Monster Integration - Chapter 1767 - Tea

Chapter 1767 - Tea

Chapter 1767 - Tea

"I have come across a very good tea teacher. Would you like to taste it?" I asked the Teacher, totally ignoring Elina, who is a glaring dagger at me.

"Sure, it is time for tea anyway," She replied. Teacher liking tea is an understatement; she loved tee and has a collection of more than a thousand different types of teas, which she drinks three times a day.

"I have no interest in drinking the sugary water," Professor commented, "Me, neither," Elina said, and there was slight mock in her tone; she seemed quite angry seeing I ignored her demand.

"This tea is a little different; it is one of best things Ive ever drunk," I said to Professor, which surprised her a little. It is not the first time I am making the Tea for the Teacher with tea I brought, but the current Tea I have is in a completely different league than all the other teas I had brought.

"If you are praising it such, I will give it a try," Professor said, "Me too," Elina said a second later, seeing her aunt agreeing.

Unlike her elder sister, Professor did not have any interest in teas; it is too light for taste. She loves coffee, a strong one that could knock the sleep out of the Elite Tyrant like her.

Seeing all three of them agreeing, I went to a small tile table and took out all the tea-making instruments. The new tea set that I had commissioned in Blood Sun with the help of Grandmaster Carr.

The Blood Sun really possesses great artists; they had finished such delicate work within three days, though I had to pay the price but seeing mastery it made with, it was completely worth it.

After removing all the elements, I started the tea-making process, which is slightly different than the one used in our world and needed thousands of tries in my Inheritance s.p.a.ce before I could copy everything Lord Al did.

Few minutes later, when the spring water begins s.h.i.+mmering, I opened a wooden box and took out a pouch of Tea. The pouch contained a blended tea; not only does it have tea leaves but also many rare flowers and spices, and all of them are Emperor Grade.

The big gift box that Lord Al had given me had several tea pouches in them, and I had only made the Tea three times; they were too precious to drink regularly despite the benefits it gives when I drink it each time.

As I made the Tea, I had covered myself and the whole station with an energy layer, so no one could smell or see what is happening; I want to be completely surprised.

Twenty minutes later, I filled the four cups with golden liquid before serving them to Teacher and others. These teacups are special; the steam of Tea will be contained in the cup unless one's lips touched them.

n.o.body spoke as I served the cups; they stared at the faint golden liquid in a cup before lifting the cups to their lips and froze; all three of them froze in unison, and a moment later, a great change occurred on their faces as they steam entered their noses.

A smile couldn't help but appear on my face seeing their reaction as similar expressions had appeared on my face when I first time inhaled the Tea that Lord Al served me.

A few seconds later, they came to themselves and took a sip of tea one after another, and again their expression changes, and this time the reaction is even bigger.

The Tea not only tastes amazing, but it is also very beneficial. It is made from Tyrant Grade materials, so it is very beneficial for Tyrants and Emperors also could drink it and enjoy its benefits due to its mild nature.

The many teas I had drunk with Lord Al had benefitted me immensely. They have helped me from detoxicating to stabilizing my body.

"What is this Tea? I never have a drink a tea this amazing?" Teacher asked as she finished with the Tea. "It is called Golden Orchard; it is a cleansing type of tea," I replied.

"It is amazing, Tea," the Teacher said softly as she closed her eyes for a moment as if to reminisce the taste she just had.

"Here, Teacher, this is a small gift from me; consider it a belated present for your birthday," Gave a teacher a large wooden box, the size of my hands, inside it are twelve crystal bottles, each containing a different type of tea.

"This is too much, Micheal. I can not take it." She said as she opened the wooden box. "You should keep it to yourself; these teas are very beneficial to you," she added forcefully as she slid the box toward me.

"Take it, Teacher, these teas are just a small part of what I have," I said, sliding the box back to her. I only gave the Teacher 30% of what I have; there is still quite enough for myself.

"I will say thank you then for this precious gift," she said as she finally accepted the wooden box. She is very happy to receive the teas; happiness could be clearly seen in her eyes.

"I also had a birthday two months ago Micheal, where is my belated present?" Elina asked suddenly, hearing that a bright smile couldn't help but appear on my face.

"I do have prepared a present for you; I don't know whether you dare to accept it," I said with a smile and put a box appeared in my hand.

The things inside the box are very precious, but it is also very dangerous for people like her; many have died, became cripple using it.