Monster Integration - Chapter 1768 - Decision

Chapter 1768 - Decision

Chapter 1768 - Decision

I showed the box to Elina before gently opening it, revealing the six glittering vials of Bloodline Furnace Potions; three of these vials held red liquid inside them while the other three held the black liquid.

"What are these potions?" Elina asked, looking at them with high interest, not only her but also Professor looking at them curiously.

"Blood Furnace Potion of S and S+ Grade," Teacher said in a shocked voice as she looked at the potion

"What!" Both Professor and Elina said in unison, and their shock is a hundred times greater than Teacher's, and their eyes started to s.h.i.+ne like a blinding sun. The expressions Ive seen on their faces, Ive never seen before.

Looks like I had underestimated their d.e.s.i.r.e for Bloodline Furnace Potion; the Bloodline hosts have. It is one of the things that give them a hundred percent chance to upgrade their Bloodline, and it upgrades it numerously in a short period of time.

Its effects could be said miraculous, and barely anything could match it, and due to that, despite the grave danger, the hots of Bloodlines would fight to the death for it. The benefits of its too extreme; it could transform weakling into powerhouses, and for such chance, people do not about being dead or crippled.

"Micheal, I want the potion," Professor said, startling me greatly. "Josie, no, given the condition of your Bloodline, it would be extremely dangerous for you to take the S Grade potion, much less the S+," the Teacher said before I could say anything.

These potions are dangerous, but they are especially dangerous for the people like Professor, who had an unstable Bloodline. The only reason her Bloodline seemed stable was due to that mysterious hair that had stopped the instability but not cured it.

"You know I have been searching for something like it for years! The instability of my Bloodline had consumed the majority of my vital energy. If I did not fix the problem, I would not be able to live for more than five years," Professor said, shocking me greatly, and I am not the only one, Elina too, seemed to be shocked by her aunt's revelation.

Bloodlines are blessings that help one reach the power that is above one's limit, but it could turn into a curse if it is unstable.

There is loads of trouble when it happens, and seeing how unstable the Professor's Bloodline was, I knew there would be some troubles, but I had not thought they would be this great; this is really extreme.

The Bloodline of Professor had directly attacked her vital energy and eating her lifeforce, leaving barely enough to for her to remain alive for only ten years.

"There are high chances you will die drinking the potion," Teacher said; this time, her voice is soft, and her eyes are misty.

"I know, but I have no choice," Professor said sigh, "The hair that Micheal given me is losing its effect; within a year, it will lose all its power, and the Bloodline will start eating away my vital energies again," She added.

Elina couldn't help but shudder hearing it. Professor had hidden her state quite well, so well. Usually, it is quite easier to no notice vital energy-related afflictions, they are most difficult to hide, but from the Professor, I could sense nothing.

Even now, her aura felt like wast as the sea with no embellishment in it. I could not spot the faintest problem in it.

"Fine, you can use the Bloodline Furnance Potion, but you have to survive," Teacher said with tears dropping from her face.

"Micheal, S+ Potion. If I survived, I would take you to the amazing place, which will be very beneficial to you," Professor said. I looked at her for a moment before gave her the potion bottle containing the black liquid.

"When are you going to drink it?" Teacher asked, "Within a weak, I do not want to delay it any longer now that I found this thing." She said. "I already have a place decided which would increase my chances of survival by 10%," Professor informed with a smile seeing everyone looking at her with a grave expression.

With the state of her Bloodline, her chances of surviving are very low. The extra 10% will help her greatly. Still, it would be a miracle if she was able to come out safely; drinking Blood Furnanace Potion with an unstable Bloodline is akin to suicide, but it is the only chance she has to survive.

There are very few things that fix the problem, and all of them give the abyssal chance of survival.

"I will go now and make a preparation to leave," She said and disspeared before anyone could say anything.

Seeing the mood of the room, I couldn't help but sigh.

"I also want the potion," Elina said a minute later, and n.o.body said anything; I just placed a box in front of her to choose the potion she wants.

If there is one Bloodline that could hold the greatest chances of survival from the Blood Furnance Potion, it is Phoenix Bloodline. When I discussed the things with Grandmaster Carr and intentionally brought this subject, he said that there is an 80% chance of survival from such encounters.

The Phoenix Bloodline deals with death as much as it deals with fire and the Bloodline that Elina had is of Death Phoenix, which is very famous for its rebirth ability. Though Death Phoenix Bloodline in Elina is not strong enough to perform a rebirth, it will still help survive the deathlike situation.

Elina looked at the potion bottles for a while before picking up a bottle with glittering dark liquid in it, the S+ Grade the same as Professor.