Monster Integration - Chapter 174 Return Home II

Chapter 174 Return Home II

"Finally!" I said and moisture filled my eyes, I have finally returned.

The sun hadn't fully set yet, there is still twilight. Looking at the scenery in front of me, I am sure we are some part of Green Hills.

I looked for him but there are too many people to search from, I will call him later if he also went to the realm or not.

''Ting ting ting….." A soft ting with vibration started to buzz on my holowatch.

It sounded for a few seconds before stopping, when I looked at the notification, I was very shocked seeing the numbers.

There are more than five hundred missed calls and more than a hundred messages.

Most of them from parents while others are from elina, Ron, and another friend.

I started to read the messages of my parents from first to last.

The first message came three days after asking me why I am unreachable and call when I get into the range.

As I did not receive their call or answered their messages, their messages became more and more frantic.

They even started to think that something had happened to me, I see in their messages how devastated they are but suddenly something changed in the 74th message from my mother.

The message said that Ellen found out that my organization sent me to some secret training and I should be able to return in a month.

G.o.d Bless you, Ellen! I said in my mind as I started to read her messages.

She said she was also quite baffled when I was unreachable but she thought I must have gone into the forest for training and must spend while week inside but when she got calls from my parents and hearing their frantic voice, she makes a lie of secret training to calm them down.

And she had read recent new of westblood, she felt that there is a chance that I must have entered s.p.a.ce realm accidently.

She asked me to call as soon as I read her message.

I can't call anyone right now as nearly all people came exit and there seem to barricade around the exit with multiple small gates.

I wonder what they plan to do, some people had tried to go out but they all stopped by the guards by the gate.

They only stopped adventurers though, those from the organization didn't face any obstruction going out.

Soon the Super elite started to come out of the gate.

"Before going out, those who aren't a member of any organizations please submit half of your loot! This is not we s.n.a.t.c.hing your fortune but we are taking fees for our service, without our service you all wouldn't have able to come out s.p.a.ce realm!"

''Those who don't abide by this rule are free to return to the realm and find a new exit and please refrain from making trouble, we would not be shy about exacting punishment." Said the chubby guy who to be in his early twenties.

He was not with us in the s.p.a.ce realm and the aura he is unintentionally excluding and threatened feeling I am getting from him, he is not a corporal grade.

He is a lieutenant stage or above evolver, I've seen many master stage evolver and their aura felt a lot lighter than his.

Many people wanted to cause some ruckus but held themselves back hearing the word trouble.

Whenever this word mentioned, death followed behind it, they had seen in with their own eyes in the s.p.a.ce realm.

This rule is only for adventurers while those from the organization, even people from small organizations are free to go without submitting anything.

Some people in the organization already started to leave.

''Shameless!" A sound suddenly boomed and I was quite surprised to find it came from beside me.

It was Jill who said that and she directly said it to the face of that fatty, I hurriedly started to look for William, if that fatty attacked, I don't think both are will able bear it.

And I was right, the sword of the boy beside fatty started to glow and he was preparing to attack, I started to activate my s.h.i.+eld when something happens which completely startled me.

"Hahahahahahahah!" That fatty suddenly started to laugh loudly and walk toward us in unhurried steps.

To my astonishment when I look at the boy who was going to attack jill collapsed on the ground.

He puking his guts out, only when his friend feed him potion then did he looked better.

When did this happen? I never saw that fatty attack the boy beside him, I only saw a fatty coming over unhurriedly and that boy collapsed on the floor, puking his guts out.

"Jill you never change, you are outspoken as always!" Said fatty and he ruffled her hair, she tried to avoid it but couldn't.

"Where is your brother, I heard he also entered the s.p.a.ce realm with you!" asked fatty.

"I am here Javier." Said William from behind, his face full of smile as greet that fatty.

"You brother and sister really made my life h.e.l.l!" said Javier in a heavy blaming tone but then he looked around and said in small eyes.

"Your aunt and mother had come to my home demanding my father to send her people to search for both of you if both of you had not been found in three days, she would have definitely had sent her people to search for you both!" he said in a small voice.

I can clearly sense fear in his voice when he said this, jills aunt and mother seemed really scary people to scare this fatty s.h.i.+tless.

"You enjoyed your adventure enough, now you both have pay for that adventure, haha haha!" he said and started to laugh suddenly.

Both William and jill face became unsightly hearing fatty laughing at their expense.

"You Charles, I will see you later!" said Jill in anger started to walk toward the exit with her brother.

I did not follow them and started to walk toward the normal exit.

"Micheal!" Jill shouted seeing I am not with her, hearing my name I looked at her and next second I started to follow behind.

Seeing how angrily she is looking at me, I don't want to anger her more by my pride and it is also in my profit as I don't have share half what I have in my backpack as service fees.