Monster Integration - Chapter 172 Out of Realm: Harvest XV

Chapter 172 Out of Realm: Harvest XV

''Puchi!" The black arrow pierced the head of the person directly. He is the third person to die in the last five minutes.

As the fight finished, it was the harvest time and seeing there is near thirty-five thousand monsters carca.s.s here, there is no way to know who killed which monster.

To ensure no chaos would descend during harvesting, they made a simple rule.

One can harvest any monster aside from gigantified one and once one had staked a claim on the carca.s.s, other has no right to harvest it even if there that monsters killed by one.

Those who broke the rule will be punished and the death is the biggest punishment.

I don't think anyone would fight seeing there are about thirty-five thousand monsters are lying around, they are more than enough for everyone but not all people are are smart like three that just had died and about ten those have their limbs cut as punishment.

Death I last option of punishment and they only killed those who removed their weapon to attack.

Such cruel word, just for a simple mistake they are killing for it but is also necessary to maintain the order.

Seeing third death everyone clearly understood that there is no mercy to those who made trouble and silently started to harvest the monster core without making trouble.

"Chew chew!" I heard Ashlyn chirp and quickly followed her with my quickest speed, even activate lively wind at full speed to follow her.

After the battle was over Ashlyn came out of me, I asked her to help me find the unharvested treant closest to me and ask her to give priority Corporal level treant.

While following Ashlyn as I continued to wish that no one find it before I reached there as it happened more than half of the time.

Quickly I saw the unharvested treant as Ashlyn landed in it.

I turned happy seeing no one harvesting but the corner of my eye, I saw another girl running toward it but when she saw my speed, she knew she wasn't going to reach it and walked away.

My luck is good! I said as I reached near Corporal grade treant, seeing there is already a hole its trunk my smile widen again.

If there had been not any hole on its trunk then I would've had to make my few mana bolts.

'First Tide! Second Tide! Third Tide' i activated the power of three tides and lively wind and started to press my sword into the already made hole to widen it.

This trick is also I discovered accidentally when I activate both Nine Raging Tides and Lively Wind, the power of attacks increased strangely.

This trick really helped me a lot removing the heart of Corporal level treant.

This trick has a drawback though, it takes a s.h.i.+t load of mana but that mana nothing compares to treant heart.

In a few seconds, I widened the hole big enough to to take out the treant heart.

My eyes started to s.h.i.+ne seeing the crystalline purple heart, after taking a good look at it, I ran toward another treant that Ashlyn found, hoping to get it unharvested.

I keep harvesting one treat after another, sometimes my luck is good and sometimes bad.

Fifteen minutes after the battle is finished, people harvested all the treant and finally move toward the other monsters.

As I move toward the other monsters I started to harvest the core of every monster except for Rock Thord Ape, its defense is really strong and did not worth effort as the time it will take me to remove core out it, I would have received three scores of other monsters.

Three monsters have most weaker defense compare to the other monsters that we fought on the battlefield.

First is wind crows, second is Treants and third is black slime toad, one has to be little careful of that black slime on the monster.

As I harvest the core, my first choice is fiery lions, there are multiple reasons for choosing it despite it had the second-best defense.

There is much reason for choosing it, first is that it is B upper monster l, which core contain more energy than normal monsters, second is that it is elemental monster core but most important it had fire elemental monster core which is best suitable for Ashlyn to eat.

It is the core of the Upper B Specialist stage monster and it has the strongest fire I've ever experienced, it would be really helpful if Ashlyn able upgrade her fire ability because of it.

I will even ask for few Corporal levels fiery lions core from William for Ashlyn to eat.

I used the same trick as I used on the treant to remove the cores, first I make a hole on it heart with few fires bolt then widen it with a combination of two of my Grade 1 Skill.

After two and a half hour the whole harvesting is finished and when I saw jill I walk toward her.

''Where were you, I hadn't seen you ever since, the battle started!" Jill said in exclamation as she came and hugged me.

After two minutes of battle started we had drifted apart fighting the battle, I hadn't seen her since them but I knew she would be fine.

I am about to reply to her when gasp come from her mouth, "You leveled up?" she asks in astonishment.

It is normal for her who has high-grade monster if she leveled up twice in a week, no one will think about it twice but it is extremely difficult for people like me who had lowest of low-grade monster both in power and talent.

I did not take offense at her astonishment as it was quite normal for being shocked seeing my progress.

She was about to apologize realizing her mistake but I cut in before she could.

"I was just lucky!" I said we talked for a few minutes before we noticed the blue dome is turning off and they started to remove artifact off the ground.

''Prepare to leave if everything went all right, you will eat tonight dinner with the safety of your home!" Said a super elite as we prepared to leave.