Monster Integration - Chapter 1773 - Final Stand I

Chapter 1773 - Final Stand I

Chapter 1773 - Final Stand I


I couldn't help but see jill appearing; her appearance is quite surprising, just as surprising as the old woman sitting beside her.

I glanced at them for a moment before I focused back on the battle, despite many questions running in my mind about their sudden appearance.

The strength of the potion is increasing, and her Bloodline is not progressing fast enough. If this continued, she will be in great trouble.

I continued hitting her, taunting her, forcing her to dig out more of her potential to fight against the power of the potion, and she is doing good, but it is still not enough; she will have to do better if she wants to survive.

Her Bloodline is really something. If it had been any other Bloodline with similar power, it would have burned to ashes by now and taken its host with it, but her Phoenix Bloodline is still fighting. Still, this advantage would not last long; within few minutes, the Bloodline would fight for its survival.

Five minutes pa.s.sed by, and the potion begins to show its real strength. It had begun to overpower her Bloodline and attack her body.

Because of the armor, I could not see much, but from what I could see from the state of her eyes, which seemed to have dried up and looked very scary, her condition has become quite worse. Unlike her Bloodline, her body does not have the advantage; it will burn to ashes before her Bloodline could.

"If you want to survive, you have to dig deeper, Elina. Dig out the strength you need from your Bloodline," I said as I reached her, and like usual, I did not attack her, at her current state, there is no use in attacking, she is barely holding her sword right now that I move my hand and s.n.a.t.c.h it from her without getting a shred of resistance.

"If you can't do such a simple thing, then I will have to help you neutralize the power of the potion," I said, a look of surprise appeared in her eyes.

"Yes, I have a way to help you; I could just take the power of the potion into me and bear it; it wouldn't be my first time dealing with Blood Furnace Potion, and this time, I am quite strong," I said, shocking Elina and all those who are listening.

While the Bloodline Furnace Potion is dangerous for the humans with Bloodline, it is even more dangerous to those without Bloodline.

To those without Bloodline, drinking Bloodline Furnace Potion is akin to taking a dip into highly flammable oil and lighting a fire. One would burn to ashes without within a second; I was able to survive due to my Inheritance Runes and pseudo Bloodline it had created.

"So, do you need my help managing the potion?" I said seriously, and my vines also came out of my hands, showing I am ready to help her at a moment's notice.

"No, I will handle it on my own!" Elina said in a struggling scratchy voice; while her voice seems scratchy and struggling, there is hard conviction there, and the next moment her aura begins to rise fast.

Seeing that a smile couldn't help but appear on my face, while her progress is not enough to undo that damage or even stopped it. She is making progress at a faster speed, and if it continued to happen, then she might be able to contend against the potion on her own.

"Take This!"

I was looking at her when suddenly, her sword was again covered in dense purple fire, and she attacked me.

Her attack was fast and full of strength, and seeing the distance we were standing, her sword appeared next to me in an instant. There was not a hint of surprise in my eyes; instead, I let out a laugh, and before my laugh even finished, my sword appeared next to hers.

Our weapons clashed, and like before, she blasted off like a ragged doll that is kicked too hard.

"This little increse in strength is far from enough to beat me, Elina," I said as I appeared next to her and attacked again. Her aura is rising fast, and I want to keep this momentum going, both with my sword and my words.

I will continue to force her to advance; while she had started progressing fast, it is still not enough to counter the potion; she is currently fighting a losing battle, but if she kept advancing with the improving speed, she might be able to reach the equilibrium with the potion before crus.h.i.+ng it.

Seconds pa.s.sed by, and Elina and did not disappoint as her aura continued to rise rapidly; I had to use more and more strength to deal with her rising strength.

Her strength is still within the Emperor Stage, and unless it reaches the Tyrant Stage, my physical strength would be more than enough to deal with attacks; h.e.l.l, even when it approaches the Tyrant, I will be able to deal with her without summoning my armor.

The Cosmic Elemental Energies I had got from the twins have given a huge increse in power without filling a single hexagonal cube. My current strength is comparable to the Above average Tyrant, which is shocking, seeing I am still an Emperor.


We were fighting when a powerful aura blasted out of Elina, and it is not from the Bloodline; feeling that aura, my expressions couldn't help but change drastically.

"F.u.c.k!" I cursed, and multiple strings released from my hand; I had those ready for this moment which I thought would come at least half-hour to an hour to come, but I am wrong; the instant burn had occurred much earlier than I had throught.

The time of the final stand has arrived, if her Bloodline survived, it would make advancements beyond her imagination, but if it failed, not only her Bloodline will be burned to ashes, but so is she.