ocular abilities, not wanting to miss any change that had occurred to her.

There are many changes that occurred to her to even list it. First and foremost, the features of Professor softened; earlier, she was a thorned rose beautiful but deadly, and now she is a delicate lily that everyone wants to handle with care.

The hardened edges of her personality and appearance have all disappeared. She now looks like a delicate flower that needs to protect; the aura she is faintly releasing makes one feel protective of her.

Her hair has become longer; they went past her shoulder, and the color of them has also had changed. They have become of rose color, starkly different from the aqua blue color her hair used to have.

She also seemed to have become shorter, which I am not sure as it is difficult to observe properly with a d.a.m.n strange aura flickering around her, which is not only making it too hard to observe her carefully but also invokes a strange feeling in one's heart. Her voice also seemed to hold a similar charm as aura and but a lot stronger.

Another strange thing about the Professor is that she is wearing a dress. It is a seductive dress that flashed a slight glimpse of all her a.s.sets and makes one think things that one shouldn't, especially when these thoughts are powered by the strange aura emitting from her.

Professor never wore the dresses like it, even when she wore dresses. Professor choice of clothes always been suits, she only wore dresses on special occasions.

I dug deep into her aura, resisting its effects, wanting to see her real power, but no matter how deep I dug into it, I could not seem to sense her strength.

If the average Tyrant wants to sense her aura, they will not be able to do it. One could not sense it; it felt d.a.m.n confusing and frustrating; still able to do something like that means she is Tyrant and a very strange one that one should be very careful about.

Though I might not be able to sense her strength, one thing is clear Professor has become powerful, much more powerful than before.

"Aunty, whatever you are doing, stop it; it is very confusing," suddenly Elina shouted, and a powerful aura burst out of her.

"Darling, I can't. The Bloodline Advancement had brought extreme changes and gave me strange charms that I could not properly control," Professor said apologetically, and when she said it, she did not look at us but still, her voice has affected us.

It felt like the gentle sound of bells that entered one's heart, pa.s.sing through all the soul defenses as if they did not exist.

'What the f.u.c.k is happening?' I asked myself as I tried to calm my emotion. No wonder teacher looked so stressed; Professor must have given her quite a headache.

"I will go inside for few minutes to clear my mind," Elina said and disappeared into the quarter's Teacher had behind her office.

"It looked like the potion had worked," I said a little awkwardly as I took a seat at which opposite end of the chair that Professor is sitting on. I want to maintain as much distance between Professor and me before I understood what happened.

"Yes, it worked and brought out a completely different side of my Bloodline," She said with a laugh that felt like gentle bells rigging by the gale.

If I am not wrong, what Professor could use before was barely a surface of her Bloodline, but now it when the Bloodline have become compatible with her, its real power had shown and which seemed entirely different from what Professor had used before.

Still, the stark difference between her power before and her power now seemed too different; the two seemed to be entirely different things which are very strange and giving me a huge headache.

"Don't think too much about it Micheal, even Josie did not completely understand her strange transformation," Teacher said, and Professor nodded to that.

Soon Elina returned, and she pulled the chair on my left and placed it on the right before sitting on it, and all the while, she kept looking at her aura, who had a soft smile on her face, seeing the behavior of her niece.

"Micheal, be ready in a month; I will take you to the ruin that I had promised," Professor said suddenly. "But Professor, your powers?" I asked. She had just made the advancement, and she is barely able to control her powers; it is not wise to travel around the ruines with such a state.

"Relax, in a month, I will be able to get enough control over my strength that it will not spill around as it is now." She said with confidence which I am having a hard time believing.