Monster Integration - Chapter 1774 - Final Stand II

Chapter 1774 - Final Stand II

Chapter 1774 - Final Stand II

"I did not think your student has improved so much that he had gained Tyrant Level Physical Strength which is much harder to gain than the magical strength," Old woman commented, surprising nearly everyone, including the young girl who is sitting beside her.

The only one who isn't surprised is Marina; she had examined the body of her student when she was doing the patch-up work on his curse defense a few days ago.

That day she got the shock of her life, not only seeing the shocking physical strength of her student but also seeing the state of the curse.

The curse's strength had increased beyond what she had imagined, and she could not do anything about it except for delaying the inevitable; the curse had become too powerful for her to do anything.

"Jill, see how efficiently he is using his Physical Strength, very minimal waste of movements and energy," "That is why I kept telling you, you should focus on all three aspects of power. When they are strong, and you have perfect control over them, you will be able to beat those who are stronger than you." She advised.

"Yes, teacher. I'll remember," the girl said, without taking her eyes off the table.

Few minutes pa.s.sed by, and when suddenly, a powerful aura burst out of Elina, taking everyone by surprise, making horror appear on their faces.

"While the Phoenix Bloodline is great in dealing with such type of potions, there are also many flaws in their ability; it aggravates these types of powerful potions which makes them burst out with their full strength earlier than expected time," The old woman with a sigh.

The purple aura that had been covering Elina had disappeared, and in its place came the glittering black aura of the Blood Furnace Potion, which covered her body whole and started consuming her from both inside and outside.


A bloodcurdling scream echoed out of the girl's mouth, making anyone shudder who hears it. The pain in the girl's voice is too much for anyone to bear.

"This is bad; the power of potion will consume Elina in minutes," Said Richard, and he turned to the old woman. "Matron, Please save my daughter, I beg you!"" He said as he appeared in front of old women with folded hands."

"I will be able to save her life Richard, but not her Bloodline and her practice will also regress by a huge degree," Old women informed,

"It does not matter; as long as you are able to save my daughter's life, matron, I will be grateful," he said. The old woman nodded but did not get up from her spot, and seeing that the man is about to speak again when Matron opens her mouth.

"Let the little guy is doing something," "He seemed to be prepared for this scenario, and from what I had heard, he is quite a miracle worker," The old woman said, again surprising everyone with her praise.

Marina had peculiar expressions flashed in her eyes hearing those words, especially the latter part of the sentence, which seemed to have deep meaning inside it as if she is referring to a secret that very few privies of.

The man wanted to say something, but seeing Matron's expressions, he bit his words and turned to the arena.

There he saw his daughter getting covered in strange vines; within moments, she got completely covered in vines that not a single part of her could be seen. The glittering black aura of potion that had covered the whole body thickly disappeared as if the vines had blocked the flow of it.

I had covered the Elina's with my vines, and now it is time for the next phase. After taking a deep breath, I begin to manipulate the vines. The runes begin to appear on the vines, each vine begins to morph into the runes, and such hundreds of vines begin to appear within a second, and that speed is only increased.

There is not much time Elina could survive for. Within a minute, she will be burned to ashes; I will have to save her before then.

In twelve seconds, every part of her body got covered by the rules, and I waited not a single second before I poured rule-bending power into the runes, and these green runes made of while shone in the pink.

The moment runes have begun to s.h.i.+ne, I had appeared behind Elina and pressed both of my palms on her head before closing my eyes.

'Elina, I am going to numb your pain now and also to release energy to save your body and soul. So, use you all concentration on your Bloodline and fight the power of the potion with it," I said telepathically.

Right after I finished speaking, I poured even more rule-bending power, mixed with healing power and my pseudo Bloodline inside Elina, without knowing whether she heard me or not in the soul tearing pain she is feeling.

'It seemed like she heard me,' I said as I transferred the rule-bending power and healing power without any resistance. There is not even a usual resistance from the Bloodlines as it is fighting the battle of survival against the potions energies.

More than half of the rule-bending power went to her mind; I want to numb as much as the pain I could, so she should focus her all on aiding her Bloodline fighting the potion.

I would not be able to help her for long; at max for ten minutes, she had to deal with a potion in ten minutes.

I would like to help more, but I am already at my limit; the potion is extremely powerful that if I had consumed it, it would have taken me to the edge of death even with my current strength.