Monster Integration - Chapter 1775 - Blinding Sun

Chapter 1775 - Blinding Sun

Chapter 1775 - Blinding Sun

Elina concentrated all her focus on aiding her Bloodline fighting the potions energy; it is clearly seen in the way her Bloodline is fighting.

Earlier at each clash, the Potion would take a large bite of Bloodline and sent it retreating. Now while it is still taking a large bite of Bloodline but it is not able to send it flying it as used to before; now, the Bloodline is attacking it almost ferally, not caring about the losses it incurred.

This is the last stand for Elina; whether her Bloodline survives or not depends on the fight, she puts. Either the potions potion will consume her Bloodline and her, or they consumed the power of the Potion first.

Currently, the odds did not seem to be in their favor, but nothing could be said about it. The Bloodline of Elina is of Phoenix, one of the most powerful Bloodlines; it is not easy to defeat it, even at the end of its rope.

As the seconds pa.s.sed, the wild nature of Bloodline became even greater; even if potion energy bit a big part of it at every attack, it would still attack, even at greater ferocity.

Elina seemed to make up her mind to attack like crazy, making the use of instincts hidden in the Bloodline to make the attacks even more powerful.


Half a minute has pa.s.sed, and the power of the Bloodline has been reduced to more than half when the cloud of the Bloodline energy begins to s.h.i.+ne. Its aura begins to rise rapidly, and its size begins to change.

From the shape of a cloud, it changed into the rough shape of the bird and continued with its attacks with even greater ferocity.

This advancement was different than before; it had directly increased the strength of the Bloodline by the 50% from the usual 10%. With such an huge increase, the eventual end was postponed by at least half a minute.

While this progress is good, it is far from enough to contend against the Potion's energies. The Bloodline will have to become a lot stronger if it wants to crush the potions energies.

She is not the only one who is having the problem with the Potions energy; I am also having a great problem, much greater than I thought I would have when I had decided to use my pseudo Bloodline.

With the Cosmic Elemental Energies I had consumed, my Bloodline has gotten much stronger; one thing it could do now is directly increasing strength if circulated. It also had become very tensile, which is why I used it as protection while healing energy work on stabilizing the injuries.

The potions power attacking my Bloodline madly; though it is not a regular Bloodline, it is still a Bloodline which the potions are designed to attack madly.

I am surprised to find that my Bloodline is dealing with the potions energy much better than I had expected and even deriving some benefits from it. It is likely due to it experiencing the power of Potion before and unlike the normal Bloodline, which had its code from source and it is unchangeable.


Another minute pa.s.sed, and the Potion had consumed nearly 70% of the Bloodline's power when suddenly the purple violet cloudly shaped bird begin to s.h.i.+ne. Its shape started to get further refined, and its aura rise.

Its power is growing rapidly, at a much faster speed than before, the aura climbed for a couple of seconds before it slowed down, and the change that happened is shocked.

The bird is really looking like a bird, and not cloud shaped like a bird, and its power had increased 50%, which is huge comparing to strength. With such strength, it leaped at the gigantic Black cloud.

In the first attack, the cloud had taken a big bite out of the bird, which is not surprising, seeing how powerful the cloud is. Elina will need to go through such big advancements, couple of more times before she would be able to defeat the cloud.

Still, if the past two advancements were any proof, then it won't be long before Elina's Bloodline became powerful enough that she would eradicate the cloud on its own.


That thought had just entered my mind when suddenly, the black cloud began to bellow like it is boiling, and as the bird went to attack the black potion cloud, it enveloped it without giving it a chance to run away.

I couldn't help but be shocked seeing it but soon understood what happened. The Potion understood what is happening, and it had decided to burn itself and finished off the Bloodline before it became powerful enough to finished it.

The Rule Bending power I had stored up for emergencies merged with my Bloodline powerful and created strings that went tower the black cloud.

I could only see a faint sign of purple inside the black, and it is fading; I have to save it before it fades. The Bloodline is too important for Elina. With its current strength, saving even a small amount would be enough; it would be able to recover its power with enough time.

The Bloodline should not get burned away; the repercussion of it would be too grave. Not to forget, she would be regressed in levels, her core would be get damaged as well.

It is a good thing, I prepared for something like it and have full confidence and saving a small part of a bloodline


Hundreds of my thin strings had reached the black cloud and were about to pierce through it when I heard a weird roar from Elina, which seemed to have a bird cry mix in it, and the next moment, the fading purple spot inside the black cloud had lit up like a blinding sun, completely burning it away in a single moment.