Monster Integration - Chapter 173 Return Home I

Chapter 173 Return Home I

''Chew chew!" Ashlyn landed on my shoulder as we started leaving our camp.

She was flying happily in the sky but I ask her to come down seeing we are leaving.

'Get in Ashlyn, there is danger ahead!' I asked her to come inside me, expecting her to integrate inside me after given me chirp of annoyance.

"Chew chew!" Ashlyn chirp in defense saying she doesn't want to go inside me, I got startled hearing that.

'Don't be stubborn, there is danger ahead.' I said motioning toward the thick wood after clearing.

"Chew chew!" She chirped again refusing to go inside me if it was in my control, I would have forcefully dragged her inside me but alas I can't do that.

'Fine! Just don't fly away from my shoulder.' i said, I can understand why she is doing that.

Today is the last day of us in this realm if I were to believe what super elites say, then it will be our last two hour in this realm.

She must have sensed this from my emotions and now she probably wanted to eat some fruit before going back home.

It will be very hard for her to get this much tasty fruits in back home, the fruits such tasty and enriching could only be found in a realm like this which has decent mana.

Everyone suddenly stopped chattering as we entered the woods and next moment we were attacked by a small group of monsters.

It was Black Slime Toads and Dotted snake, few hundred of them attack but they were killed before they could do anything.

"These monsters must be strayed from the original group!" Jill said as we walked past bodies.

I nodded, this is the only explanation, they said we would mostly encounter a small group of monsters on the way to the exit and we had a low probability of coming across a large group of monsters seeing we had just killed the big monster groups of this area a few hours ago.

I am feeling more and more excited as I walk near the exit, this three weeks in this realm were really fruitful and made immense progress that would have taken me near year but three weeks are enough.

I am missing home, especially my parents, it been three months since I've come to westblood from my little town for adventure and progress.

I've done enough adventure and made enough progress, now I just want to go home to parents.

I will at least stay in my hometown for a week before coming back to the westblood.

As I think about my parents, I suddenly remember what crisis I am in.

I had come to Green Hills to try my luck to if I could find some fortune but now I have to give lots of answers.

They must have called hundreds of times and now I am sweating bullets on how am I going to explain to my mother.

''What happened to you?" Jill asked seeing my odd expression, I told her my dilemma and her expression also turned quite odd.

''You are not the only, I will also get an earful and may be grounded for a month." She said with an expression which clearly shows, she is not looking forward to it.

"What grounded?" A familiar voice came from behind but it still startles us.

It is Michael, he came behind us so fast that both of us not able to sense it.

''I am telling Micheal what we will face when we return home!" Jill said plainly but hearing her, expression of pain appeared on his face.

Look like he is imagining the punishment he will face after returning home.

As we went deep walk deep inside firest, the more and more small groups of monsters attacked up they were easily dealt with.

'Flap flap!' ''Ashlyn!" Before I could form a word she flew away from my shoulder, I wanted to stop but couldn't.

I extremely fear for her safety seeing all the large monsters here, they could all easily eat with a single bite.

''Is it normal for monsters size not change during the level up?" I asked Jill as I observe there is no change in Ashlyn size as she leveling up compare to her parents who are a little bigger than the size of my hands.

I have not read much about this size changing the subject of the monsters, she would likely know as I saw her level up two times but there was not much change in Bitsy's appearance.

"Its all due to age, like us humans monsters, also grow big as they age and leveling up nothing to do with growing up in size, the monster will grow big as it gets older, there are some exception though like a mutation or eating some miracle fruit!" she explained.

Listening to her, I understood everything, I hope Ashlyn grew big enough that I can ride on her, it is likely to happen.

Most of the Grey Spark Sparrows only grows up to half a meter but there is still a chance with Ashlyn as she is a mutated monster.

"Chew chew!" Ashlyn came bringing berries In her claws and just as she handed me the berries she flew away again.

I shake my head seeing this I opened my backpack a little so she could drop whatever she brought back.

"William would you trade some corporal level fiery lions cores with me?" I asked.

''Sure but I will not take anything from, this me helping a friend." Said shutting off any excuse that I will make to pay him back.

I nodded and next second he took out crystal cores from his pocket, not only there were thumbnail size red cores, there was even a core size of my fist.

My eyes glue on it like a stick and I only come to myself after I heard Williams voice.

''Here take it!" He said and it took small cores and about to reject the big one but seeing William expression, I quietly accepted it.

As time pa.s.sed Ashlyn keep bringing fruits and herbs every few minutes, we ate till our stomach full and while rest I kept it in my backpack.

Soon we reaching the entrance, it is nondescript location and the only thing which could tell it is an entrance that is a black box which is emitting light blue light at the entrance.

"All right, quickly formed a line in order and enter, those who will disrupt the order will be killed without giving chance to explain!" Said super elite without wasting a single second.

No one doubted his word and started to formed a line without creating any chaos.

"You go first, I will come little later!" said William to jill as he walks toward other super elite who were keeping watch for human and monster.

"hun!" come out my mouth when caught a face of someone but before I could confirm, he already entered the exit.

''What happened?" Jill asked, "Nothing, I think I saw someone familiar." I replied.

Soon my turn came and I step into the blue light, it felt like walking through the water screen.

When I came out of the blue screen, I found myself in completely different scenery.

I am Back.