Monster Integration - Chapter 1776 - Power

Chapter 1776 - Power

Chapter 1776 - Power


A loud cry rang out in the blinding sun, and a moment later, a majestic bird flew out of it. It could not even be said a bird; saying it is a bird would be a great disrespect to its majesty.

The majestic being is purple in color with violet spots all over its feathers; it has a long tail and crown of feathers, its single gaze is enough to incinerate one to their very being.

The being remained in its form for a single second before it had transformed to the waste bloodline energy and started to fill every part of Elina, my energies repelled in a moment. It is a good thing; I was prepared for it when I saw the blinding sun and did not receive any backlash.

I removed my hands off Elina's head and moved some distance away from her; the Bloodline energy has come out of her and now is covering every part of her, from inside to outside.

I could feel her aura climbing rapidly; she is getting powerful by the second. The speed of her progress is quite shocking; it is like the Bloodline is pumping with her energy, making every aspect of them improve.

The Bloodline is not only improving her magical energies but also her Physique and Soul; it is improving all the aspects of her.


As the process is going on, I noticed an amazing thing, and that couldn't help bring a bright smile over my face.

It looks like my friend is gaining more than just strength from her Bloodline; her compatibility with the Bloodline is rapidly increasing, that within few moments, her compatibility reached that of those who are born with Bloodline.

Like somewhere, a drop of phoenix blood had fallen on the ground or feather or any part that had its origin source. Thousands or millions of years later, there is a fraction of chance that from that place, a miracle fruit will grow, bearing the bloodline source of being, which we call a Bloodline Type Miracle fruit.

Like the Inheritance, not every Bloodline is suitable for everyone, but due to the special properties of Bloodline fruit, it makes nearly anyone compatible with Bloodline contain the Bloodline fruit.

It gives them enough compatibility that they could use the power of Bloodline without any side effects, and as they use the Bloodline's power more and advances the Bloodline, the Bloodline became even more compatible with them and became one with them; it is what happening with Elina.

Most of the time, everything goes smoothly for those who ate the Bloodline fruit, but every now and then, a problem occurred.

Professor who ate the Bloodline fruit of unknown Bloodline has a very high incompatibility with her. The incompatibility is so high that every time she uses its power, it zaps away her vital energy.

It is the reason why Professor made a quick decision to drink the Bloodline Furnace Potion. Through the potion's power, she wanted to make her Bloodline powerful enough that her Bloodline makes her body compatible with itself.

Elina's Bloodline is currently releasing special origin energies that are molding her body to a perfect vessel which have perfect compatibility with her.

After around thirteen minutes, the rising aura finally started to lessen and a few seconds later disspeareared, revealing a completely new Elina. Many changes have occurred in her; her aura, armor, and looks all have changed considerably.

Her strength has taken a step in a Tyrant boundary; it could clearly be felt from her. Though she had barely taken a step and was still much weaker than me, it is still quite unbelievable to think that she needed me months to accomplish; she did it in an hour with only one life and death tussle.

As I had said before, the bloodlines could make even a weakling a top powerhouse; one couldn't help but get jealous about them.

Her armor has become more prominent, and the phoenix design on it had also changed; the Phoenix now looks like the same Phoenix that came out of the purple cloud; it is very detailed and has mystical qualities that those who are looking at its eyes will feel their soul burning and it does, but in a much less amount than one feels.

It is still a great weapon seeing how eyecatching that Phoenix design is and how people unknowingly looked at its Violet eyes.

Elina's eyes have also changed to violet and blue, and her purple hair has become slightly longer, and one could see streaks of violet mix in it. She became slightly taller and leaner, making her look even more striking.

Her eyes seemed to gain the same power as the eyes of Phoenix on her armor; as I looked into her eyes, I felt a slight burn.

"Micheal, do you want to go for another round?" Elina asked, "Feeling confident, are you?" I asked back with a smile. "I feel like, with this increase, I might have a chance to beat you," she replied. "Sure, just use your full power from the beginning," I said, and my sword appeared in my hand.

"Get ready then," she said, and a powerful aura exploded from her, and she came at me. Her seep is extremely fast; she appeared in front of me as if she had teleported and swung her sword with all her might.

She is really not holding back anymore, seeing such an attack, even I felt pressure and wanted to summon my armor, but I did not.

This time, I did not wait for her attack and attacked her with all the strength I have.


"Do you want to continue?" I asked to that she shook her head. "You are a monster, you know that." She said as she deactivated her armor, "We will fight again when I consolidate my strength," She added.

"Sure," I replied.